Sharing And Streaming Will Be Free On PS4 (But Not Xbox One)

Sharing And Streaming Will Be Free On PS4 (But Not Xbox One)

You'll need to pay for premium membership to play (non-free-to-play) games online with a PS4, but not to share them: Sony prez Shuhei Yoshida clarified on Twitter today that you can stream and record PS4 gameplay footage without paying any PlayStation Plus fees.

In contrast, yesterday Microsoft clarified that you'll need an Xbox Live Gold account in order to use the Xbox One's Game DVR feature, which also lets you record and upload game footage.

Both next-gen consoles will be out this holiday season.


    This post is bias, You have to be able to play games to be able to record and share it, So in order to play games on both systems (online) you need to buy the subscription. So technically the Game DVR on xbox one is free as well.

      not exactly, on the PS4 you could stream a single player game with out paying for plus where you can't do that on the ONE. though like you say streaming a multiplayer game on both requires you to subscribe to the manufactures online service.

      You don't need a subscription to play F2P games online on the PS4. Also, people might want to share something they have done in a SP game. So it's not bias at all.

      I love how every idiot who pulls the 'bias' card thinks it's an adjective.

      The news isn't bias(ed), you just don't like it.

    That controller doesn't really look much more comfortable than the PS3's does it?

      I think it does.

      But I never had a problem with the DS3.

        I prefer the DS3 stick location over Xbox, but the ergonomics of the actual controller are pretty shithouse.

      Thats my big concerne, i hate teh PS2/3 controller.
      the 360 isn't big enough but it is more comfortable than the ps3 by miles, will have to get my hands on one of these ps4 ones and try it.

        PS4's controller is significantly larger then PS3, but aside from that not really different. Xbox has just finetuned an already near perfect controller design (in my own opinion). That said, the PS4 controller is making bigger improvements, but thats because they already had to.

      It's great that you can see pictures and comment on them but lack the ability to read the article.

        Oh I'm sorry, "waaa waaa, I have to pay for XBL Gold, just like on the Xbox 360, except now I need to pay for PSN Plus to play online too, but Sony are allowing a few things outside of it so let me gargle their balls". That better? Seriously, who gives a crap, you have to pay on either system anyway, go froth over something else. This was a far better argument when it was PS3 vs 360 and PSN was actually free.

      It is much more different than the pics suggest.
      Sizing, curves, spacing between sticks are all completely new. It is just same layout.

    Playstation has said that devs can restrict and disable sharing capability (Example: Block you from recording a boss level, or a cutscene)

      So even if you pay for it on xbox the dev can still block you, shit

        There's no developer blocking on the Xbox....not that its a big deal, may be good not to have spoilers

    Oh no! You mean I have to pay to share meaningless videos with my friends who don't even want to watch them?
    Well, this changes everything! I'm not getting an Xbox One now.
    Thank You Kotaku, for opening my eyes.

    I'm devastated about this news about the feature I don't give a shit about the most.

    Setting my testicles on fire is more appealing and less painful than watching a "Let's Play".

    I think the only fact that should of been mentioned in this article is

    "oh yeh, Sony won't let you use anything but their recording system most likely. Whereas all those devices you have spent $100's on for Xbox? They still work, making any form of 'disadvantage' in the Xbox DVR negligible.

    That said, who the hell would want to record 15 minute allotments of a Single player game to then upload it, share it, and then record another 15 minutes.

    The only use of these DVR's is to introduce people to uploading content from Multiplayer games without having to spend half a console's worth in a 3rd party device. People who really want to record will, but the people who just want to make theatre clip style recordings, can use the inbuilt one.

    tl;dr xbox has external recording, so meh. ps doesn't so thats a bummer. recording online games will undoubtedly be the primary use of these DVR's, as the time limits restrict singleplayer recording ability.

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