Goodbye old friend. Sniff.

(Yesterday's ScribbleTaku was ATV Simulator. No-one got it!)

ScribbleTaku is retiring. A brand new lunchtime regular will be making its debut on Monday!


    “Biker Mice from…… i… ii…. I cant do it….” *breaks down into an uncontrollable sob*
    *Screaming through tears and gurgled moans* “MAAAAARRRSSSSSSashahahhhahaaa..!”
    “Whyyyyyyyyyyyy…. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!”

    Biker Mice from Jetpack Joyride!

    So long, old friend!

      i was actually thinking of saying Jetpack joyride as it was the first ever scribbletaku.


    Farewell, scribbletaku

      You are terrible at this game.

        hahaha so was qumulys! he spent months saying Jazz Jackrabbit, and on the day it finally showed up, he wasn't around! lol

      i feel like slapping you dag nabbit!

      No Shane you idiot. After all this time how did you ever get this wrong!!! It's The Dig.

      (Yes, finally got one.)

      Shane and his uninterrupted winning streak. Mark, you keep making these too easy.

      You should write for Futurama.

      I forgot it's been cancelled (again) for a moment.

    it's a toughie to end on :( Monday had better be worth it. Why can't you have two lunchtime things running together?

    LoZ: aLttP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fare thee well Scribbletaku, may your pencil remain forever sharpened.

    A sad day. but I'm keen to see what Serrels has planned next week!

    (and Shane, I agree with Batguy... =P)

    If nobody gets it he'll be forced to give us a clue on Monday. We can keep this game alive. Hold Scribbletaku to ransom!

    If the new game is rubbish we'll be forced to blockade and burn all oat supplies in your area Mark. You have been warned!

    The Dig!!!!

    I win, what's my prize?

    I can't make it out from Mark's terrible drawing skills.

    Ninja Turtles? Banjo Kazooie? Turrican? Wizball? Krusty's Super Fun House? Final Fantasy 3? New Super Mario Bros Wii? Aztec Adventure? Duck Tales? Double Dragon? Barbarian? The Bard's Tale? Skyrim? Sonic Chaos? Tetris? Virtua Fighter? H.E.R.O? Ghost House? Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago? Super Street Fighter 2? International Karate? Wonderboy? Mario Teaches Typing? Pong? Battletoads? Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis? Dark Souls? Bart VS The Space Mutants? Cool Spot? Mick and Mac Global Gladiators? Doctor Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine? Clayfighter 2 Judgement Clay? Operation Winback? Killer Instinct? Forza? Mafia? Mass Effect? Relentless Twinsen's Adventure? Radical Rex? Lemmings?

    Please Mark, we need a clue!


    Edit: zoomed in, of course.

    Last edited 09/08/13 12:21 pm

    Panzer Dragoon Saga?

    Panzer Dragoon Zwei?

    Panzer Dragoon Orta?

    The Original Panzer Dragoon?

    It's been a while since I got one right, but I'm fairly confident in saying that this is Superman 64.

    I'd be interested to know who the all time Scribbletaku King/Queen is and how many they guessed right. Batguy? Crotchdot? Someone has to be keeping score right?

    Last edited 09/08/13 12:42 pm

      I want to know how many times certain people (who shall remain nameless) guessed The Dig

        I didn't guess it once. I knew for sure :)

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