Sony Takes Another Shot At Microsoft's Xbox One

Looks like Sony's PlayStation people can't resist mocking the Xbox One every time they're in a room with at least several hundred people, judging by today's presentation at Gamescom — a video game trade fair held in Germany. Not only did Andrew House, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, reveal the PlayStation 4's release date, he also claimed that the PS4 has been "consistent" with its message and "in tune" with consumer desires.

His remarks likely reference the about-face in policies that the Xbox One took, and in doing so, sets up a contrast to Sony's approach in marketing the PS4. Of course, this isn't the first time Sony has taken a shot at the Xbox One.

Edit: there's a tweet too.

While others have shifted their message and stories we have been consistent #PS4 #PlayStationGC — PlayStation Europe (@PlayStationEU) August 20, 2013


    So what is the release date for the PS$, I mean PS4?

      PS$? I'm not following.

        Similar to the qoute about the Wii stating, "It prints money!", he's saying that all the promises they have made about the PS4 has done nothing but drew in more attention and potential buyers, whereas other companies have been pushing them away.

        Possibly referring to the price hike AUS got over other markets?

          Or possibly they just held the Shift key down when they typed the 4 - easy answer I know.

          I don't know he's bagging on Sony then. We get buttraped by everyone.

      PS$? How did you get that with Microsoft as it's comparison?

        Xbox has a less price hike in Australia than the PS4 does....I guess thats how


            I don't have a problem with the console prices but they need to stay constant across all regions....clearly the POS4 is taking advantage of Australians and that's BS!

          So when two companies attempt to price gouge us, you go for the lesser of two evils? Both are sods for even trying. Getting kicked three times by one person doesn't make the guy who kicked you twice any less worse.

            True, but you would want to get back at the guy that kicked you 3 times more than the 2 kicks guy.......but I would have bought one of the consoles regardless of price :|

    Gotta love sonys underhanded tactics... oh well at least I'm not going to be a moron and buy a "piece of china crap console " again like I did with the PS3 at launch sorry ill stick with consistent Xbox

    Wow, I literally thought there was a woman speaking somewhere then I saw his mouth move and I WTFed

    I thought that voice was coming from an old woman. It totally didn't match the guy.
    Also, Sony, stop being petty. This is worse than the election now.

      ^ wow I thought the same! Thought it was an electronic computer girls voice.

    Yeah I thought it was funny the first time, but now it's just starting to get old. Microsoft/Major Nelson have all gone, "oh wow the ps4 looks pretty good, we have some strong competition," and Sony are just being tossers. Get over yourselves Sony. Xbox took a step back because they listened to what customers wanted. Now they've done that it's just been, "Oh now they can't hold their word for something."

    Same goes for the majority of 'gamers' >.> Starting to get real sick of hearing about these console wars.

    EDIT: Inb4 "They should've got it right the first time" - They tried to do something different. They realised people weren't ready yet, and so they took a step back and said "Maybe some day."

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      I agree with the whole console war crap - whatever you enjoy is what it's all about. Express your passion about the console you like, and don't hang sh*t on the console/platform you don't.

      And even being a PS fan, I could see what MS were trying to do with the push for online, and even the kinect stuff... however there were a couple of things that they did backflip on that didn't come across so well - like that Major Nelson fellow giving grief to the guy about the always-on approach and how it couldn't be "just switched off", and then they came out a week or two later saying it wasn't going to be implemented.

      I don't think it's so much an issue of what they were trying to do, just rather how many changes they've made to what they originally said they would/wouldn't ever do.

        Yeah but like I said, they've taken their step back because everyone said, "Change this or I'm not buying the console." Now those SAME people are complaining saying "They should've stuck with the console, I was one of the people that liked those ideas."

        Man, gaming is a very hypocritical community sometimes.

          I think what you meant to say that people in general are a hypocritical lot. I wish it were limited to us gamers. The world would be a much better place if people were only douchebags over video games.

            Or, it's that people complain loudly when they don't get their way. The people happy with MS' original plans probably wouldn't have been very vocal about it compared to the legions that were loud and unhappy.
            Now that they've switched, you're hearing from that first group that actually liked those ideas.

            Can't keep everyone happy, but a business will aim to keep the majority happy.

        Don't try and pretend that the failings of Xbox One wouldn't have poisoned the whole industry if left unchecked. Console wars are usually stupid as you point out, but this one made sense.

        Sony's right in reminding people about the failings of Xbox One. There are too many people going back to XB like a spouse giving an abusive partner a second chance. "Oh but he's changed!".

          How could you even compare spousal abuse to a video game console of any kind? The relevance just isn't there. You think Sony is reminding people of Microsofts backflip for the general interest of gamers? It's a marketing slight that causes them to look better in the eyes of consumers. Would you praise a man that came out and said, " I've never beaten my wife and I've made that perfectly clear from the start, unlike my neighbor who only stopped beating his wife because the neighborhood disapproved of it".

          Gimme a fucking break. Grow up man. Or, better yet, learn how to make a valid point instead of pulling nonrelated shit out of your ass.

            If MS hadn't been punished for what they tried to do, DRM and used games restrictions etc. would have become acceptable (read: desirable) by the industry.

            To extend my analogy: Imagine a world where men weren't ostracised for spousal abuse, but were actually financially incentivised to do it in some way. In that scenario, damn right I would praise a man who came out and said he never hit his wife.

            And if you think I believe that the Xbox One is a bad as domestic abuse, you're as thick as the Microsoft marketing team.

              You're only making it worse, man. You call me thick and then extend the very point I called out... Where did you learn to defend yourself through written word?

                Let me break down the analogy, since you're obviously a bit slow on the uptake:

                - Husband/Microsoft builds up the trust of wife/consumer
                - H/M abuses that trust
                - Understandable backlash from W/C
                - H/M 180's, puts on air of regret
                - Despite having no reason to trust H/M, W/c gives H/M an undeserved second chance

                Perfectly understandable analogy. Can't see where you're getting confused.

      This is probably the clearest message i've seen on one of these pages. Accurate as all hell.
      Sony have just been trying to cash in on Microsoft's "stuffup" and to be honest, its been dry and old since the first time they did it. They rarely push their own units information, its always "oh we wont limit you like our competitors" etc etc. All they do is tell you what the competition does that they wont do.
      Don't get me wrong, I was a 360 person, still am to an extent when I get time, though PC is just easier and stronger to deal with. But both of the next gen consoles look amazing and I look forward to their launch to see what they are capable of. But as it stands, neither have gotten my vote for $600, my PC treats me well enough to keep buying games for it in the meantime :)

      Sick of Sony adding fire to the flame wars...

      Time for gamers to focus on the choices that abound and make it about the games instead of the box under the TV

      I think Sony is annoyed that Xbox has somehow gained so much goodwill for reversing their policies, when Sony always had their policies focused on benefiting gamers.

      I think this was more a reminder to the market that Sony has always had gamers as a priority, rather than a jab at Microsoft.

        What I find interesting is that they waited until Microsoft burnt themselves down before announcing their policies. With all the DRM patents Sony was filing everyone still manages to think they didn't change anything behind the scenes?

        They're just two big companies who want our money, I think everyone needs to remember that, calm down and move on :)

          The fact is, both companies have been manufacturing the consoles for a while. If Sony had of been waiting to see what MS were doing, the machine would require a day-one patch to remove the online only requirement (like MS have been forced to do).

          Not to mention Sony as a company have deceptively tried some of the most underhanded DRM in history and found themselves in court as a result. Sony and Microsoft both want DRM, that's a fact. The one thing they care about is the bottom line, dollars. It just so happens that creating happy customers generates dollars, so people who like to think that a company cares about them are kinds naive.

      Won't lie. I miss the old days where you would express your displeasure about the other console by sending the magazines a drawing of Sonic decapitating Mario or Luigi taking a dump on Tails.

      Then you go to the school yard at lunch time and make up lies about the new tech and features your console of choice is bringing soon.

      Ah. Good times.


          Oh man, those were the days. After Mortal Kombat became the new hotness, images of Mario and Sonic standing with their rivals head with spine dangling showed up in every issue. At least we actually got to see who won I suppose.

      Agreed. I prefer Major Nelson's gentlemanly "sportsmanship" over Sony's showboating shadenfreude.

      For a long time, I've felt that Sony really needs to get their own Major Nelson equivalent. A good natured spokesperson that stands behind their product and doesn't want to get ahead by bringing down the opposition.

      Do Sony have an official Playstation podcast yet? I haven't checked in a while.

        They did have that fake guy for a while...

          'Fake' being the operative word here. Sony needs a real person to speak for them. Someone who believe in the thing they say, not because they are paid to.

          Besides Kevin Butler always gave me the impression that he would get a kick out of drowning puppies. I've had bosses like that.

        Gentlemanly? The guy who snatches microphones from people during interviews?

      I'm with ya!

      Sony: "We basically just installed a new video card and cpu and more ram! Oh and we have architecture you don't have to develop from scratch for (coz we dopily did that last time!)"
      Fanboys: Yay! Lulz Xbone.....
      Sony: You now have to pay for online!
      Fanboys: Yay!

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        Nobody was super happy with the addition of paying for online, but at the same time weren't upset by it considering the market and the fact it comes bundled with PS+

      Whut?! I have NEVER heard of anyone from Xbox camp saying anything positive about the PS4.

      At the end of the day too Microsoft never let my credit card details get leaked.

      And Sony as far as I was aware haven't been consistent, didn't they double their ram at the last second or something? Pretty sure developers all had 4gb dev kits, not 8gb.

      How are they being tossers, it's true, they built their console on what consumers wanted, Microsoft built theirs with profit in mind and no concern for consumers.

      Microsoft didn't take a step back and listen to what we wanted at all, they spent weeks basically saying this is how it is and nothing will change. What happened was they realised their sales projections were low and quickly back flipped.
      Then they retracted a number of features and openly blamed the community for it.

      And as for Nelson, he was an ass to one of the most unbiased reviewers and known Xbox fanboy when asked some serious questions about concerns other MS fans were having.

      I usually buy most platforms when they come out, but not this time, there will be a long grace period before I re-access the Xbox One. Not because of the above, but because the Xbox One lost most of it's projected revenue, and it will have to be milked from elsewhere down the line

      I'd like to say, more than that, Microsoft have proven, through a pretty stellar line-up of triple A titles, that they are really bringing it all to the table. Every time I see news about Xbox One, I get more excited. They revealed that Fable game that looks like it could pretty awesome, but i've been burned before, so cautious optimism is all they'll get for now. Titanfall, from a developer I previously had no interest in, looks like fun, unique, frenetic gameplay, with an actual interesting setting, as opposed to dull modern warfare rehashing. Dead Rising 3 looks like it's going to be awesome. That Sunset Overdrive game is still in my mind from its initial reveal. Plants Vs. Zombies, Garden Warfare. I'm sure the new Halo will be terrible, like 4, but there's always a chance it won't be.

      Every time I see Sony up there, still trying to cash in from the goodwill of not being assholes, but ultimately rehashing the same information over and over, I get less enthused about buying PS4 first. They announced a lot of new games at Gamescom, sure, but how many of them were not Arcadey indie games? I can't remember one off the top of my head. That Shadow Of The Beast, maybe? But we know nothing about that.

      Oh cool, more Watch Dogs footage. Great. Killzone stuff, yeah, that's always been pretty but empty. Infamous Second Son, that will be awesome. But is this all they have? Kingdom Hearts and FFXIV don't count, as their release date could and probably will be years away. That The Order game, we know nothing, but it certainly didn't grab me.

      I went from buying a PS4 first, no question, to basically changing my mind completely (not unlike Microsoft), and thinking Xbox One's the console for me at or around launch. Sony again, have gotten complacent and cocky before the launch of their new console.

        These are my exact thoughts man. Playstation keep showing Watch Dogs. I don't even care about the game anymore because you can watch the whole thing online.
        Also, I believe Kingdom Hearts 3 will be on Xbox One and so will FF, so you can take those away from PS. I wish they'd show more on The Order :( I think the playstation games look boring except for infamous.

          Yeah I agree. Watch Dogs has been killed, there was so much buzz around it that they just hammered into the ground by showing a new video every week while not showing anything much at all. They did the same with Assassin's Creed 3. They are already doing it with Assassin's Creed 4. I hope they don't do it with The Division too.

          Ubisoft need to learn less is more. They need to announce things closer to their actual release date so there isn't this year long lead up at least where they have to keep reminding people it's a thing.

    *edit didnt reply correctly*

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    I don't care what Sony say or do, I just want them to provide me with good games. Without the games, there is nothing.

    Ha, I reckon this is a sign that Sony understand how much advantage they've lost.

    It's a fun jibe, I admit, but also a telling one. Xbox is fighting back, and all Sony can do is put on a cheezy grin, and bear it :)

    It's like when your girlfriend mocks the girl she beat out to end up on your arm.
    "Babe? Not attractive. You won, but don't push it. Things can change."

      Whatta stud!

        Heh. Seriously though... Do other peoples' gfs not sometimes make snide, sarcastic comments about the girl they know was/is interested in you?

          Wife wife is virtually bisexual, so instead of insulting other girls for not being attractive we just perv on ladies and rate them together.

            ditto :)

              She's such a noob at it tho. I'll see her crane her neck all the way around as some hottie passes by, her jaw practically hits the floor. I'm like, geez, you could learn a thing or two from us men, we're 10 times more covert and subtle.

                Awwww its hot when a girl acts like a teen boy :D My wife is the opposite real operator lol

                  It's mainly when she doesn't know I'm looking. Once I was paying for fuel while she was in the car and this tall hot girl walks right by her, I watched her eyes follow the entire way and then she turned right around in her seat as she passed the car, like an absolute devo. But I we're sitting in a food court or something she'll be like "woah! Blonde, 10 o'clock, blue dress". So good, I've never once been chastised or slapped for eyeing another girl. If you're single and reading this, make sure you marry a bisexual gamer. It's rad!

                My wife encourages me to look, last time at the things store when we were shoping for a 30th bday cup thingy....she kept making the girl in the short skirt climb the ladder as she kept want to look at things off the very top shelf......i knew exactly what she was doing ;)

    Im not biased t all and will buy both consoles, but this low browing sony is constantly doing is just a crap tactic to use.
    Cant consumers decide by buying and playing both instead on going with who can spew the most shit about the competition.

    Sony should be thankful to Microsoft f or keeping them on their toes.

      I kinda agree here. One thing that turns me off political advertising is shameless mudslinging. It's like, instead of telling me about how bad the other guy is with dramatic deep voices, black and white photography and depressing music, why don't you tell me what's so great about you?

      Granted, Sony's jabs at MS are not even close to that level of negativity, but it still has that bad sportsmanship kinda vibe. I just wanna hear people tell about their console and why it's so good.

    I'm not bothered by the seemingly endless online negativity towards everything Microsoft is doing "wrong" with the Xbox One. Internet's gotta internet. I'll be over here having a good time playing games.

      Like Cliffy B said - there's more people on the internet whinging about press releases than actually playing videogames.

      Gamers' game. Nuff said. Eh :P

      "internet's gotta internet." dang, that's gold

    Is this what the internets come too? Who's the beigest company?


    I'm not getting into the whole console war thing - but - I think this was purely a minor remark at the end of a presentation. Its fair enough, there saying they had a plan and they stuck to it - but it is the gaming media that love to take a remark and make a whole article about it....
    ..... and then its the comments that grow it as an issue :P

    Don't get me wrong - I enjoy the comments on Kotaku usually more than the articles, but sometimes these potential flame wars start from things pretty weak

      It definitely wasn't minor, they specifically put that in there to take a stab at the competition. There's a reason it was saved for last, they wanted you to remember it. In something this important and rehearsed, nothing is minor.

    Also, what a crap show. All the same, whether it's MS or Sony - a bunch of suits tooting their own horns.

    The way people talk about these companies is if they are two people. One named Microsoft and one named Sony. Who both live in a perpetual soap opera of artificial wit and superficial promises.

    In the end, people will make up their own minds and go with whatever console provides the games they want. Only the core gamers tend to keep up with these conferences, half of my friends don't keep up with it all.

    Introducing paid multiplayer gaming with the PS4 #intunewithconsumers

      It's about the only *new* addition

      Last edited 21/08/13 5:10 pm

    It's kind of annoying that sony said that considering they changed their DRM last minute because of the response to microsoft's reveal.

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