Taiwan’s Photoshop Masters Attempt The Impossible

Taiwan’s Photoshop Masters Attempt The Impossible

Earlier this summer, Japanese site Omocoro tried to see if Photoshop could turn an “ugly” staff writer into a beautiful woman. At the time, it wasn’t doable. Now, Taiwanese Photoshop masters have taken up this seemingly impossible challenge. But did they succeed?

Omocoro, a comedy site, described staffer RiqRique as “The Most Atrociously Ugly Person in Human History.” Obviously, this is all tongue in cheek; however, he certainly doesn’t look attractive in a wig in a skirt.

Warning: Hairy legs and seemingly endless Photoshops to follow.

Or maybe you think he does look attractive — to each his or her own!

The site roped in a Photoshop professional, who retouches idol photos and porno movie covers, to see if this “beast” could be turned into a beauty.

And could this pro work digital magic?

And that would be a no. Sadly, the Photoshop master was not able to morph RiqRique into a beautiful woman. But Photoshop should be able to do anything. It’s Photoshop, dammit!

Online in Taiwan, other Photoshop masters decided they would take up the challenge, fight the good fight, and try defeat RiqRique, who’s turned into somewhat of a last boss. He must be beaten! Here are their results:

Well, did anyone one of these topple the mighty RiqRique? Some do make him look worse, though. If you’d like to have a go or need a new wallpaper, here’s his photo.

Feel free to upload your Photoshop in the comments section.

終極《矛盾大對決》PS女裝大叔之「卡友也來交作業」篇ww [宅宅新聞]

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  • There’s a comment in chinese which roughly translates to “if my mum found out i wasn’t sleeping late a night to be editing this.. she’s going to have a hard time accepting it” hehe

  • I think quite a lot of them simply replaced the face/legs.. Some of them were obviously just terrible too heh, a few of them though you could clearly see all the same features in the face, meaning most likely it was manipulated. Damn fine work.

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