People Are Paying Nearly $US100 For Virtual Weed

People Are Paying Nearly $US100 For Virtual Weed

If you thought that paying nearly 40 dollars for a weed emoticon on Steam was ridic, the "Snoopify" app makes paying that much money for digital representations of weed look like a pittance.

As the name suggests, Snoopify is a free Snoop Lion themed app that lets you stamp pictures with stickers according to the Wall Street Journal.

People Are Paying Nearly $US100 For Virtual Weed

Downloading the app, you might notice that some of the sticker stamps, which range from chicken and waffles to Snoop Lion himself, are free...but not all of them. Some sell for under a dollar. Some over. And then there's the "Golden Jay." It costs $US99.99 dollars, and yes, it's weed-related.

People Are Paying Nearly $US100 For Virtual Weed

Despite the high price of the digital weed sticker, since the app debuted a week ago, the Jay has been bought at least 15 times, WSJ reports. That's true even though you could definitely buy actual weed with that much money if you wanted to (according to sources).

"I was shocked," Nick Adler, Snoop Lion's brand manager said in response to the Jay purchases. "But hey, this is a new world."

Indeed it is. What digital weed item will people pay exorbitant amounts for next? And don't people know they can stamp things with both Snoop Lion and weed GIFS on their pictures on Blingee, for free?

Snoopify App Sells $US99.99 Digital Sticker, People Actually Buy It [WSJ]


    Love how you throw in the (according to sources) after talking about the price of actual weed! :P

    Meh, I once paid $100 for weed that didn't get me high, ruined my weekend.

      Heh when I was 13 we thought we were cool, spent 10 dollars on a 'foil of ganja' as one of the other kids put it. Got home to my friends house, well, his garage, lit it up (seriously we had ZERO idea of what we were doing, the rollie was a disaster, lol we used a page from a book to make it... BAD mistake), and wondered why it didn't do anything.

      His dad busted us, then laughed his freakin' head off, we'd been conned, bought 10 dollars worth of dried lawn clippings lol. Apparently that was punishment enough. (10 bucks in 1990 was... well... 10 bucks but got a lot more back then!)

        Bahahaha. Parenting your doing it right! to your mates dad.

    So does that mean it will be refused classification here under current guidelines? :-P

    $100 would buy a hell of alot of weed....I heard....from a friend.

      4 foils. Not a lot really. Not...that...I'd...know...

        Wow that prices had changed since I was a teenager.
        Not that I did anything illegal back then. Or now.

        I must live closer to the sorce, $100 here and your looking at a Ive been told

        you can get 7 grams for $80 actually... I read somewhere

          Of course it does depend on who you are, where you live, how much your dealer likes you etc.

          Thats about 20% cheaper than average. According to a study my friend did in the Sydney metropolitan area.

          Last edited 09/08/13 5:11 am

        What is a foil? In sydney its more like a quart? (obligatory "or so Ive heard" disclaimer)

    A fool and their money...

    ...unless there is something here we dont know about?

    The only reason I can think of is accidental purchases since it looks like everything else in the store is priced at $0.99 or $1.99.
    Or maybe I just have too high hopes for humanity...

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