Some Of Australia's Best Cosplayers Came To Sydney And This Was The Result...

Another Australian convention, another slickly produced video by ArtificialDogma. This guy has made a real habit of finding Australia's best cosplay at various different events and putting together endlessly watchable clips that display the incredible level of detail present in these costumes.

This time ArtificialDogma dragged his camera along to SMASH, a Manga and Anime convention that took place over at the Convention Center in Darling Harbour. He has a very distinctive style that he tends to repeat in these videos but I always look forward to them. Great work as always, especially given the super quick turnaround time.

You can check out more of Artificial Dogma's video here.


    Ahhhhhhh Shingeki no Kyojin!!!!!!!!!

      was that a guy cosplaying as misasa???!!

        Whelp, seems I was shown wrong.....

        Last edited 14/08/13 1:15 am

        He's doing a genderbend!Mikasa. :> I saw a mutual friend comment on his wall post about it~

      I'll be so glad when those fans/cosplayers jump onto a new bandwagon. Shingeki no Kyojin(Attack on Titan) is a plague that needs to be destroyed.

        o.o I don't even... care to even give an explanation? It's one of those rare gems where it was made to be animated and far surpasses the quality of the manga.

    Why is all cosplay here based on JRPG?

    Where's the other genres?

      I suspect they all look like JRPG characters because this was specifically a Manga and Anime convention, as stated in the article.

      Just a wild guess.

        Not my point.

        I didn't say "Why is all the cosplay in this video JRPG?" I said it as a general statement. When I look at cosplayers in other countries, the variety is stunning.. but when I look at cosplay events in Australia, there's like 90% JRPG and the rest are the weird people..

    Man, those Attack on Titan guys from the thumbnail preview pic were pretty good!

    Not a fan of Cosplay, but.
    Great use of Dutch tilts and match cuts


    All of them are boys

    Even the ones with boobs. Boys.

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