One Man Documents His 77-Day-Long Struggle For An Ouya

One Man Documents His 77-Day-Long Struggle For An Ouya

Early backers of the OUYA were promised an early unit of the console, before it hit retail, but Giles has been waiting for his unit for 77 days, 54 days after the device was available to the general public in stores. Now, after waiting for a response, he’s decided to publish every single email from his correspondence with OUYA.

The issue began when Giles moved from the UK to Australia. He sent an email off to the correct people informing OUYA of the address change, an email that went completely ignored. That’s when the problems began.

From: Giles Date: 7 Jun 2013 To: OUYA Subject: RE: [OUYA Support] Re: address change
Hello, Please see below my confirmed address change. Why are you still shipping it to the UK (order no. 19514). I Live in Australia (again, see below). Please can you rectify this? I sent you an email a week ago regarding this that has gone ignored.
Kind regards, Giles

Ouya responded with this email:

From: OUYA Date: 24 Jun 2013 To: Giles Subject: [OUYA Support] Re: FW: #myouyaiscoming
Hi Giles,
We did update your address, and we are investigating what happened with our shipping partner in relation to your order. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will get your OUYA to you. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Then the launch of the Ouya came and went. At the time, many backers had still not received the early version of the console they were supposed to receive as early backers of the project.

An email was sent out to all backers who hadn’t received their unit.

I am pissed. Some of you have not yet received your OUYA — and, to you, I apologize. I did not promise to ship to *most* of you before we hit store shelves. I promised to ship to *all* of you. I’ve been reading your comments, and we are working to solve this.
Here is what I know:
We delivered your OUYAs to our partner in May, and since then they have been in their custody. We paid for shipping, yet the deliveries remain incomplete. We know everyone is getting their OUYA, but it is taking longer than we expected.

The email also came with a message from Ken Stephens, Head of Operations at OUYA.

Over the past few months, we encountered and conquered many challenges spanning both hardware and software in order to bring the best product we could to market. We have tried to make sure that the challenges we faced did not impact our early supporters, but unfortunately we came up short.

And then later:

Please accept my personal apology for not yet delivering on our promise.

This was June 25. Roughly a week later Giles sent off another email. Still no sign of his Ouya.

From: Giles Date: 2 Jul 2013 To: OUYA Subject: [OUYA Support] Re: FW: #myouyaiscoming
Hello, its been a week. What next?

Then bizarrely a response almost two weeks later:

From: OUYA Date: 15 Jul 2013 To: Giles Subject: “[OUYA Support] Re: FW: #myouyaiscoming
Hi Giles,
Following up… have you received your OUYA yet?

Giles responded and by July 17 was yet to hear anything in response. “I was a really early backer and I’m feeling pretty let down,” he said. On the July 20 he was informed that the Ouya had been dispatched. Giles was worried that it had been sent to his UK address, so asked Ouya to confirm precisely where it had been sent.

Four days later he received a response confirming that, yes, it had been sent to the correct address in Australia. “We will ensure that this package arrives at the correct location,” wrote the Ouya rep.

And then incredibly, since OUYA hadn’t heard back from Giles for just over a week they closed his ticket without checking in, assuming that the OUYA had been delivered.

From: OUYA Date: 2 Aug 2013 To: Giles Subject: Your support ticket
Hi there.
So it’s been awhile since we last heard from you and your ticket has been pending for several days… so… in order to keep our Problem Solvers focused on answering OUYA’n tickets as quickly as possible, we’re going to close out your ticket and hope that your issue has since been solved.
HOWEVER — if you still have questions or feel that your issue hasn’t yet been resolved, please see our FAQ page ( or open a new ticket with us and we’ll get right on it!

Ouya on indeed.

One day later, before Giles had a chance to respond, Ouya sent him an email, that had clearly been sent out to multiple backers, with a redeemable code for $13.37. A voucher that could only be redeemed on a console that still hadn’t been received. “If you are annoyed with us,” read the email, “we hope this is a first step to winning back your love.”

“No console and no order tracking code?” Giles wrote in reply. “And now you even have the cheek to offer me store credit for a console I don’t even have yet!

“I have been very polite and accommodating up this point but you’ve worn out all my patience.

“I want a REFUND please.”

Despite the clear urgency of the email Ouya didn’t respond until 13 days later, with this email.

From: OUYA Date: 16 Aug 2013 To: Giles Subject: Your OUYA support ticket
Hi there.
Many additional OUYAs, extra controllers, etched plates etc. have either been delivered or are on their way (even if you do not have a tracking number)… and we’ve also released a new software version that has addressed some of the issues that have been reported. In order to keep our Problem Solvers focused on answering OUYA’n tickets as quickly as possible, we’re going to close out your ticket and hope that your issue has since been solved.
HOWEVER — if you still have questions or feel that your issue hasn’t yet been resolved, please see our FAQ page ( or open a new ticket with us and we’ll get right on it!

Bizarrely, Ouya had closed Giles’ ticket again.

Three days later Giles has yet to receive another email about his missing console and he has no idea where his OUYA has been sent, if it’s been sent at all. In response he has uploaded all of his correspondence with OUYA here, in the hope that someone, somewhere, will take notice.

“It’s been 75 days,” he wrote on his website. “I just want a refund now as you seem completely unable to get me a console.

“I’ve published a webpage of our email correspondence to share with the world what a joke this has been.

“I’ve done this as you don’t seem to be listening to me.”

At time of writing, he has yet to receive a response.


  • Pretty appalling stuff – highlights one of the big problems with crowd funding – there is no guarantee creative people possess / have acquired the business nouse to handle a success. I would definitely think twice before backing hardware on Kickstarter… Digi products at least remove the physical distribution issue from the equation.

    • I concur mate. This has completely put me off ever backing a manufactured product via crowd sourcing, a process I was skeptical of but still inclined to give a go, until now.

    • Don’t think it’s a crowd-funding issue. My Pebble arrived on time and it’s awesome. They’re already being sold at US retail. The problem is people who knowingly hype the shit out of their project but have no business or manufacturing acumen.

      This is a great article which highlights a big part of the problem. People who are full of ideas but have zero experience making products and have no idea how difficult it is dealing with (usually foreign) manufacturers, distributors, import channels, etc. It’s a big headache, even at the best of times. The big players like Sony or Nintendo have been doing this for decades and have economies of scale to streamline the process but every bump in the road is magnified for these smaller companies.

      • Yep good points – I think we’re pretty much on the same page, I didn’t mean so much that crowd funding was the source of the issue or that all hardware projects would go awry – just that very much like what you said, it gives people who don’t know what their doing access to funds they otherwise wouldn’t receive. Your average backer (myself included) isn’t going to go and research the project creators business creds to the nth degree (although maybe I’ll do a bit more due diligence now…) – you kind of assume they had to make it through some kind of filter to get on Kickstarter? Maybe this isn’t the case?

        • Your average backer (myself included) isn’t going to go and research the project creators business creds to the nth degree

          True. People should, but don’t do their homework. Kickstarter itself is decked out in disclaimers making it very clear that it’s not a store. People are not buying products, they’re ‘pledging’ or donating money in the hope that it takes off. Yes, Kickstarter could do a better job of communicating, but people should always exercise caution when parting with cash online. If a project sounds like an overambitious or unrealistic pipe dream, if its project founders have zero business credentials, if they sound like snake oil salesmen, then it should set off alarm bells.

  • I hope this guy gets their OUYA or a refund soon! If not then I am sure that Today Tonight/A Current Affair/60 Minutes/Sunday Night/*insert other sensationalist shows here* would be happy to run the story and force a response

    • Unless it’s a story about how bad games are for children and how they are training our children to become killers, I doubt those current affair shows will care. This is one dude that hasn’t received his video game console.

  • This is the bit that amazes me:
    “we’re going to close out your ticket and hope that your issue has since been solved.”


    • Indeed, no confirmation that the issue has been resolved, no actual reason to close the ticket, just closing it because they want to? Disgusting.

    • Customer Service 101: Do not close a ticket without first receiving confirmation from the customer that their enquiry has been resolved.

      If this is how they’re treating their backers, image how the average customer will be treated post sale.

    • It’s not that surprising. I’ve had similar experiences with BioWare and their handling of SWTOR. Whenever they realise there is a serious problem within the game, they stop communicating with the player-base. We have no idea if our issue is actually being worked on or if they are just ignoring us until we go away.

      A few months ago, they introduced this stupid email security system. Upon login, players were required to enter a code that had been sent to their email. However, the codes were frequently late (sometimes it would take up to 30 minutes for one to arrive) and even when they did arrive, they were often incorrect. We then had to wait another 15, 20, 30 minutes for a replacement code which would also be incorrect. One time, I was locked out of the game for over 4 hours before they finally sent me the correct code (I went through about 20 incorrect ones).

  • What astounds me is the complete lack of customer service. As Shane pointed out above, they keep closing his support tickets, hoping that he will just ‘go away’, so to speak. However, looking at it from Ouya’s side of things, if they sent this via Australia Post, and there is no tracking number (ie: not registered post), then it’s lost, and OUYA are probably wondering if the guy has infact taken delivery of the unit, and is just saying that he got his. I’ve actually recently lost a package via AUS Post, and they were extremely helpful in telling me that it was delivered to me at my store because “the driver marked it as delivered”. Since I was the ONLY person working in the store, and I didn’t get it, it’s kinda impossible that that actually happened. Maybe this is what happened… maybe.

    In saying that, the way that OUYA has treated this individual is extremely poor, and I don’t understand why they have not given him a refund, even just to ‘shut him up’. This press can’t be good for them, despite how critical of the console I have been in the past.

    • I’ll be honest, this is pretty appalling the way he is being treated.
      Even if the item was shipped using an Australian Distribution (eg Australia Post) even Standard Australia Post now offers a Tracking Number for anything valued over $2 shipping fee. So they realistically have *NO* reason to not offer him a tracking number. And an Item of that size would surely have been a Signed Consignment, so without his signature he could not receive the item.

  • Almost seems like they have the mindset of ‘if we just stick our head in the sand and ignore all the emails, people will just give up.’

    Not the right frame of mind to have. And unfortunately this means it will be a long while before we see another ‘independent’ console being made.

  • The thing I like most about this is that Giles used frames in the webpage he set up.

    I hope he gets his money back, ouya ought to be ashamed.

  • I’ve got a similar correspondence chain with them over a missing controller (finally received last week) and the incorrect power adapter being sent (still missing without any good explanation). Unlike this poor chap though I didn’t even have to move to have things go awry. If there’s still activity here when I get home I’ll post it to shed a little more light on just how much of a farce dealing with them has been.

  • It just goes to show that their customer support division is horribly understaffed. People fall into the cracks where their issues aren’t ignored so much as lost – a better support department will help this not happen again. I think Ouya’s success took everyone by surprise – not the least of which, Ouya themselves.

    • Ouya’s… success? That’s incredibly optimistic. All the stories I’ve been seeing about the Ouya are about hardware failures, delivery failures, and the fact that no-one is buying games on the platform.

      (Edit: I mean, I expect a little schadenfreude and sensationalism to colour what kind of stories will get run, but this is a console that had a lot of high hopes in the games journalism community and I’d have expected them to grab on to any possible little grain of success and run with it.)

      • He’s referring to the Kickstarter funding that they recieved for the consoles development.

      • I assume he was referring to the success of the kickstarter rather than the ongoing success of the console since launch.

          • Cheers, Braaains, that’s what I was getting at. I don’t think anyone expected the demand to be so high and the business wasn’t big enough to handle the volume, with all the shipping, manufacture, and distribution issues that come hand in hand with such direct internet sales.
            It’s their fault, and an inexcusable mistake, but I can sympathize with Ouya. They’re out of their depth.

  • He is not alone, myself and many other international backers are still waiting. At least he has had better communication from Ouya than I have.

  • My OUYA was also missing in action until about a week ago – I had the exact same experience – OUYA closes tickets simple because you haven’t updated it. No tracking details, no evidence they’d even shipped the Ouya until right at the end – and even that suggested it was simply sitting in Hong Kong doing nothing.

    Mine didn’t turn up with an Australian power supply, perhaps I should try my luck with another ticket.

  • Pathetic, just pathetic. OUYA should be naming and shaming this “partner” who was supposed to be in charge of shipping. Possibly even legal action. They would have a contract, they haven’t delivered, they broke their contract.
    I’m waiting for a class action lawsuit to be filed against the OUYA devs.

  • Exact same issue here. Still no Kickstarter Ouya, have opened 3 different tickets as they keep closing them. I’m now at a different address so I guess I’ll never get the damn thing and they have been so slow dealing with me a refund seems like a shot at the moon.

  • This is not even close to my conversation with Treegloo. It took 1 year for them to deliver me something that was guaranteed in 3 weeks.

  • It’s not all that uncommon for a support organisation to close out tickets after they have been idle for a while, since most people won’t tell you when a problem has been fixed, only when it persists.

    That said, if you’re going to make that assumption you also need to have a standard procedure where you *ask* if the problem is fixed before closing off a ticket. It’s no harder to automate the question than it is to automate the ticket closure, and saves a lot of aggravation.

  • This guy can have mine if he wants. lol
    I got mine allot earlier than backers and have not even looked at it.

  • I got mine the day before release and even mercifully got my extra controller last week. But I had my share of run in’s with their “support”, they are with one exception bloody hopeless. Overwhelmingly, any support query you submit will be met with a fill in the blanks automated response. Chris from support is especially useless.
    I suspect their support staff are both understaffed and more importantly under-trained. Felicia however, totally good.

  • OK. Home now and hopefully this works (please excuse formatting derps):

    Like Giles, I was a backer of the Ouya on Kickstarter and also like Giles, the experience with their support has been less than stellar to put it lightly. In my specific case I didn’t change address but I did notice something was amiss when I received the initial shipping statement.

    On 3/06/2013 6:46 AM, OUYA wrote:
    Yep…it’s true.
    Your OUYA has arrived at our distribution center and we expect it to land on your doorstep within the next two weeks (give or take a day or two depending on your location).
    Be on the lookout for a confirmation email that will follow once your shipment has been picked up for delivery and which will include your personalized tracking number.
    The following items will be included in this shipment:
    1 x Gift-Ouya Gaming System A (90E2-0V10050)
    This shipment will be sent to:
    Thank YOU once again for helping to make OUYA a reality and we look forward to hearing your feedback on how we can continue to improve the OUYA experience.
    Game On!
    Master Problem Solver (M.P.S.)

    When I pledged support, I included funds to cover both international shipping to Australia and a second controller. The second controller wasn’t mentioned in the shipping advice prompting me to lodge a support ticket as follows:

    On 2/06/2013 18:59, I wrote:
    Thanks for the update however I am somewhat perplexed by the items listed as included with this shipment.
    As backer 39184 I pledged an amount of $149 believing this would net me both a gaming system ($99) and an additional controller ($30) (plus international shipping ($20)) as per the following from the Kickstarter project site:
    You selected
    46124 backers Limited (33876 of 80000 left)
    GET AN OUYA: console and controller. Guarantee we will have one available for you, before it gets to stores. Plus the rewards above. We’re figuring out how many we can make! (We have to ask you to add $20 for shipping outside the U.S.) Please add $30 if you want a second controller.
    Estimated delivery: Mar 2013
    Shipping advice mentions only the console SKU as below. Other Australian backers with similar pledges had been advised they were being shipped SKU Console_AU-1Contoler.
    Could you please advise?
    Many thanks,

    To this I got a reply a week later (the Zendesk automated email suggested I’d have a reply within 48 hours):

    On 10/06/2013 19:19, OUYA wrote:
    Hi ********,
    We apologize for the confusion. Actually, the description on the receipt may be misleading (which we’re fixing)… but you should receive the additional controller you ordered with the initial shipment. Thanks for believing in us; your OUYA is almost here!
    – Arsen

    Believing the issue to be under control I left it at this and closed the initial ticket. On the 25th of June, like all kickstarters of the project, I received the (not overly professional) email stating that Julie Urhman was “pissed” that backers were experiencing holdups in delivery. A few days later to my surprise, the unit arrived… minus the second controller and with the wrong power adapter. This prompted me to submit a new support ticket as follows:

    On 28/06/2013 03:16, I wrote:
    Hi support,
    I have just received my Kickstarter backed OUYA console and have identified two problems.
    1) Despite assurance otherwise (via ticket #29763 answered by Arsen Nazaryan), I have not received the second controller to which I believe I am entitled.
    2) I have received an unsuitable power adapter attachment for my region. Being Australian, I expect to have received a AS-3112 connector but have instead received a European ungrounded CEE7/16 connector.
    To be blunt, I am disappointed to have encountered these issues and would like them resolved immediately.

    On 30/06/2013 14:52, OUYA wrote:
    Hi ********,
    As we continue to evolve here at OUYA, making constant improvements to our product, we want to make sure that we keep you — our community and THE reason we do what we do everyday — in the “know” and up-to-speed on our progress.
    As part of these important updates, and in response to the (literally) overwhelming response we’ve seen in sales activity since launching earlier this week, we wanted to share with all of you the latest ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ which we update and publish on our website @
    The goal of sharing this info is simple — if while playing OUYA, you come across something you need to troubleshoot, head over to our support page and, chances are, the OUYA Problem Solvers have posted a workaround to the issue you’ve encountered. If – on the other hand – you discover an issue we haven’t yet identified or published an answer to (which is totally possible given it’s early in the game and we have lots to learn still!), then simply open a new ticket @ From there, our Problem Solvers will review, respond and update the FAQ’s regularly.
    We hope you find these updates helpful and if you can think of anything else we can do better, hit us up at!
    Your humble servants (really we are here for you),
    Chad, Arsen, Chris, Ed, Derek, Terell, Sarah, and Jim
    M.P.S’s for OUYA
    You can find the latest FAQ here:
    Included in the latest update are topics such as:
    My tracking number isn’t working. How can I get the status of my order?
    – If you live in the U.S., use this link to track your OUYA order:
    – If you live outside of the U.S., use this link to track your order:
    [Note: For orders outside of the U.S., be sure to enter your tracking # in the second text box labeled ‘Item Cust_Ref’ field. It’s case-sensitive.]
    *Please allow more time for the tracking #s to bring back info, as in most cases, they’re being sent from overseas. Also, please keep in mind that we have received reports from some people who have received their shipments before any info. was returned by their tracking #.
    I’ve changed my address since I ordered my OUYA. What do I need to do to update my shipping information?
    – If your OUYA is being delivered to somewhere other than your current address, please update your address with your postal service so that it can be forwarded. If it is not forwarded, please contact us @ and we will work with you directly to ensure it arrives safe and sound at the right doorstep.
    Where are the additional controller(s) I ordered?
    – If you’ve ordered extra controllers, you will receive them in a second shipment. We did this in some cases to get you your OUYA to you ASAP. If you only receive one controller at first, don’t worry, another one will be on its way!
    – Chris

    On 1/07/2013 03:11, I wrote:
    Thanks for the canned response.
    This information does not resolve the second of my issues ie the wrong power adapter.

    On 1/07/2013 10:30, OUYA wrote:
    Hi ********,
    We are doing our best to answer some of the simpler cases more quickly so please pardon this not being the most personal response or if it does not immediately answer all your questions – still comes from the heart though XD. I have sent your case over to our shipping department to get the proper plug for you. Thanks again for your patience.
    – Chris

    Ok so now at this point I am lead to believe things are under control. Extra controllers are reportedly being sent in a second shipment and the proper plug has been arranged. Just short of 3 weeks later, the lack of communication is getting to me so I ask for an update:

    On 20/07/2013 04:46, I wrote:
    HI Support,
    Could you please provide a status update or an ETA for the issues still outstanding (ie incorrect plug supplied / second controller not received)?

    On 20/07/2013 12:13, OUYA wrote:
    Hi ********,
    So … we’ve heard some buzz about some of our international OUYA’ns not receiving the appropriate power adapter in their order and we’re here to lend some help if you fall into that category.
    If you didn’t receive a power adapter, do us a favor and respond with your FULL NAME, MAILING ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER. We will get back to you within 48 hours with the shipping information for the right power adapter so that you can get to OUYA’ing ASAP.
    Thanks – and we get that this sucks.
    We will continue to get better every day.
    OUYA On,
    – Terell

    On 20/07/2013 20:03, I wrote:
    Thanks for what appears to be another canned response.
    My details are as follows:
    FULL NAME: ********
    MAILING ADDRESS: ********
    PHONE NUMBER: ********
    Whilst the information you have provided to me may address one of my issues, it again falls short. I still have yet to receive the second controller and have had no additional information on its status for 3 weeks.
    I realise you may be under a deluge of customer service enquiries but frankly this has become a farce. I have a legitimate problem and I am increasingly disgruntled by the lack of individual response and resolution. I am instead subjected to, what I feel is, canned responses and feigned empathy. I do not want buzz words, marketing and attempts to keep me positive with such guff. What I do want is the missing and correct hardware and failing that, clear, concise answers as to when I will receive what I paid for in good faith.

    Strangely this got me two replies a few days later. Lucky me.

    On 24/07/2013 18:04, OUYA wrote:
    Hi ********,
    Thanks for your reply. We’ve got you down for the adapter and we’ll be sure to get it out as quickly as possible. As well, the extra controllers are actually processing for shipment now and should be going out in the coming weeks – of course sooner over later is the goal! In the meantime you can sync a PS3 controller or use a wired 360 controller as well. definitely apologize for the inconveniences and hope to get the goods to you shortly.
    – Chris

    On 24/07/2013 18:05, OUYA wrote:
    Hi ********,
    We understand your frustration. We have been working nonstop to answer as many questions as possible… which means we haven’t been able to answer as personally as we’d like- but I will do my best to solve your issues now. We will be sending the correct adapter, which you should receive soon. For your extra controller, while we wanted to include the additional controller in your first shipment, we have shipped just the standard kit (OUYA + 1 controller) in favor of getting your OUYA to you sooner. You will be receiving your second controller in a second shipment.
    Once again, we thank you for your patience and support.
    – Chad

    I let a few more weeks pass because by this point I’ve pretty much put the experience down as a write off. Like Giles and other backers, I received the token credit email from Julie (I found this to be nothing more than a PR stunt rather than a fitting apology). Still no replies to the ticket or goods though so I give them a prod:

    On 10/08/2013 20:06, I wrote:
    Hi Chris, Chad and anyone else who wants to get involved in this sorry saga,
    Two weeks later and still nothing. I do not have the adapter, I do not have the controller and I do not have a firm ETA. I have instead been given (forced) apologies and vague assertions that I will have what I am entitled to “soon” and “shortly”.
    I realise that support staff can’t physically get the missing items and deliver them to me directly and that there is a supply chain that you may not have much influence over. What you do have the ability to do as a customer service front line is to provide meaningful advice and set customer expectations. In this case though, I feel that you have failed to do so (repeatedly).
    Again to repeat my prior requests, I would like the items to which I am entitled or I would like (and I can’t emphasise this enough) a FIRM estimated time of arrival for these parts.

    I have yet to get a reply to this update but a few days later two things happened; I received the controller (yay cause I still can’t use it without a power adapter) and an unexplained email with shipping advice from the USPS:

    On 13/08/2013 06:45, USPS wrote:
    Your Click-N-Ship® shipping notification
    This ship notification is being sent to you by the U.S. Postal Service® at the request of JULIE UHRMAN. A package with a Click-N-Ship® label created on is scheduled to be shipped on 08/13/2013. If the “Shipped To” address information is not correct, please contact the Shipper.
    Click-N-Ship® Shipping Details
    Shipped from:
    OUYA, INC.
    1730 S AMPHLETT BLVD STE 225
    SAN MATEO CA 94402-2724
    Shipped to:
    Type of Service: Electronic Delivery Confirmation™
    Label Number: ********
    To check on the delivery status of your package, please go to Track and Confirm at

    Unexpected. Something was being scheduled for shipping on the 13/8/2013. Given I got the controller the on the 13th as well, I suspect it to be the power adapter. For clarification I updated the ticket.

    On 13/08/2013 19:52, I wrote:
    Thankfully I now have the controller (shipping notification would have been appreciated but no matter).
    I received notification that an item has been sent via USPS on 12/8/13. Is this by chance the correct adapter that is still preventing me from using the Ouya?

    Still no reply nor adapter but unlike Giles I’m too stubborn to demand a refund.

    Anyways I can see that I’m not the only backer who has been underwhelmed by the customer service experience (and reportedly the OUYA in general). Hopefully by making this public OUYA might address the lack of support and backers such as Giles can get the resolution they deserve and desire.

  • This just smells of a tin-pot company with without a communication strategy, dispute resolution process or PR department.

    Immature written correspondence at all levels and a lot of buck passing going on.

  • I had some minor issues with support while waiting for my ouya. Like @hatesyou above, I got an order confirmation telling me I’d only get one controller. I submitted a ticket, got no response, submitted a follow up and within a week or so saying they would ship the second controller separately. I did get a second controller in my box when it finally arrived, though (around a week after “retail launch”).
    Poor communication, but hardly a horror story like other people have had.

    Here’s something interesting though. After reading this article yesterday, I sent an email off to support with links to this article and Giles’ link to his correspondence, asking them to pay attention to his issues. Here’s what I got as a response a few minutes ago:
    We have contacted him again and are working out the situation. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention and for looking out for everyone. It really means a lot. I’ve included two codes for $20 in OUYA credits each below as a token of our appreciation.

    …I can’t really complain at credit for nothing. It looks like they’re really trying to make up for their issues. Not sure if it will get them anywhere though. There’s a lot of people burned by this, and I don’t know if they can possibly make up for it all.
    Also, no idea what to spend my Ouya credit on. I might purchase Towerfall, but there’s really not much that interests me on this box. But that’s a separate issue.

    • Amusing that they find the time to respond to your email but not the myriad of open support tickets.

  • I’m also a early backer and have had an almost comical experience like the person in the article, but haven’t changed my address at all – they just close tickets and _HOPE_ things are ok, without actually doing anything.

    Really frustrating, and the poor customer service, the numerous empty and unfulfilled promises has made me avoid supporting other kickstarters (which I’d like to do, but OUYA has spoiled the idea for me).

    The sad thing is, I was really looking forward to using it, but If it ever even shows up, I don’t think I even want to unpack it, or even turn it on.

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