Saints Row IV's Australia Retail Release Has Been Delayed Until September

Saints Row IV was supposed to be released in Australia this week, but on Sunday we revealed the game's retail launch was delayed by a week. On Steam, however, the situation was worse: the game was pushed back until September 20. Now things have changed. As a result of production delays it looks as though the retail release of Saints Row has been pushed back into September.

According to EB Games, at time of writing, Saints Row IV is scheduled for release on September 12, two weeks after the initial delay to August 30. The Steam pre-order listing, which previously stated September 20 now just reads 'September'.

Presumably Deep Silver wants to hold off the Steam release to coincide with the retail release of Saints Row IV, which is likely the reason for the change on Steam. As for retail issues, we're still waiting to hear back from Deep Silver for a statement, but we expect to hear something official at some point today.

We'll update if we hear any more news.


    Annnnnnnd cancelling preorder and importing the game.

      I was going to wait for Aug 30 for my cut version, and not be happy about it, but this date slip is the end. Even if GTAV wasn't there I still wouldn't wait 3 weeks after everyone else. NZ version here I come.
      Thanks Aus Class board for saving us. Phew, if I saw a virtually cartoon character take some alien drugs in a cartoonish world and get super powers, I would have been right out the door to my local hood to get me some of those. You saved me.

    5 days before GTA V

    That's a really tough window to push yourself to.

      Might be an experiment (in an isolated, and smallish market like Australia) to see whether Saints Row can compete head-to-head with the other juggernaut open-world-mayhem franchise.

        I love Saints Row, a whole lot, but even I know the answer to that.

          Yeah, but it's useful information to have for the company that now owns SR to know just how valuable the brand they've bought is.

            That'd be one hell of a bad business decision if that's their thinking. Let's just toy around and see how our game compares to the most anticipated game of the year, if not of this generation. This won't be a purely business decision, it'll be from other factors most likely from the having to cut content which has probably led to extra time for making sure everything's appropriate for Australia so they don't incur any fines for possibly breaking the rules down the line by failing to take something out now. They don't want a Hot Coffee moment basically

              Aren't the discs already pressed and ready to go? Didn't someone actually have a photo of SR4 Australian copies all boxed up and ready to ship to middlemen?

              Memory might be off, but I think I remember someone saying that earlier...

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                That would be me who did that. You'll find a repost of the photos in a post below.

                My guess would be that it was before the classification decision, which would mean that they have to get the Australian version produced.

                I think it is like this so there is no Hot coffee type thing with the unedited version being on the disc and locked with a patch

              Yeah, but in a backwater, middle-of-nowhere market.
              (Or so they say/think/act.)

        Smallish market? We may have a small population in comparison to other countries like the UK, US and China but we have one of the best states of living in the world. We have high wages and as a result can buy more luxury items.

        Our market aint small and isolated it one of the biggest as we probably have one of the biggest games per person ratios.

      Which is why you're going to see a lot of preorders from EB Games turn into imports very quickly. I was planning on buying from EB so I don't need to mess around with getting a US PSN card for DLC, but the second I saw this I bought the US version from Play-Asia and I'm about to head to EB and cancel that preorder; and also have time to finish Saints Row IV before heading into GTA V.

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      Whoa, talk about jumping into the deep end. I eagerly await the official statement as to why this is.

      And GTA5 is available for which platforms?

        All the ones that matter :P

          You mean the ones that are going to be redundant in a couple of months? It's a shame about that backwards compatibility.

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            Last I checked the release of the next consoles aren't going to make my current one evaporate.

            I'l be through GTA V long before I upgrade.

    Good thing i imported my game from the ozgameshop.
    Hopefully they deliver on time.

    Is anyone in Australia actually going to bother buying this from a retail store instead of just importing the UNCUT version and get it earlier.

    If you're on PC, I suggest buying from and then use a program called Spotflux to trick Steam into thinking you're in the US so you can download it. Just make sure you don't buy the game from the US Steam page, or you're likely to get banned.

    There's some more information in this reddit thread if you're interested:

      Quick warning. If you're caught out your account will be banned. You will lose access to your library.

        That's only if you buy the game from a foreign Steam store. Valve really don't care if you are just playing the game early. I did this for Borderlands 2 and didn't have any issues, just be aware if you want to play with Steam in online mofe you need to keep the VPN program open.

          Just because you haven't gotten caught before doesn't mean you won't get caught. I'm not saying you shouldn't do it, just saying you should be aware of the consequences.

      I haven't tried it with this game, but in the past I haven't needed to use Spotflux or any other VPN service to activate a GMG title on Steam. Is this an issue specific to Saints Row iV

        You don't need the VPN to activate the key from GMG, but you do in order to download the game. I've got mine pre loading at the moment, should be done by the time I get home. You'll get much lower speeds than usual with the VPN on, since you're effectively downloading from the US servers.

    The three people who are still buying this in Australia are going to be upset........having to pay more and wait longer for less game.

    All this could be avoided if games companies understood how the Australian system worked......The ACB refuses classification to a select number of games so the ACL is happy and the rest of us import from New zealand or the UK. the system has worked since the wowzers took the country over in about 1870.
    The only money they lose is from the Australia tax they would have got....they still get the NZ tax for some of the orders. I would be totally fine if game companies just did not bother with the Classification board and just told us all to import, save themselves a few thousand dollars.

    I should get a job as some sort of Australian classification advisor or something.

      You'd actually have to know how the system works, which you don't seem to.

        What did I get wrong

        ~The Classification board refuses classification to some games.....check
        ~The ACL is happy with games being refused classification.....check
        ~people just import RC games they want, often for a cheaper price.....check
        ~Game companies don't seem to understand this and butcher their stuff leading to delays and annoyed Australians.......check

        Seems I have a pretty good grip on the situation

          The ACL have no control over what games get refused classification. If they had any control over the ACB, we wouldn't have an R18+. So, you're wrong.

          Game companies are forced to either not sell their game in Australia or resubmit their game with the changes proposed by the ACB to have a chance to sell in Australia. So, you're wrong again.

          If you're assuming that Australians have been playing video games since the 1870's (which, considering the way you've worded your paragraph, you think so), you've failed history terribly.

          Where else would you like me to fact check for you?

            I did not say the ACL had any control over the ACB, I said they were happy when games got RCed....

            I did not say games were banned in 1870, I was simply conveying that Australia has always had things banned, thanks to the loud crusaders of public decency...I did pull the 1870 date out of my butt, I'm sure the no funners were right out yelling at people right off the boats in 1788.

              Don't worry, Boogoose, I understood what you meant, and I agree also.

          - you implied that the ACB RCs games to keep the ACL happy, which is bollocks.
          - the office of film and literature classification, the predecessor to the ACB, was only established in 1970. I'd very much like to see which films and games were being censored in 1870.
          - If game companies tell you to import they can get fined for selling unclassified material
          - Deep Silver have been aware of the content they need to remove fore some time- it's their own fault for not getting the material cut in time
          - a large chunk of gamers buy from retail, off the shelf, and that's the sales that make Deep Silver a bunch of cash. we're not all digital yet.

          As I said, you should know how the system works

            its not illigal for a company to sell unclassified things from overseas......its also not illigal for us to buy them, theoriticly I could go to Japanese website and buy as many "questionable" games I wanted. There is an issue if said games were considered pornography but that is a whole different argument, half of the porn on the interent is illigal in Australia.

            as for people who are buying this off the shelf in Australia....there just muggs, dont do it. You dont have to go didgital, you just import a physical copy. Hell getting a didgital copy is proboly harder to do anyway.

            (my spell checker just died so you weill have to read this as is)

              The above debate is both annoying and pointless. Please to god stop, i don't care.

              It is illegal to import refused classification material:

              The fact that it gets through is just because its difficult to enforce. If a company issued a blanket statement telling people to import Customs would be on the lookout for it.

              There are many reasons to buy games off the shelf. I may want a special edition that I can't get online. I may want to deal with a company that I can easily return the goods to. I may want to support my local retailer. I may want it on release date rather than waiting 3 weeks. The dollar may fall further, which makes local retail more competitive- online's only really been good for the last couple of years while the dollar has been so high.

      I'd like to see the games being RC'd and imported in 1870, but alas, my 360 has only limited BC.

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        before games were refused classification some movies were RCed, before that some books were RCed. Australia has always had a problem with a small number of loud people denying fun to the wider population.

        Actually you'd be stunned at how many books were banned in this country - books you've probably read at school!

        This country has a shameful history of censorship.

      I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I'm pretty sure you don't either.

    Wow, i didn't know Deep Silver was run by a bunch of phenomenal idiots, pushing their game back to a few days after the release of the biggest game of this generation, smart move.

    I'm sure that Deep Silver have a legitimate reason for the delay but moving the release so close to GTA V isn't a smart move.

    I'm angry but at least it won't cause a distraction for me to do my HSC major works.
    I'm still buying it from EB Games regardless of how close the GTA V release date is to it

    After the shitting spraying in SR2, I'd be quite content if this game never gets to Australian stores.

      Oh the shit-spraying was nothing compared to the Dildo-bat and Apoco-fists in SR:TT and yet that some how slipped through

    The thing that got me pissed off about this is knowing that All Interactive Entertainment, the Australia distributors of the game, have had the units in hand since August 10th. Which means they are sitting in a warehouse for a month.

    Proof (From All Interactive Entertainment's Facebook page) -

    Well, Looks like my Preorder just got cancelled.

    Only reason I wanted it was to fill time before GTA V Arrived.

    Well, I'm either going to get this game in the bargain bin a lot later, or I might include it in an order from ozgameshop, which I will be placing later this week depending on how Blacklist and The Bureau review.

      Steam Sale for me. I'm steering clear of any PC port though of GTA V given that Rockstar have a decidedly dodgy track record of porting games to PC.

        I've come to the conclusion of those whining about Rockstar ports to computers themselves have computers that cannot handle the games.

        It's funny that GTA IV & the episodes ran fine on my 8800GTS & Core 2 Duo E6600 that had 2GB DDR2 ram up until it died back in 2011. When LA Noire came out on PC I had a new PC by then a Core i5 2500k, GTX 560 & 8GB DDR3 ram, ran LA Noire fine.

        Then I got Max Payne 3 in the Steam Christmas sales, I was able to run that on high or very high with no issues at all. Again, I think the problem is peoples hardware.

        My hardware is no where near top of the range, especially my previous PC, when GTA IV came to PC in 2008? or was it 09? It was already 3-4 years old. I never was able to run GTA IV maxed out but I could run it on high and have a stable frame rate.

          GTA IV Episodes work fine for me after turning down the water quality and shadows. GTA IV though I just bought and it just slows right down every second. I've tried everything that made Episodes work but for some reason it's still a bit choppy. It autodetects my hardware and get an average of 35fps on high settings. My computer can run it, it runs Skyrim on Ultra High with no slowdown. Someone said it's a GFWL update that causes it. I wouldn't be surprised considering the recent Windows update that cut all cut scenes in half.

            GFWL should never had been part of GTA IV, the hours upon hours some friends spent in the update loop was just stupid.

    All you guys hoping to get this game imported. Good luck and watch out for customs, if you get caught its a huge fine and possible jail time. Its just not worth it especially considering GTA5 is out in September you've lost me this round SR.

    It would appear that no one told Harvey Norman:

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