Petition Claims League Of Legends Doesn't Respect Satanists

Petition Claims League of Legends Doesn't Respect Satanists

Normally, games will filter obscene words, or cursing. League of Legends, curiously, filters out the word "Satan" — but not other religious words such as Jesus, Allah, Zeus, Venus and God. In response, a petition urging Riot to stop censoring the word appeared this weekend.

"They are blocking Satanists' right to freedom of religion by preventing them from using the name Satan," Beau Guthery, the petition writer, argues.

The petition also includes a letter to Brandon Beck, CEO of Riot Games:

Please unfilter the word "Satan" from the game "League Of Legends." Let Satanists and others who would like to freely use that name be given that ability. We who sign this petition just want to be treated equally. Your own forum mods and employees say that you listen to the community of game players. Here we are, asking for you to make a small change in the game that would respond to our wishes and give us equality with players who already can select the god of their choice.

The petition creator claims that a thread was made on the subject on Riot forums, where they were told to kill themselves and to burn in hell, on top of being banned for asking about the filter.

We've reached out to Riot Games about the matter and will update this post if we hear back. For now, the petition can be found here.

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    Fair enough, what a disgusting case of blatant discrimination in the gaming community.

    @shadwell Fair enough? I don't think they should of banned the word in the first place. But the fact the petition is by a bunch of Satanists is more of a concern.

    Last edited 13/08/13 8:04 pm

      Petition beats a bunch of slit-throat goats at Riot HQ's front door.

      (Yes I am negatively stereotyping Satanists for a joke. Bring on the petitions/goats.)

      Last edited 13/08/13 10:41 pm

      What, exactly, is concerning about Satanists?

      No more concerning than Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews or any other "crazy" belief, right?

    The only thing weirder than Riot exclusively censoring "Satan" is the fact that people are petitioning against it.

    GG guys.

    Last edited 13/08/13 6:31 pm

    You do have the ability to freely use that name. Turn the filter off and stop looking for attention.

    'Beau Guthery' clearly missed the point of what he's claiming to be defending. Their 'Church' is founded upon the belief that man invented all the Gods of the world, and none of them exist. That being the case, they cannot possibly have a God's name to filter.

    Sounds to me like a kid seeking attention.

    I just don't understand why one imaginary friend should be any more important than the other. Unblock it and let everyone enjoy their imaginary friends!

    Most Satanists don't actually worship Satan as a deity...

    Last edited 14/08/13 1:42 am

    Now I now why the LoL community can be poison. Seems that the worship of lies, deceit and evil is not frowned on. I say keep it filtered. Those that actually do use the filter will appreciate it.

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