Sony Exec Falls Asleep Listening To David Cage Talk

Shuhei Yoshida is a busy man. Between running Sony's Worldwide Studios and sharing his hilarious, loveable thoughts on Twitter, the guy's got a lot on his plate. So it's OK for him to be tired every once in a while. And it's OK that he dozed off a bit during this panel with Heavy Rain creator David Cage.

Really, it's kind of amazing. I wish I could fall asleep that easily.

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    Roflmao like the logo at the end.

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    I'm surprised anybody remained awake listening to David Cage. Unless they believe his belief that graphics cause emotions.

    I've done that at work before. The ultimate is to do a George Costanza and have a makeshift bed under the desk

    As much as I like David Cage's games, I'd probably fall asleep listening to the man talk as well. He's not half as interesting as he thinks he is.

      Yeah, because you know so much about what he thinks of himself right? I've known this guy for about 25 years and he's actually a rather humble person and a really nice guy. Sorry if it comes across as a bit blunt, but I can't help feeling frustrated when I repeatedly read comments about his arrogance etc. My 2 cents.

        I didn't say anything about him being arrogant or otherwise. But I've read enough interviews with him to know that he takes himself way too seriously. Like I said above, I enjoy his games - I liked Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain was better and I'll get Beyond on day 1. But watching or reading an interview with him, he comes across as somebody who spends way too much time navel-gazing. Especially when he keeps on talking up the emotional power of his games, but then undermines it by delivering some of this generation's worst voice-acting in Heavy Rain, which effectively managed to suck out a good amount of the emotional power that the story might have otherwise been able to muster.

        He's kind of like Peter Molyneux - he'd be better off just making good games like he does, instead of talking them up to be something that the finished article can't live up to. The end result being a game where instead of talking about how good it was in its own right, a lot of people end up talking about how far short it fell of what was promised.

    He made the guy feel something. Sleepy. Sleeps an emotion.

    David Cage. WOOOOO!

      Press X to sleep.

        My universe would have been complete if the dude's name was Jason.......

        *sigh*... if only.....

    "he has such a nice voice to listen to :-)" Zzzzzzzzz................hehe

    Feel sorry for him! Work will do that to you. This guy even attended a few podcast Beyond episodes. Hope he's not judged poorly because of this....

    Someone should of gone and got him his big comfy chair from the press conference :P

    It would a tough job especially when these events roll around. Late nights, early mornings, plane trips and panel after panel. Not to mention being chucked in a dim lit room with David Cage talking... I'd fall asleep too.

    Yoshida just retweeted this:

    He wasn't asleep, just closing his eyes. It's a cultural thing. Effectively letting someone else lead the discussion and avoiding signalling his own opinion on things in his expression.

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