PlayStation All-Stars Lives On As Coke-Sponsored Mobile Mini-Games

PlayStation All-Stars Lives On As Coke-Sponsored Mobile Mini-Games
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Dry those tears, PlayStation All-Stars fans. Your beloved game isn’t quite dead yet. It managed to makes its way to PlayStation All-Stars Island, where Sony and Coke Zero are… oh god, what are they doing to it? Look away, baby. Just look away.

Coming soon to iOS and Android, PlayStation All-Stars Island is a free-to-play collection of mini-games, styled after popular Sony games — Little Big Planet Karting, Uncharted, inFamous and Gravity Rush. Developer Zoink Games has transformed each property into an endless mini-game “based on successful mobile game play,” says the official announcement.

That means runner clones. Worse, the goal in each of these mini games is to collect Coke Zero orbs to unlock special Coke Zero “Make It Possible” moves, which allow the characters to crossover into the other mini-games. Codes on specially marked soda products can be redeemed for Coke Zero moves and the four special unlockable characters — Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank.

So no, PlayStation All-Stars is not dead. They’re going to piss all over it first (all that Coke Zero should help), then kill it. PlayStation All-Stars Island will be available as a free download this summer.


  • W.T.F I hope they make enough money to keep it open. But like you said, they are pissing all over it. *Punch in the face!*

  • I knew nothing good was ever going to come Fromm all-stars, I’m just glad I didn’t waste money the game. If I had, then I wouldn’t want to play it anymore after seeing what Coke did to it in this -_-

    • Yeah, if they get his jumping animation right that could be a really special bus stop treat. Also I ALREADY DRINK COKE ZERO SO U CAN’T FAZE ME

  • Why couldn’t they have put the ads in more subtly (billboards in the background), what ever happened to charging money upfront for a decent game :c

    Edit – Wait 0.o Why is “Playstation All stars” becoming a mobile game

  • This is both horrible and genius at the same time.

    Horrible for the fact that it will draw criticism for just existing.

    Genius because this is a not so subtle marketing ploy for the Vita. Get some of the biggest PlayStation stars on your phone, a massive audience which might pull the trigger and jump into the more meatier games on the Vita down the track.

  • I wonder if Drake is upset those giant coins are in front of him without any henchmen to kill or Sully to help him carry them.

  • I Just recently got a Playstation all stars tshirt which i ordered off a coke website so they really are flogging this crap off.

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