Sky Diving On The Oculus Rift Looks Insane

We were in the office, I was talking to Ben after using the Oculus Rift. I said, "hey Ben, how cool would it be if you recorded every aspect of skydiving, like you rendered an entire world, and then you put it on the Oculus Rift and you went sky diving". These guys must have overheard that conversation all the way from the United States. That is literally the only explanation for this super cool sky diving Oculus Rift demo.

I would totally try this. I would risk looking absolutely ridiculous, hanging suspended on some weird contraption, just to increase the immersive nature of this cool demo. These are the lengths I would go to.

This is actually one of the better Oculus Rift demos I've seen. So many of them don't try and represent the incredible feeling that comes with just using the device. Thankfully this one really shows off the whole gamut. I need a HD Oculus Rift. I need it now. My first born child for a HD Oculus Rift!

(I'm only kidding Quinn — Daddy loves you!)


    I got to play with an Oculus Rift yesterday. I gotta say, I'm not impressed. The resolution is beyond awful. I know they keep saying it will be better on release, but it would have to be orders of magnitude better. Tracking was good, depth was pretty good, but it was uncomfortable and I can't see them getting the required rez screens at a reasonable price-point.

      The resolution is really really bad at the moment, but out of all of the hurdles they still have in front of them (better rotational tracking, positional tracking, the blur from pixel switching), getting a higher resolution display in there at a reasonable price point is the least difficult.

      Phone manufacturers are constantly pushing for more packed pixels with their retina displays and competition means better and cheaper screens are constantly coming out. These beautiful, high resolution screens are being made in the numbers they are needed to supply the smart phone market, which is so huge that it will keep the price down and allow tech like the Oculus to piggyback along, enjoying the constantly lowering prices and dramatic improvements.

      The Oculus is amazing, but it's got a long way to go before it becomes anything more than a geek novelty. The resolution won't be the thing that holds it back in the future, that issue will get solved by itself in time.

        Very little time too. The HD version that's likely to be the public release is already 4x better, and reportedly makes the lack of resolution much less of an issue (though of course there'll be demand for more for some time yet).

        IMHO (I own a devkit), the biggest issue facing potential users is motion sickness. Latency & motion blur must be minimised, careful calibration is necessary, and positional tracking is a must. Right now I've found most people need to start off very gradually, or risk nausea.

          Yeah absolutely, I picked up a devkit too, and the motion sickness gets me pretty badly,and it can last for over an hour after I stop as well. I don't ever get sick from playing 3d games in any way, but the slight disconnect with the lack of positional tracking brings on the nausea. Playing Half Life 2, loving it, then right at the beginning you can see a prisoner being interrogated through a view-slit in a door - I naturally leaned forward to look closer and immediately regretted it. Before I got the Rift the first game I wanted to try out was Mirrors Edge, now I won't allow myself near a game like that until I've well and truly got my VR legs.

            The good news is, I found that faded to just feeling a bit weird within a half-dozen 10-15 minute sessions, and now I barely notice it. I've even heard reports that some people have actually cured their car sickness by controlled exposure with a devkit.

            But the average punter won't try more than once. The first sign of nausea will put many people off.

      The rift is helped out immensely by having a diffuser on the screen to remove the screen door effect you get from the low res. The low resolution is still an issue, but if they install a proper diffuser rather than plastic bags or laminating sheets like most people are using, I think the low res would be significantly less of an issue.

    all they need now is an industrial fan blowing from below them.

    Uhh.... might want to check if it's already been posted mark ;)

    I think Wingsuits would be magnitudes of awesome better than skydiving :)

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