Part 3 Of The World’s Best Half-Life 2 Movie Is In The Works, But…

There’s a catch. There’s always a catch. Released in 2009 and getting a second part two years later, Escape from City 17 was an excellent Half-Life 2 fan film notable for its nearly blockbuster-level CG effects. Ironically, it is the CG effects themselves that are keeping Part 3 from being released. But have no fear — there’s an IndieGoGo campaign to fix just that.

Producer Frank Gugliuzzi, who also worked with Escape from City 17’s creators on parts one and two, is trying to raise $US50,000 to bring a pro visual effects team on the project. With their help, Part 3, which has already been filmed, can be completed, brought to the level of the other two shorts, and released.

The campaign, which ends in four weeks and currently stands at about $US1000, can be found here. If you’re a fan of Escape from City 17 or just gaming fan films in general, this one’s definitely worth a look.

Half-Life: Escape from City-17 Part 3 [IndieGoGo]


    • They should have called it “Half Life 2: Part Two, The Second” or “Half Life 2: Part Two: Now it’s personal”, “Half Life 2: Part Two: The Halfening” or even just go with the good old fashioned reboot title “Half Life”

  • So how is this different than the Metroid and Final Fantasy crowd sourcing campaigns that have recently been shutdown?

    Do they have permission from Valve to receive funding?

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