Portal On The DS

Aperture Science, the homebrewed version of Portal for the DS shown off back in February, now has a "mostly playable" version. You'll need a flash cart to play it, but the file can be found here.


    Wow, that's actually really impressive! Although the Companion Cube has packed on the pounds recently, even the gravity gun can't lift it without lag.

    Why are the graphics so bad? It's probably just because it's blown up a lot... and I know it's a handheld game.. But I don't look at that and think oh joyyy, I think.. Jesus.. Give me a laptop please :<

      To answer your question....

      It's the DS [the original DS, the one released in 2004]. Even AAA games didn't look this good.
      What makes this even more impressive is that this is *Homebrew*!!!! Made with toolchains created by a community of hackers, not the official Nintendo SDK.

      That makes this pretty impressive in my book.

        loll ok, makes perfect sense. Thanks for explaining to me :)

          No probs ;-)

          Glad it was helpful!

    Dear Valve. Hire these guys and do an official release. Sincerely, Your Customers

    Just got a new R4 card for things like this :D

    Oh wow. I always raved about Still Alive DS, but never expected someone would do something like this.

    Might have to dust off the old M3.

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