OK, I Really Can't Believe Only One Guy Made This Game

Just to be clear, I mean that in a "wow" way, not a "you're LYING" kind of way. We told you about Meridian: New World earlier in the week, an old-school RTS that was being developed by a single man, Ede Tarsoly. It looked pretty cool, but one complaint was that there wasn't a trailer.

There is now.

As you'll see, the game's wearing its inspiration - and it's heart - on its sleeve.


    It kind of reminds me of Total Annihilation, I loved that game .

      Then you should also check out Planetary Annihilation. This looks really cool though. And yeah, it's hard to believe it was made by one dude. I feel I now must play this

    I love the humour that he has put in it. This looks great and ill buy it just to support him

      It works... let's see more of it!

      I have absolutely no doubt that the humour in the Leviathan: Warships trailer sold a significant number of units.

        guilty as charged =(

        i bought leviathan just because i like the trailers / humour that comes with it
        now im stuck still in campaign level 2
        regret? nope

    I want one. now.

    Love RTS, love Indie gaming/development... WIN

    I have to say that this looks mighty impressive for one person to make.

    Where can I get this? Why can't I have it? Where are you hiding it?

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