Stop Making Peggle 2 So Damn Sexy, PopCap

Revealed this morning as an Xbox One timed exclusive, Peggle 2 got a little more stage time at EA's Gamescom presser than it did at E3. It paraded its balls and pegs like it was in some sort of first-ever gameplay trailer.

As pretty as many of the other Xbox One games coming later this year are, this will be the one I play the most. Why? Have you played Peggle? I'm guessing not, because if you had you'd be unable to read this because you're still playing Peggle.

Peggle 2 brings new levels and power-ups, as well as the ability to customise your Peggle Masters — they're the little characters on the side of the screen who give you special abilities, love and hope.

Peggle 2 will be available at launch for the Xbox One.


    Why do people make trailers that feature one and a half second clips of gameplay strung together so fast that you cannot perceive what is going on? It makes my grumpy old man glands flare right up!

      Damn straight! And the darned music is way too loud, too! *shakes fist*

        I wish these trailers would get off my lawn. Back in my day, trailers had respect!

    I love me some Peggle as much as the next person, but this doesn't exactly scream 'next-gen' to me... Surely this could run in 1080p on current gen hardware?

    From that glance it looks identicle to peggle 1 but the unicorn is now a badass, heavy-metal, head banging lover

    Not that I'm complaining

    Annnnd I'm not remotely excited, looks almost exactly the same.

    Last edited 21/08/13 5:57 pm

      I kinda felt the same way too. More Peggle is a good thing of course, but, they could have done something new and exciting, not something that looks like a mere expansion.

      yeah, like, why couldnt they change up peggle by adding a dog to your squad?

    After the godawful microtransaction hell of Plants vs Zombies 2 I'm not sure I want them to do a new Peggle. Don't trust them not to ruin it as well :(

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