Spot The Kotaku Regulars In This Pax Australia Trials Evolution Video

Spot The Kotaku Regulars In This Pax Australia Trials Evolution Video

As some (possibly most) of you already know, Kotaku regular FatShady is a bit of a Trials Evolution expert, to the point where he’s now putting together some really well made Trials instructional videos at the behest of the game’s creators Red Lynx. It’s called the University of Trials. This is the sixth video and I reckon it’s the best one yet.

As a kinda alright, but not great Trials player, previous updates focused on techniques I was already totally across — bunny hops, moving up inclines, etc — but this episode focuses on some genuinely high level techniques that I’ve struggled with in the past.

In fact, I’d like to give extra props to another Kotaku regular, Batguy, who asked FatShady about that final obstacle at the end of The Wreck — bunny hopping into slight overhangs on an incline is definitely a weak spot of mine so that was super helpful.

Great work FatShady! Keep em coming!


    • No Thank you. I love Trials but I’m hopeless at it. Efforts like yours have helped me stick at it longer and longer so that I can at the very least finish (almost) all of the tracks.

      • Thanks. Really appreciate that. Im really hoping to finish strong with the series and focus on some of the hardest obstacles in the game so by the end of it (8 classes in total) you should be finishing all tracks 🙂 let me know how you progress.

        • Just so long as I knock my nephew of his perch on each and every track I will be more than happy – And I can assure you it’s already working.

  • PAX was my first time playing Trials, and I am now very glad that I dont own a console to play it on. Or a controller that can hook up to my laptop. I can see why everyone found it so addicting

    • Trials is like golf – just you against it. Which is why it is the most awesome great game….. and the most annoying painful game in the world at the same time. The feeling of finally zero faulting an extreme track (usually after much pain) is for me the best gaming feeling I have had in a long long time. It rocks – embrace pain and get it!

      • So true. Even when I played team sports, for me the competition was always about me being better than I was. This game was just the right level of impossible difficulty but this sense of being within your grasp that made me want to push through that pain. On Trials HD for example, I had to time/fault out of Inferno 2 at least 5 times before getting through it. When I went back and played Trials 2se on PC, I had over 1000 faults on the original inferno and after 1 hour, I still didn’t complete it. and that was after already being an experienced rider!!!

        I’ve always hoped that this series was used by people that got to the steeper aspects of the learning curve and stopped and that this got them to understand a little better and push through.

  • However Professor, since this week the difficulty curve has gone up about 3000% I am trying not to swear quite loudly at this freakin rear wheel bounce….. any extra tips for how not to suck at getting the body position right?? I either smash my head into the platform or faceplant the next jump….. (I got it right once…. then stuffed up the next ramp…… had to stop playing before I got overly emotional…

    • Make sure you are sitting back on the bike when you land. And just practice. Its tough but you have to just get a feel for it. Certainly a more advanced technique. Good luck.

      • The fishy business one is so much harder because of the speed you are trying to carry – should you hold the accelerator down before you land or land then accelerate?? Anyway, once again I am playing more trials, but I have a very happy 6 year old who has now informed me that not only is the professor way better than me at trials, but that Jason is the coolest game guy in the world….. Thanks for lesson 6!

        • nah you can accelerate all the way through. It really is just about hitting the angle just right. The angle is everything. You just have to get a feel for it and do it just right.

          And do you know Jason do you? good bloke.

  • Well since ‘somebody’ forced me to buy trials at PAX I’ve been working my way through them. Just starting to get to the stage where I am having trouble completing levels.
    Think it is time to revisit some of the earlier classes at Trials U

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