Stop Making Peggle 2 So Damn Sexy, PopCap

Revealed this morning as an Xbox One timed exclusive, Peggle 2 got a little more stage time at EA’s Gamescom presser than it did at E3. It paraded its balls and pegs like it was in some sort of first-ever gameplay trailer.

As pretty as many of the other Xbox One games coming later this year are, this will be the one I play the most. Why? Have you played Peggle? I’m guessing not, because if you had you’d be unable to read this because you’re still playing Peggle.

Peggle 2 brings new levels and power-ups, as well as the ability to customise your Peggle Masters — they’re the little characters on the side of the screen who give you special abilities, love and hope.

Peggle 2 will be available at launch for the Xbox One.


  • Why do people make trailers that feature one and a half second clips of gameplay strung together so fast that you cannot perceive what is going on? It makes my grumpy old man glands flare right up!

  • I love me some Peggle as much as the next person, but this doesn’t exactly scream ‘next-gen’ to me… Surely this could run in 1080p on current gen hardware?

  • From that glance it looks identicle to peggle 1 but the unicorn is now a badass, heavy-metal, head banging lover

    Not that I’m complaining

    • I kinda felt the same way too. More Peggle is a good thing of course, but, they could have done something new and exciting, not something that looks like a mere expansion.

  • After the godawful microtransaction hell of Plants vs Zombies 2 I’m not sure I want them to do a new Peggle. Don’t trust them not to ruin it as well 🙁

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