So, How Much For Dracula's Castle From Castlevania?

It's not a question that gets asked a lot, but unless Dracula had an army of muscle-bound bats constructing his abode, you have to wonder what sort of currency he had to shell out to build the darn thing. Real estate blog Movoto has made an attempt to calculate what this magical sum might be... and the damage isn't as bad as you might think.

At least, not compared to the staggering amount ($US113.8 million) Hyrule would set you back, a figure Movoto also computed not long ago. But yes, what would you need in the bank to secure the gloomy, evil-filled hallways of Castlevania's eponymous castle?


Which is... quite reasonable, all things considered. As you can see from the infographic below, that bundle gets you 1456.7m² of stone, spires and cobwebs, along with all the undead creatures one can handle (unless they're not part of the deal, in which case you'd have to secure your own incompetent minions to fail gloriously at protecting your precious IKEA furniture).

Castlevania for sale [Movoto, via VentureBeat]

Image: Movoto


    That's some voodoo economics right there!

    This is assuming the castle is effectively two dimensional, with the remaining dimension of the castle being similar to that of a standard hallway. Walking into such a castle, my life would be in more danger from the place keeling over than any undead or vampire bats wandering around.

    Arucard could short-circuit his adventure by wandering around to the side of the castle and giving it a hefty shove.

    Wow. My house cost way more than that. I guess real estate in Transylvania is quite cheap!

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