Shadow Warrior Is Being Rebooted Next Month

Shadow Warrior is being rebooted next month. Flying Wild Hog's re-imagining of the classic, hilarious and bloody 1997 first-person shooter will be arriving to PC on September 26.

Naturally, there's a bloody trailer to go along with the release date announcement. Dig in!


    That's not Lo Wang! :(

    I wonder why they re-imagined him as a young dude ... the original Lo Wang was an absolute badass.
    Maybe they couldn't get the voice actor or someone who sounded like him?

    Not a fan of lo wangs new voice, seems to be muttering to himself, and lacking in badassitutude.

    This game looks ridiculously amazing. I hope it doesnt end up being another duke nukem fiasco.

    Can't wait. Day one purchase!
    Saw the Total Biscuit preview so I know I don't need to wait for reviews. It is what it should be.

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