Whoa... you guessed it. Unreal. Yesterday's ScribbleTaku featured a very obscure object that was featured in a very popular game. I fully didn't expect anyone to get it on day one. So congrats to Vampyre78 and Thistler — that was some real good ScribbleTaku-ing.

Anyway, good luck with today's effort. And by 'good luck' I mean 'Christ on a bike will you all stop being so good at this?'

ScribbleTaku is Kotaku’s newest lunchtime game. We give ourselves 30 seconds to draw an old game on a sticky note, and it’s your job to guess what it is! Come back every day at noon for a new ScribbleTaku! Feel like sending one in? Shoot us an email here.


    Not sure why, but I think Psychonauts when I see that.

    Shadow of the colossus?
    sorta reminds me of the intro, when Wanda is going down that giant spiral ramp...

    I'd love it to be a Vectrex game as I loved that thing so much but can't remember any line formations like that in any games.


    wind waker, toon link's belt buckle.

    Crash Bandicoot 2? Swirls when warping into a stage?

    Soul Reaver 2: Legacy of Kain, looks like the health meter

      I think that was a rounder spiral, but you might be on to something. Although I can't help feel it's a power-up meter, I can almost imagine it glowing when it's full.

        Yeah you're right, I just looked at a screeny and it was rounded. Dang!

        I was pretty sure it was only smooth when in the physical realm, though the change to the health meter may have only been in the original soul reaver.

          You might be right.

      i hope you mean Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2

      Last edited 06/08/13 3:31 pm

        Yes, yes I do. thanks

    It reminds me of a scrolling shooter where an enemy moves around leaving that trail pattern. Unfortunately can't think of the bloody game though

    reminds me of the loading screen vortex in Omikron: Nomad Soul

    Last edited 06/08/13 2:35 pm

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