Goodbye old friend. Sniff.

(Yesterday's ScribbleTaku was ATV Simulator. No-one got it!)

ScribbleTaku is retiring. A brand new lunchtime regular will be making its debut on Monday!


    the DIG-imon. DIG-ital monsters?

    Will miss you Scribble Taku, or as you were affectionately known to your friends: The "How the hell did they guess that so quickly game"

      So quickly?
      Don't you mean, How they hell did they get anywhere near that from the picture, let alone explaining which game from the series it came from.

    I'm just happy I managed to get one before it disappeared!

    And that has got to be Space-Pac-Mario-Final-Duty-Resident-Biker-Marines Dig Edition, i'd know it anywhere.

    I am sure that is Dead Rising 3. Isn't it considered cheating picking a yet-to-be released game? :(

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