StarCraft World Championships: The Final Of The StarCraft II World Championship Series Played Today

StarCraft World Championships: The final of the StarCraft II World Championship Series played today in Cologne, Germany. The winner is on the jump.

Bomber, playing as Terrans, swept Jaedong, playing Zerg, 4-0. Bomber is third in the WCS points standings, whose top 16 will play in the Grand Final at Blizzcon in November.


  • I was watching Bomber decimate Jaedong and I’m not sure how I feel about it. This would be the second time a terran has 4-0ed Jaedong and he is by NO means a weak player, hell he breezed through the entire tournament up until the finals. While Bomber was in excellent form as well this weekend, the TvZ match up is definitely going to come under more scrutiny after this. Bomber utilised what was essentially the same strat against both zergs this weekend and yeah.. won easily.

    That said, it’s going to be hard to differentiate whether there’s an imbalance in marine/mines vs zerg or whether it was due to Scarlett and Jaedong’s play (since they both play very similar styles).

    • Too soon to tell. HOTS has only been out a few months and is still going through teething pains. I’ve followed BW for nearly a decade and remember how long it took players to boil it down to a science. I remember each metagame shift and the subsequent moaning on TL. It takes one innovative player to break the current paradigm for players to call imbalance again.

      For one, I Muta/Ling/B-ling is obviously not a viable build against Bio/Mine, especially when the player is skilled enough to split. Marines and mines are dirt cheap and he can mule all day if the only significant gas cost is medivacs. I won’t pretend I’m better than Jaedong or Scarlett (gods no) but every TvZ I watched this series followed this trope. Everyone thought bio was unbeatable in BW too until Zerg players figured out how to use Lurkers and Defilers.

      • I agree especially due to the similar styles of zerg Jaedong and Scarlett chose to play this weekend. That said, it’s hard to argue against the overwhelming power and pressure that is the parade style of marine play Bomber (and Polt I think in a game or two in AM finals) used. I was dumbstruck by the amount of units he was pushing out that make even zerg swarms blush.

  • It was very disappointing considering how amazing all the quarter finals matches were. A 4-0 final and a 3-0 semifinal aren’t fun to watch. Only the Taeja vs Bomber series could have swung either way and even then, it was a mirror match-up.

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