Our First Look At The PlayStation 4's Menus In Action

Today at Gamescom, Sony demonstrated the PlayStation 4's menus and interface for the first time. Also, it unveiled a lovely leather chair!

Sony president Shuhei Yoshida kicked off Sony's Gamescom conference sitting in a high-backed leather chair and navigating the PS4's user interface, hopping between a number of different functions and firing up a game of Killzone Shadow Fall. Looks pretty nice!

My question is: Will the PS4 still make that lovely "orchestra tuning up" sound that the PS3 makes? Because I love that.


    Is it just me or is the framerate quite choppy? Still needs optimisation I guess...

    I get so frustrated when watching videos from these live events. They want to show us the user interface of the PS4, yet whoever is in charge of the broadcast decides to use wide shots of a dark room.

    Honestly, who in their right mind thinks that a video of an audience in a dimly lit theatre, with only the glowing screens of tech journalists tweeting/blogging makes for compelling viewing?

    Sorry, i came here to see how the new PS4 interface looked, but I forgot to bring my binoculars.

      Exactly dude. And made even worse when half the time the camera was 4000 feet away behind the cheap seats.

    Those sound effects sound vaguely familiar (menu navigation) but I can't quite place them, is it a final fantasy title? maybe 12 or gran turismo? is it ringing any bells for other people or am I just a little strange?

      you are not alone.... distinctly similar to Gran Turismo 2....


      Sounds very Gran Turismo to me. I hope there's an option to turn it off. I get very easily annoyed at devices constantly bleeping at me.

    So it's a slightly less shitty version of XMB?

    Good work Sony.

      Looks more shitty to me, they've just crammed more stuff in and made it less smooth.

    Umm... am I hearing things wrong, or is there a bit of audio at around 0:36 of someone saying "fucking shit"???

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