Sir, You Can Now Play This Cool Game

The alpha of the procedurally generated robot-avoidance sim Sir, You Are Being Hunted is now available via Steam Early Access. That means if you pre-order, you can play an early version right now. I've been playing the alpha for the last couple of weeks and having a good deal of fun.

We'll have more about Sir on Kotaku soon.


    been watching this game with interest, looks really cool :)

      Agreed. Does look cool, but give my experience with betas and alphas recently, I'm going to wait til it's more feature-rich and improved before I sink my teeth into it.

        Yeh I'd hate to burn out on it before its really polished :)

        What bad experience did you have?
        Theres a few good steam eary acces games like arma 3, kenshi and alot more, soon as i saw this today i got it and cant wait to try it.

          It's not a 'bad' experience as such. An incomplete experience. Like teasers for something good, but which aren't actually good yet.

          Kenshi is included in that list. But that's the thing - I don't really want to play it anymore, and I'm not as excited about its features being patched in. I'm not going to play it continuously with each update as it gets incrementally better. I'm going to wait til it's done, then I'll go back to it.

          I'm at a point where, having played these alphas and betas, I'd rather just wait til they're done, so my first impressions are more satisfying ones.

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