Red Dead's Star Voice Actor Joins Cast Of Espionage Game

Red Dead's Star Voice Actor Joins Cast Of Espionage Game

I've already mentioned that I'm a big fan of the idea behind Codename Cygnus. The game is a choose-your-own-adventure radio drama for iOS that casts you as a spy in the 60s, complete with voice acting, sound effects, and likely more than a fair bit of intrigue. But a game like this is only as good as its voice cast.

Reactive Studios has already got a solid cast in place, with voice actors from Resonance and Fallout: New Vegas as well as Logan Cunningham, who voiced the Narrator in Bastion. And in a cool bit of news, they've added Rob Wiethoff, the actor who played John Marston in Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption.

Whiethoff's performance in Red Dead was a real barn-burner (so to speak), and it'll be a lot of fun to hear him turn in other characters than his now-trademark weary old west bandit. In Cygnus, he'll be playing a mysterious character named "Lazarus" in one of the first episode's sidequests. Hoepfully he'll sign on to do more substantial work after that.

Here's the game in action, if you're curious how it'll work:

Cygnus is doing pretty well on Kickstarter, though they're still a couple grand shy of their goal.


    Just finished Red Dead and Undead Nightmare. Whiethoff's definitely turned in a top-notch performance in the VA department.

    This would be the same guy that Polygon did a story on... the one that said he's given up acting because of how inconsitant the work was?


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