Sim City Is Heading To Macs At This End Of This Month

Sim City Is Heading To Macs At This End Of This Month
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Here is a sad story: my wife and I needed space for a dining table and we had to make a ritual sacrifice. That sacrifice was my desktop PC. I don’t play games on my PC that often, but for now I only have my Mac to play ‘PC’ games on. It sucks. The point of this long winded intro is this: Sim City is finally coming to Mac on August 30 in Australia, and this makes me happy.

Yep, despite all the controversy, despite all of the game’s issues, I still want to play Sim City. I really want to play it.

The game won’t be hitting stores at retail, it will be released solely through Origin. If you bought the game on PC you’ll automagically receive a copy of the Mac version as well.

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  • As I said in yesterday’s Bioshock article, there’s loads of games you can play on your Mac. The Humble Bundle is particularly good at providing cheap, quality indie games, and they’ve really filled out my Steam library. So losing a PC doesn’t have to mean the end of computer gaming!

  • Technically, you already can. Just use Boot Camp to install Windows. Works just as well (first hand user here).

  • Despite all the detractors, I enjoyed the new SimCity. The GlassBox system works really well compared to the opaque statistics the older games rely on.

  • Yeh.. the initial first steps in the game are wonderful.. and in a MUCH smaller way the end-game stuff is nice too.. it’s just that the meat of the game is so terribly lack-luster, not to mention insanely limited that it was a huge disappointment.. I wanted to believe.. I ignored the nay-sayers, I put a lot of time and effort into learning the new ways of doing things, restarted cities a bunch of times to find that sweet spot of fitting everything in to the limited area and so on… but in the end, it just isn’t as great a game as its predecessors… wish it was… but it isn’t 🙁

  • I play it via bootcamp on a mac mini.

    Amusingly, I’ve noticed that some games run perfectly in bootcamp but won’t even install on the mac due to insufficient hardware. I can’t play osx civ5 but I can on win7 using exact same hardware. Plays beautifully. I have a feeling this game could be the same. Discrete graphics or no play on a mac.

    I encourage the author, especially so considering he has no pc, to install bootcamp for the few times you want to play a game. Steam alone should convince you of this. How many mac games are there, how many windows. Factor in the cost of a copy of win7 and it’s worth it.

    This way, you get all the benefits of the mac as an everyday/work machine, and the benefit of playing any game you want in your downtime. It is enormously useful and awesome to be able to dual boot a mac so easily and with such perfect drivers. Sorry to say it, but it just works.

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