Stubborn Mac Gamers Rejoice!

Stubborn Mac gamers rejoice! BioShock Infinite is headed to your platform on Aug. 29, thanks to reliable Mac port shop Aspyr Media. The system specs — not that you can alter them without buying a new machine — are here.


  • Hey, that’s me! I’m a stubborn Mac gamer! I actually have 94 useable games in my Steam library so I’m doing OK.

    Though maybe I’m not totally stubborn… I just bought and finished Bioshock Infinite on 360 instead.

      • Somewhat untrue as I’m able to upgrade my GFX card in my Mac Pro if I really wanted to. Not all Macs are locked down completely though to be fair most are.

          • Not overly so but then I picked up my Pro from work so got it way cheaper than I would’ve any other way. Was just pointing out that you can upgrade a Mac as opposed to anything else as the overpriced argument is still very much valid.

          • I think he main problem is you can only upgrade the pro which costs an arm and a leg to begin with. If someone gets an iMac you cant get them to buy a 150 dollar video card and suddenly be able to get good frame rates.

          • Very true, it would be much better if the iMac had a similar ability. Though for some the asthetics of a Mac is one major reason for their purchase.

  • The smart Mac gamer also has a Windows partition and gets the best desktop platform (OSX) along with the best gaming platform (Windows).

    • Bootcamp was the best thing apple have done in a long time! Dual booting is awesome.

  • I’m probably going to end up needing to use OSX at some point next year, and my question is, why in your right mind would you not just dual-boot your system with Windows and OSX? Or if you’re hellbent on not needing Windows at all (and I think you’d be insane to think that if you enjoy video games at all), why not just build a computer and install OSX on it?

    If you are remotely informed on the pricing of computer hardware, you’d have to be insane to buy a Mac.

    Even then I don’t understand the appeal. I used an Apple laptop for a solid 3 years (2009-2012) and it was slow, barely customisable, incredibly incompatible with common formats and not really very user-friendly at all.

    Unless you’re going to pull the old “oh but they’re good for video editing and Photoshop and whatnot”, which I don’t really see the sense in anyway, I cannot see any appeal in the OS.

    • Building a computer and installing OSX on it is a pain in the ass. You need to have the right hardware and run a dodgy copy.

      I think Apple have finally caught on to the computers being very slow and that is why they all come with SSDs these days.

      I don’t know where they got the drives they used in their white MacBooks but I have never seen anything go so slow.

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