FIFA 14: ‘Same Great Gameplay.’ The *Exact* Same…

‘Same great gameplay.’ People were pissed that FIFA 13 on the PS Vita was essentially a reconditioned FIFA Soccer, the launch title for the device. Well, there’s more where that came from for FIFA 14, reports Eurogamer.


  • This is what happens when Konami don’t do a competing version of PES to keep EA honest. I’m not expecting much from the PS4 / XBone versions of FIFA this year for the same reason.

    • Well they are talking about the Vita version is exactly the same as last year…I’m expecting that FIFA 14 on PS3/360 might be the same but slightly improved versions of FIFA 13 (I remember FIFA 12 on PS2 was the same version as FIFA 10 on the PS2 just new kits and players)

      The PS4/XBone versions are using the “ignite” engine which should be a little bit better…which is kind of silly because PES 2014 is making a huge comeback on the PS3/360 and looks very good (mind you I’ll get the PC version of PES2014 because of all the mods you can get) and you would think EA would improve FIFA 14 enough on PS3/360 to stay ahead of it while showing off the “ignite” engine games on the PS4/XBone

  • I had already heard this and am very disappointed. The Vita is the forgotten current handheld console but I don’t know why, it has great potential.

    • because handhelds are loosing their market share, everyone uses tablets and smartphones for their mobile gaming needs now. its a trend that is most likely going to continue

      • It may be a trend, but it’s a trend that I don’t like.

        Touchscreens just don’t have the same feel as far as I am concerned. I need thumbsticks and buttons and believe it gives better control. I have a tablet and it is fine for some things, but it does not provide mobile “real” gaming experience.

        • The problem is cost, with a handheld, you spent x amount of dollars for the actual device, but then have to spend $50 – $70 for each game, wheras with mobile/tablet gaming, you might spend a little bit more on the device, but games are usually $2 – $5 or even free.

          handy fact, Angry Birds is the number 1 played game in the world, it has more people playing it than Call of duty

          • That doesn’t mean we as gamers ‘like’ angry birds…..

            I will be travelling for work a lot soon and have decided when that time comes, to buy a Vita. I don’t want a $2 game on an iPad, I want uncharted and Killzone. Even if they were on iPad or any other tablet, the Vita and it’s controls are better.

          • Exactly, games like Angry Bird are trash. Give me a proper console/PC game any day. I have the best of Android devices and you won’t find a single game on them. I’d much rather pay for a proper game like Donkey Kong Country, Monster Hunter, Soul Sacrifice etc Phones and tablets may have taken a big slice of the less than casual gamer but there will always be a market for those who want better.

  • Isn’t the real news that people can actually tell the difference between yearly FIFA iterations?

    • So I guess you aren’t a FIFA player? There are definite differences between versions…. most of the time.

  • As a gaming journalist myself I don’t see how this constitutes as a whole article!

    Its barely even a paragraph. Instead of linking to another site why don’t you re-write it with the quotes like almost every other gaming news site does?

    • because all you need to be able to do, to become a kotaku writer is the ability to press ctrl + c and ctrl + v

  • EA are awful. I remember how much better the gameplay was in Pro Evo 5 or 6, and then EA brought out a slightly better version of their old engine and people went nuts over it despite it not being very good.

    And instead of pushing on, Konami have basically gone backwards when realistically Pro Evo games should be superior games to Fifa games. Fifa is just rehashed year after year and basically just get by on their license and not much more. Felt the difference between Fifa 12 and Fifa 13 was very minor. Would love if Konami got the Fifa licensing then maybe they would get more of a market share and be able to spend more time and money developing the franchise.

    TL:DR EA sucks please take the FIFA license away and give it to someone who cares about the sport.

    • PES has Champions League, Europa, Copa Liberatores and Asian Champions League.

      I remind all the FIFA fanboys I know of this fact 😉

      • But they lack the amount of licensed teams FIFA has, it may be all well and good that it has those leagues, buts its pretty much worthless without a lot of the popular teams that are present in FIFA, and its just as easy to create those leagues in a tournament in FIFA

    • if it sucks so much, why is it the most popular game out of the two? if Pro Evo was superior to FIFA, then Pro evo would sell much more

      here are the facts, FIFA 13 has sold over 15 million copies, wheras PRO EVO has only managed 1.23 million.

  • “This just in: Sports sim’s gameplay is similar to predecessor. Tune in after the break when we reveal the religious affiliations of Pope Francis!…”

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