Sony Is On A Roll With These WTF PlayStation Ads

Sony Is On A Roll With These WTF PlayStation Ads

Last time we checked into Latin American ads, we saw Sony try to sell people on PlayStation products using a most unusual premise. Oh, but it seems that it's not the only ad in the campaign!

So. The ad above? It translates to, "You won't care if your boyfriend doesn't call while playing." Hmm, is the market of women with partners who aren't returning calls really that high? Colour me surprised. Less cynically: not so sure this would sell anyone on a PlayStation product. What do you think?

Here's another ad.

Sony Is On A Roll With These WTF PlayStation Ads

Translation: "you'll forget your wife is expecting triplets while playing." Still harping on the idea of PlayStation systems as potent products for escapism from real-world problems. Most of these problems are centered around sex or a love life — does that mean that Latin America is not the best place to fall in love? I for one am wary about it now, at least.

More likely though is that these are just a part of a bizarre, not entirely successful marketing campaign. Sure, we might be talking about PlayStation products right now, and that's something, but like I said, I'm doubtful these ads will actually sell anyone on anything. Heck, if you're actually having these problems, congrats, here's another reminder you probably don't want.

Still, props to Damian Hernaez for bringing these to our attention.


    Just Sony marketers having a laff.

      Yes because wasting money on marketing campaigns is hilarious...

    It seems to work perfectly well in a non-US market.

    Perhaps importing US sensibilities into what is an entirely different culture and mindshare is a bit arrogant?

    Similar to the old original Xbox ad in a sense

      is that the one were guy baby is shot out of the mother then grows up while flying through the air only to die at teh end?

        That ad was masterpiece compared to this tripe

        The one with the couple arguing as the guy won't help around the house so he puts on a headset and his wife is eaten by the couch, a little racist but the overall message is you have an Xbox so don't worry about your relationship as the couch can eat people while you play :D

          got a youtube link? would love to see it

            slow week sorry, been a while since ive watched it
            It came with one of the old xbox demo discs

    That guy's face is creepy as hell!!! Scroll back up and take a good look at his face and imagine it slowly turning to face you, all the while maintaining that rapist grin. It's creepy as fuck.

      He looks you in the eye and calmly says "my wife is expecting triplets".

        Then he leads you to a room with a mannequin. Its head has a makeshift wig made of lawn clippings, yarn and noodles and her 'face' is a crude colage of magazine clippings. Her stomach is hollowed out and inside rests 3 mouldy frozen BBQ chickens with the price tags still on them. He approaches her and cuddles her and with his head resting in the crook of her neck his muffled voice explains "Maxine needs me, I'm the only one that can save her from the bad men"

        You slowly back away and leave the house. When you reach the street you begin to run, a vigorous, adrenalin fueled sprint the likes of which your body has ever managed before.

          Now that would be an advert people would remember. :P

        Dude, by the way, you got me in trouble with the wife. This morning my alarm sounded and I reached for my phone, checked my email and saw your reply. I immediately went to laugh at the top of my lungs but snorted it back. It was a loud snort and I woke up the wife and she was heaps annoyed. SO funny dude.

        He looks you in the eye and calmly says "my wife is expecting triplets".

        He then opens up a cupboard door that is really the door to the basement and walks down...

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