Ouya Gives Backers Store Credit To Make Up For Late Consoles

Ouya Gives Backers Store Credit To Make Up For Late Consoles

Some of the people who backed the Kickstarter campaign for the open-source Ouya console were upset about late console deliveries, with some backers receiving their consoles after the retail Ouya had already hit store shelves. To make up for that delay, as well as some of the other rough aspects of the console’s launch, the folks at Ouya are offering backers a store credit of $US13.37.

The full email from Ouya founder Julie Uhrman is as follows:

To our beloved backers,

It’s been 11 months and 26 days (360 days for those who prefer a more exact count) since we left the gates of Kickstarter and set out to turn our vision into a reality.

It wasn’t OK that some of you — our most loyal supporters — didn’t get your OUYA until after it was on store shelves. Others had an issue with our still-new customer service. Despite your frustrations, you’ve played on, putting up with our bumps and bugs as we work to get better every day.

That being the case, we want to do more than tell you how much we appreciate you — we want to show it.

If you feel you’ve had any kind of less-than-OUYA experience with us (a polite way of saying at any time you felt pissed at us for whatever the reason: late shipment, missing controllers, a delayed response to a CS ticket you opened), we’d like to give you a store credit of $US13.37 to use toward any purchase(s) on DISCOVER.

If you are annoyed with us, we hope this is a first step to winning back your

And for those that are loving on us, love on.

We’ve learned a lot over the past year and we’re going to continue making OUYA better every day!

Play on,


It’s not a ton of money, but it’s still a cool move. We’ve reached out to Ouya to see if they have anything to add to the initial email, and will update if and when we hear back.


  • I would have prefered my second controller being sent tbh. Nevermind that I haven’t used the console since the first day I got it.

    Also, there is nothing l33t about $13.37 :>

  • I’ve seen my parents make cooler gaming references, and they stopped playing games on the SNES.

  • I’ve seen people complain about the Ouya and all that, but really, what were they expecting from a 99 dollar android console with an outdated chip? You get what you pay for?

    (This isn’t snarky, it’s just saying that I think a lot of people were being highly unrealistic about this console…)

    • Very much so.

      I also foresee a rather rocky road ahead for the Ouya given the shaky emulator stance and state of the Android/Apple gaming industry right now.

  • I was a bit disappointed mine came about a week before retail release, being a backer and all – but as a console, it’s done precisely what I was expecting it to do. It’s actually a well made little piece of equipment, particularly for the price – and it’s been constantly updated and improved since release. My main (and only) issue was controller input delay, and after a few patches, it’s been fixed for me. Works great.

    It’s a fantastic emulator box, and there’s actually some really fun Ouya content up on the store like Ice Rage, Red, Bomb Squad, Sonic, FF3, Chronoblade (the demo, at least) and a bunch of other stuff.

    I think the free credit is a nice gesture, and at least they’re attempting to do something to try and make it up to people. But watch, as always, people will still find a way to complain about free shit or cry ‘that’s not good enough!’ and always want more. It’s a $100 console. You didn’t back a next gen console or blow $500 on it. With this voucher, they just gave people over 10% of the total value of the thing back. Needs more perspective.

    I feel sorry for people that can’t get behind or at least understand what the Ouya is trying to do. Even if it’s not their cup of tea. It’s not trying to compete with your Xbox or Playstation. It was designed as a cheap, convenient console for the old fashioned TV console experience. It’s a platform almost anyone can afford, develop for, and get involved in. It does all of this amazingly well.

  • loving mine. MX Player, ES file Explorer, (someday XBMC) it’s making for a great little media player. Might root it and chuck Droidmote on there too…

    … oh… it’s meant to play games?

  • I love it how they always downplay the number of people effected by this, it was majority of the backers who did not get their units before retail release, and there are still many who are yet to receive them, myself being one.

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