Place Bets On Computers Playing Fighting Games Against Each Other

Salty Bet started out as a fun way to bet on live competitive fighting game events, but to keep the addictive betting site running 24/7, A.I. has recently taken over the fights. Humans, we're told, are still the ones placing the bets.

As always watch my video above for some more on this unique site. and if you want to partake in some of the absurd fun then head on over to

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    I've been running saltybet on my second monitor occasionally since the first story. It's kind of fun, but I don't think I'll stick with it.

    If you do give it a try, do the opposite of whatever the people in the chat say. In fact, I only switch the chat on whenever there's an upset, just to drink their pain.

      While I don't read the chat to get hot tips on the odds, my friends and I absolutely love the chat for the humour in it:

      back to the salt-mines I go
      mistakes were made
      always bet on [hitboxes, Murica, animal cruelty, meth legs, androgyny, MS Paint]

      It's the lowest form of humanity that bubbles up some absolutely hilarious material.

    My friends and I are addicted. We're constantly texting each other about fight's we've seen and some nights we all voice call each other and laugh our assess off at what's going on. The randomness it hilarious, you never know what's coming up, Hulk v Garfield, Megaman v Tiger Woods.

    My biggest win so far was betting 100 on Pyro (X-Men) against some OP anime chick. After losing the first two rounds he made a come back of epic proportions and payed out $1200. So good.

    Plug much.

    The greatest game to watch AI vs each other against is Mario Party

    That's a lot of copy written material.

      Haha, "copy written"!? The term is 'copyrighted', as you 'copyright' something because you have the rights to it. That is 'copyrighting'.

      'Copywriting' is the process of writing 'copy', which is basically text that conveys information to be disseminated amongst a public, for example in advertising or PR.

      In future, if you're not sure about the meaning of something, at least Google it.

    So now kotaku actively promotes online gambling. Great .

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