One Hour Of Starbound For Everyone

Over the weekend, at the UK's Multiplay Insomnia Gaming Festival, developers Chucklefish held a "world premiere" one-hour demonstration of their upcoming side-scrolling sandbox Starbound in the form of a Let's Play starring Duncan, Sips and Sjin of the Yogscast. Take a look above.


    Can't wait for this game, so glad it's coming to Vita & PS3

    I'm really looking forward to this game, Terraria is my most played game accoding to steam... which is wrong because it doesn't include older games, but still :P
    There must be a part 2 somewhere, the vid just 'ends'.

    If they kept adding new content to Terraria, I'd be content playing it for the rest of my life. However, they are not so Starbound is the next best thing. Can't wait!

      They are (and not just for consoles either)

        Nice! Going to be a good couple of games for sandbox fans!

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