One Way A Future Saints Row Game Could Be Even More Ridiculous

One Way A Future Saints Row Game Could Be Even More Ridiculous

Between the dubstep guns and dildo bats, Saints Row is a pretty ridiculous franchise. You can't help but wonder, where can the games possibly go next? Just how much more ridiculous can we get here?

Is becoming more ridiculous even possible?

Yes, yes it is. Let Dorkly show you how that is:

One Way A Future Saints Row Game Could Be Even More Ridiculous

The Future of Saints Row [Dorkly]


    Oh, there's room for more madness. You just need to get Suda51, or something like that. Go play Bayonetta or watch Gurren Lagann to see something much, much sillier than Saints Row.

      They should hire Suda51 and give him a ton of shrooms to trip out on

    "Uses A ... for it's actual intended purpose" - Instantly banned in Australia

      In the event that you meant this seriously - probably not. R18+ disallows sexual violence and actual intercourse; it's unlikely this would qualify unless you had a pretty twisted idea of "intended purpose".

      Anyway, I hear in SR7 they had this plotline where the USA achieved a balanced budget, but they threw it out because nobody would believe it.

        I don't understand your comment. You say that it will probably not be banned and then says how r18 will ban it. Make up your mind!

          I don't think using a dildo constitutes actual intercourse. Unless it was extremely graphic then it wouldn't be an issue. And unless "intended purpose" is much different to normal it certainly shouldn't count as sexual violence.

            It absolutely counts as penetration from a legal standpoint (in WA at least, probably everywhere else).

    I like the theory that you are still in a coma so that makes the craziness in 3 and 4 plauisble and an easy way out to go back to SR1 and 2 style, and we get Johnny Gat back.

      Personally I'd hate that. Saints Row has carved out its own identity in its absurdity. If it went back to 'serious' it'd be just another GTA clone. As it stands, it's anything but. It's a glorious exploration in excess. I've been playing part 4 for 2 days now, boy are you in for a few surprises ;)

    Whilst playing Dead Rising 2 the other day with a mate I gave a bride I was saving a 'Massager' to defend herself with (clearly a hysterical sight) and I will say she did so remarkably well. Kudos to the near zombie bride.

    In terms of Saints Row. No weapons. Only karate chops.

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