PS4 Release Date Is November 29 In Australia

PS4 Release Date Is November 29 In Australia

The PlayStation 4 will be out on Friday, November 29, in Australia and Europe, Sony announced at the end of its GamesCom press conference today in Germany. The US will get it on November 15.

It will retail for $549 in Australia, $US399 and €349.

This is pretty much the last missing piece to the puzzle — we now know just about all there is to know about Sony’s next-gen console, which we’ll be able to get our hands on in just three months.


    • The only supply issues will be the artificial ones that Sony drums up to create a sense of urgency about buying one. Stores will be stocked to the gills in this country, the PS3 didn’t sell out and this will sure as hell not either…

      • I’d say the $1000 price tag and horrifically bad launch lineup was the reason for that.

        This console is almost half the price and has a decent 3rd party launch lineup up at the very least.

      • I was just told at 2 different EB games stores and a JB Hi-Fi that as of yesterday all preorders taken are for 2nd shipment. They said all Launch allocation is sold out, and there will be absolutely no walk up sales. Couldn’t even give a date for 2nd shipment. Just said Sometime in 2014

      • Ps4 has completely sold out its first shipment in Australia thanks to all the wogs. So shut up

      • sony said they can guarantee pre orders from before the 5th of August no guarantees after this Date

  • Good to know. I’ll make sure I clear the decks for that weekend. My wife will be thrilled! 😉

  • I’m a little disappointed at the launch line up, I was planning on getting one, but I’m not so sure if I’ll bother at launch. I think the Xbox One launch line up actually looks stronger than the PS4 lineup, but I barely touch my Xbox so…bah, decisions!

    • Both consoles launch titles suck, the only good PS4 one is Killzone and the only good Xbox one is Dead Rising. There are some good multi platform releases though.

    • Yeah I agree, deep down im glad I’m getting the Xbox one first…..loved the dead rising franchise and titan fall has me hooked….i can wait to play all the others

    • Considering that there is no information on what is “Actually” a 100% guaranteed launch list of full AAA games I can’t really give an opinion, nor how most can unless they hunted down each game individually though various sites to get a semi real confirmation.

      Hell we only got the the Xbox one version today and a number of things stated as “launch” titles are most definitely not there.

      Unless of course I’ve missed an equivilent list like the XB1 got today, though that is unlikely.

      But I know Knack is day 1 and i’m getting that.

  • The only reason I was going to buy a PS4 was for The Division if they decided not to do a PC version. Now that they’ve officially announced they are, I don’t need one. Awesome.

    • My bday is the 2nd Dec 😀 but wife already pre ordered Xbox…….ps took too long with there announces……i will prob get one down the track on sale….as long as I have a next Gen on launch in happy

  • Shouldn’t the cost of a game also cover the cost of accessing multiplayer?

    Disappointed that PS4 will charge for online since ps3 free.

    • With the online-centric future approaching, you’d better get used to it, to be perfectly honest. It’s only $5/month – and yes, the PS3’s online functionality is free, but it’s admittedly lackluster as well. If this new online service delivers even half of what it’s promising, it’ll be more than worth it.

    • A lot of games included every month, and it helps pay for things like server maintenance. XBOX 360 had superior online services to the PS3, simply because the PS3’s online services were free. If everyone was a paying subscriber to the online services during the one-month-outage, do you think it would have been a month? I don’t.

    • I’ve already got PS+ and I can’t even imagine any kind of bizarre parallel universe where I would ever let that subscription lapse, so for me it doesn’t really make a difference.

      I just look at it as paying for the insane amount of free content and discounts that I get from it, the online effectively remains free for me since I’m not paying any more than I’m paying now. Seriously, if you don’t already have PS+, get it – it’s the best value deal in gaming, with the possible exception of the Steam sales.

  • PlayStation 4 Launch Frame Line-up digital/physical

    NBA 2K14
    Call of Duty: Ghosts
    Skylanders Swap Force
    Need for Speed: Rivals
    Battlefield 4
    Madden 25
    FIFA 14
    NBA Live
    Killzone: Shadow Fall
    Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag
    Watch Dogs
    Just Dance 2014
    LEGO Marvel Superheroes

    PlayStation 4 Launch Frame Digital Line-up

    Basement Crawl
    Pool Nation Extreme
    Pinball Arcade
    War Thunder
    DC Universe
    Planetside 2
    Doki-Doki Universe
    Tiny Brains
    Super Motherload

    Currently, there are over more 180 PS4 titles in development, such as: Destiny, Diablo 3, Mad Max, Witcher 3, The Divison, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and exclusives such as Shadow of the Beast, The Order:1886, inFamous: Second Son, Rime, Hell Divers, Everybody’s Gone to The Rapture, and Resogun expected to be released for PS4.

  • Still gonna wait till some decent games come out in 2014 and get a games+console bundle. Got plenty of unplayed PS3 games to tide me over till then.

    Actually I’m really only excited for Destiny, The Division, Infamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Witcher 3, considering that most of them come out after launch I’m happy to wait a bit.

    • Exactly, looking forward very much to the PS4, but I think Beyond Two Souls & GTA: V will have me pretty tied up until the real meaty games arrive for the PS4. Really looking forward to Drive Club though……

  • This just in: Xbox One to release November 28, at an RRP of $548. Initial supply shipments extraordinarily limited. There’s like, 500 or so, we think. We’re not sure yet.

  • Awesome cannot wait problem is now i have to come up with the remaining 400+ to pay off my pre order.

    Actually happy that NBA 2k14 is a launch title as well had my worries that it was not going to be and i would be stuck with a console and no other game.

  • *truthbomb* I have a PS4 pre-ordered, but both the ‘Sony titles’ I want to play this year are coming to PS3…. looks like I’ve just saved myself $550-700…

  • I love how the launch line up of games for the PS4 and XBONE are very similar to the games that Nintendo had at launch but I bet you $100 that people will rave on and on about how good the launch of the PS4 and XBONE are compared to the Wii U.

  • Am I right in saying that Xbox One has yet to confirm their launch date in Aus? At the moment it has the general time period of ‘November’.

  • I’m waiting to see if Sony are going to do a bundle PS4 and PS Vita as a package.

    But If i was going to buy a PS4 a launch…i’ll be buying the following

    3x extra controllers (and chargers)
    NBA 2K14
    FIFA 14
    Watch Dogs
    DriveClub (Comes with PS+ Memebership I think)
    Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag
    Need For Speed: Rivals

  • I hate the fact that Xbox One costs US$499 in US and AU$599 – a $100 difference (which is about right after taxes & exchange rates are factored in) and yet when Sony do their conversion they somehow arrive at $549 – a $150 difference. Grrrr. Sony are effectively saying 1 AUD=USD 0.78. The PS4 price should be more like $499 (or $489 even if they used Microsoft’s conversion)


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