Free-To-Play War Thunder Features Announced

Somewhat a blend of World of Tanks and the upcoming World of Warplanes, the PlayStation 4 will see the free-to-play MMO War Thunder featuring 200 models of aircraft and 100 vehicles in ground battles fought by five nations during World War II. A news release said War Thunder will be a launch title for the console but did not give a specific release date.


    This is also out right now on steam, its a BLAST!

      It's only going to get better once ships and ground units get added.

    Im starting to feel like the ps4 is mostly FreeToPlay, Cross gen ports or indie games... Same as the vita... I have one pre-ordered, but after the long wait with the vita for more big games, im seriously considering cancelling and getting it when more than one great game is out for it, cos as a killzone fan, shadowfall is just a cod clone.

    That and the realy bad prices in au, I mean, the controllers are even double the price, the games are $30 more, the console is $100 more... Just seems to me like its best to wait it out...

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      "More expensive in Australia" isn't a trait that the PS4 exclusively possesses though. It's kinda nothing new.

      I'm ordering everything but the console itself from Ozgameshop. They set the prices assuming the AUD would tank towards the end of the year, which so far it has not done.

      As for games, I think that Sony has really pushed digital alongside the traditional retail model. All those indie games are going to be digital, and cost $10-$15 on PSN.

        I know, its just hard to drop $500 on a console when most its launch titles are indy games and most of whats left i can get on pc...

        What? You mean like Xbox live arcade has been doing for years?

          Yeah, pretty much, except with a more focused marketing effort. Sony is promoting indies like there's no tomorrow.

    I've been playing this for the past few days on PC, quiet fun! Even greater with friends. Do get.

    So Xbone gets world of Tanks, PS4 gets War Thunder. Interesting.

    I've been playing War Thunder on my PC with an Xbox controller (I don't like KB/M for flight sims and I don't have a proper joystick) and it's a load of fun. Think I'll be satisfied to continue doing that, assuming I don't get bored with the game in the next few weeks.

    How not to write an article about a quickly growing Free-to-play game.

    How about explaining the game, rather than only briefly comparing it to a competitor?

    I've been playing this for some time now on PC. The recent jump to Steam can only be a good thing for the game with many players who might otherwise have been unaware of its existence a chance to see what all the fuss is about.

    Personally War Thunder is exactly what I wanted in a free to play game. It's brilliant!

    Hopefully the game reaches the audience it deserves and we see War Thunder evolve as Gaijin intends. A PS4 release can only be a good thing for us armchair aces out there.

    I for one am excited to see how the game evolves.

    A lot of fun.

    Great game.
    Why is there no mention of support for the Oculus Rift?

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