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It's that time again, Kotakuers. No, not Monday, although it is that too. I refer to that time in which I have to stop putting crab references in every post. I know, I know. I'll miss them too. But let's remember Crabitron the way it was meant to be remembered - at the height of its popularity. This is Kotaku's forum thread, where we go to talk about our weeks, and games, and our gaming weeks. Jump on in!

So how are we all feeling this fine week?


    Like death got woken up by a really mean looking spider is how I'm feeling

    Shane's Meat Update Today
    Your daily dose of SMUT!

    *typewriter noises*
    Caption reads: FRIDAY, 7:30PM

    Because of reasons, I was late to pick up @mythamphetamine from the airport, and didn't get to the designated meat spot until half an hour late. Sorry @BDKIAF and @blaghman. They were standing around outside EB looking (understandably) annoyed.

    Aleph bought some pink sunnies for my 3 yo. She LOVED them, of course. I still owe him a junior burger, but at least I passed some books on to him in the interim.

    @rize never showed up. If he hadn't recently read The Lesser Evil and enjoyed it (without wanting to put words in his mouth, I understand he thinks it's the greatest thing ever committed to paper), he might be dead to me.

    We went out for a Turkish banquat (yep, banquat), and I paid for part of my meal with books (now officially legal Shane-tender) because I had not-enough cash. Felt like a right leech and poor person... all the guilts.

    I got mocked for playing the role of responsible adult (being lumped in with them makes it a sad day for all responsible adults). @Rocketman was praised for his genius, and his movie is a must-see for us all. Other topics. PAX. Aleph is looking forward to QLD, and has a weird fixation on @shiggyninty, suggesting that every second person who entered the restaurant looked like Shiggy...

    Blaghs brought his 3DS, and I brought Aleph's, but even though BDKIAF decided not to participate in the passing of street information, there were plenty of random nerdpasses to be had in addition to the one TAYpass. Went home with five in the end, which made the night worthwhile.

    BDKIAF left after dinner, and the rest of us milled around as the shopping centre closed and locked up around us. Didn't get to the movies because of reasons. I guess lack of rabid enthusiasm covers it. A brief plan of finding a drinking pit was discussed, but as we none of us had any real drive to organise even this simple plan, we called it quits and I drove everyone home.

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      'Weird' fixation on Shiggy?

      I don't understand this combination of words.

        It was only weird because the people he pointed to didn't look a whole lot like Shiggy.

    I really need a new motherboard as this old Dell one only has 4 SATA ports, which isn't enough for my hard drive configuration (at present I've got a 64GB SSD and 2TB drive just sitting there, idle). But the issue is the CPU (a socket 1366 Core i7 920) still runs fine.

    WHAT DO? Upgrade or just live with only 8TB of hard drive space? If someone can recommend a good cpu/mobo it'd be great (and greater if in Geelong or Melbourne CBD as I am an impulse buyer), I haven't been into building computers for several years now.

      You could look into a NAS or SAN buy/build option if you haven't already? It'd take some of the load off your mobo.

      You could also look at buying a card with extra SATA ports - like a PCIe SATA RAID card of some description. If all you need is extra SATA ports, there's usually ways to get more.

      If the actual PC is fine for what you are doing and it's just a drive space issue then go with Rize's suggestion and look into getting a NAS. Makes it much easier to upgrade your storage later as well.
      Just make sure that the NAS doesn't use some dodgy proprietary encryption that means you can only ever use those drives in the same brand.

    Back too work after 2 weeks off. /o\

      To*. Youre a working man now nobs, no room for error.

        A good thing you're not doing any work on Anna's quest then

      I am also back to work after two weeks off. ARE YOU ACTUALLY ME?!

    Good morning, all. Just a note, the TAYlist will be moving to Thursdays due to a scheduling conflict.

    Also related, I have classes resume today, not too big a deal, @rimmy will be in my class the semester, but there's the issue of having to go to class, boo.

      Also, If you want a song played on Thursday, Reply here with the artist and song title (in that order if possible). e.g.

      Don Mclean - American Pie

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        Don McLean - Vincent. American Pie sucks.

    I'll tell ya what, I've been in the hospital since Thursday, and I only miss one thing. My computer.



      How I respond to this depends on which elbow it was.

    I've spent all morning huddled over the toilet bowl doing my best Regan McNeil impression. Yay...

    Does Richard Eisenbeis actually enjoy anime? Most of his reviews I've been reading through have been pretty negative about nearly everything.

      Is that kotaku guy? It must be, caus the headings of all the reviews alone are 'this anime blows'. On a side note, old friend from school visited and was like 'oh youre watching anime still? I grew out of that'. Dead to me. Dead.

        Grew out of it? As though it is all marketed at kids, i just...... I...... ...*sigh*

        People who have "grown out" of anime just have to be shown the true way and probably directed towards some of the better ones out there, we all know that there are really some bad ones out there right now.

          Yeah quite true. I think this guy though is coming from that weird "I need to be more mature hence I cant watch anime any more" angle. Which is just dumb.

      I find a lot of the US articles/videos have a very cynical 'piss-take' tone. It's actually really irritating to read.

      Back in the middle of the (northern) spring anime season, I called Valvrave: The Liberator one of the five anime you should be watching. Now that all the episodes have aired, I can understand that it may not be for everyone; but for me, it was one of the most crazy and utterly enjoyable anime of the season.

      He like some of them

    Working with fresh Thyme sure is thyme consuming.

    Hahaha, ahh, Animal crossing comics just dont get old

      Oi. Did you see Amy put up her Kickstarter? I won't be backing it, but the main character looks an awful lot like Katie, which is super weird.

        O relly? Actually I saw in lexxys email about it but didnt see a link and was too lazy to look it up, caus... well, its Amy. Ahhhh thats mean I shouldnt say that... but its kinda true.

        Ok, actually, that looks pretty interesting. I like the angle, innernet friends. I shall await to see them for free on the innernets myself ^^ but oh man, dry dry video. Amy, so dry.

          I dun like Amy. I dun like her smug face.

          That said, the idea is solid. If it was Katie, Abby or Lexxy pitching it I'd have backed it so hard.

    Morning all. Hope everyone had a good weekend. I spent most of the weekend playing Borderlands 2. I've almost finished the main game, then it's on to the DLC.

    For about the past six months, I've been working on a novel. There had been a couple rewrites before, nothing too major; early on I'd get about 20,000 words into it, decide I didn't like the direction and then scrape about 10,000 of those words, and later into it I'd go through and rewrite sentences so they'd flow better. That sort of editing as I go process has been part of my writing since I started, though I try not to do it too much otherwise I'd never get anywhere with the story . Recently, I hit about the halfway point in the story at about 50,000 words; it wasn't perfect writing, it still needed a lot of editing, but it was something. About 95% of that is now gone (well, not gone. I still have multiple saved copies, I just won't be using any of it). I was struck by inspiration, and that inspiration requires me to rewrite pretty much everything I've already done. It's the same characters, the same setting (mostly), and the same basic story (again, mostly), but there are a few major changes that can't just be edited into the current work, so I'm pretty much back to square one, at least in terms of word count. Hopefully though, I'll be able to get back to where I was pretty quickly, as things like characterisation have already been defined and I won't have to come up with whole new personalities and back stories and the like.
    I'm also happier with this new idea than I was with the old one. For a while now, the story I was writing had felt stale and cliche. Nothing's 100% original, of course, and I'd put my own twists on what I was doing, twists that I felt were quite good, but it lacked that something that good stories have. I don't want to use the word gimmick, since that's more often than not seen as a negative word, but it did lack a gimmick. Something to make it stand out; to make people say, "hey, that's the story with the...". Hopefully I now have that.

      The word you're looking for is hook.

      Also, it's super rad that you're enjoying what you're writing. Creating shouldn't feel like a chore, if it does then it's time to reassess.

        Hook. Yes, thank you. I knew there was a better word for it, I was just drawing a blank,

      Yo yo yo brother look me up when you want to play some sweet, sweet DLC.

      Also, writing's funny like that. A few months down the line you might find yourself rethinking the whole thing over again (don't wanna jinx anything, though!)

        Oh, I have no doubt I'll be coming up with new ideas down the line that I'll want to add in. I'm just hoping I'm setting a good foundation to the story and setting, and any future fancies that strike me won't require major work to put in, if I even decide to include them at all.

      WRITING \o/

      Keep it up, man. The Lesser Evil was rewritten completely at least a dozen times over the course of a decade before I junked the whole lot (again) and made it a graphic novel. Each iteration was better than the last by a clear margin. Hope it all comes good in the end!

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      I would like to read this book of yours either the draft and/or finished copy. Your determination to rewrite all that inspires me to do something with my life.

      Keep at it Dire wolf, if it is improving each time you rewrite then it is worth doing.

    Has anyone else here watched the Payday 2 web series? Gave it a look last night. It's not bad, though for some reason they've made Hoxton American. Considering his name is based on a location in England, where the character is actually from, that just seems lazy.

      There are countries in the world that aren't 'murica?

        Well, there's Canada, but that's just US Far North, so I wouldn't know.

        Yeah man, there's like 6 of them.

        Learn you some geograsty, jeez.

    I can't stop playing Shadowrun Returns. put about 10-12 hous in on the weekend, so fucking good. The Dead Man's Switch 'campaign' is fantastic. The gameplay is pure strategy, very similar to Xcom, but the writing is just great. It captures the universe perfectly, and invokes all the Shadowrun books I've read. Also, the potential for community content is fantastic. They've made it so easy to write missions and make them accessible. The game's got the potential to be never ending.

      I was hesitant about Shadowrun Returns because I'd heard the save system was shit/entirely absent. But I gave it a whirl anyway because ohmygodyouguysSHADOWRUNyouguys(!!!).

      The world-building/capturing and thematic stuff is probably the strongest point, and the writing is very decent, had a lot of effort put into it. It FEELS very Shadowrunny, I want to really immerse myself in it. I can't remember wanting to be inside a game-world like this since VtM: Bloodlines.

      I am pretty disappointed with how linear it has been so far, though. I was hoping there'd be something a bit more open-worldy, actually taking on runs at will for fun and profit. Does it pick up, in that respect? Am I still basically doing the tutorial? I'd kinda hate for the game to continue on in this fashion then discover that I've finished it.

      I'm up to:
      having unlocked the safehouse below the bar, talked to all the vendors there, and headed out to the docks, chasing the latest Ripper killing.

      No User Generated Content really, so far. Just props for other people to use. Really hoping someone will put out some scenarios to show how it's done/generate interest. At the moment, looking at the Steam forums, seems there's a lot of heat on the savegame issue.

        It remains linear, for the most part. You get a couple of 'runs pop up you can go on as side quests from the main story, but it's not that much, really. Remains on rails for the most part. I think most content would be similar - unless someone wants to write something more comprehensive.

        I've just been loving the dialogue, as well as the noir-esque descriptions of people and your surroundings. I mean this only for the Harebrained content, but shows what can be done with the game.

        EDIT: Also worth mentioning that while you can't save the game manually, it autosaves on new areas, which is pretty regularly. It also appears to only maintain a single save point, but you can 'rewind' back to previous autosave/checkpoints beyond that.

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          I noticed that when you go to load a game, and it shows you your save file, you can choose to 'copy' it, saving that last autosave off on its own, so you can revisit significant plot points. Only, at this point I'm not sure there's any branching as such to really warrant that. Maybe only undo some bad investment of karma.

          Which is a shame, really. Seems like they were really hamstrung by their goal of developing for tablets/mobile as well, or what sort of engine they're using.

          I'd call it very skippable if it wasn't for the competent combat, and the really enjoyable writing/atmosphere. I think I paid too much for what I got, but I've definitely made worse decisions.

    "The largest battle in EVE with over 2000 ships! Steam here!"

    "OOH, this'll be fun!"

    *5 minutes later*

    .... I have no fucking clue what's going on.

      Who's spreadsheet is the best!?

      EVE's fun to read about, but not really that much fun to watch or play.

      EVE is the greatest broken promise in gaming history. It looks and sounds so amazing, and then you play it.

        It's everything people say it is, you just have to meet the incredibly steep and unforgiving learning curve. Also doing it solo, or even with 2 or 3 people just isn't viable. The depth of content and mechanics in EVE is mind boggling - far deeper than any other MMO you could name.

    Because it took so long, here is the Pax write up all in one thingy

    The day before PAX

    I woke up early and immediately started working on the cushions. With people actually wanting them I needed to make sure I had at least one of every colour because I didn't want to disappoint anyone.
    At about 1pm I rang up @gorzilla as he had so kindly agreed to help me move some of the heavier items in our backyard to the front lawn to be collected for hard waste collection. I forgot to take my mobile with me so Gorzy managed to pick the wrong street. He doubled back and we kind of passed one another on opposite sides of the road. I almost got hit by a car trying to cross. I was off to a good start so far.
    The items we had to move once we got to my house included a wet mattress, old fashioned door and bed base. We actually got it done very quickly and then it was time to break my old desk to move the new one in. It didn't take too long to do this either! So with plenty of time left over until dinner was ready so I asked Gorzy what he hadn't played. We ended up playing We <3 Katamari. Well Gorzy played while I laughed at his reactions.
    I could see Mum squirming as she was itching to play katamari as she loves the game too. Good thing she had to cook dinner =P It was our way of saying thank you to Gorzy as the items were too heavy for me to move by myself and no one else was really able to help.
    After dinner, Gorzy played more katamari and struggled with a particular level. He tried 3 times, failing each time. I said if he couldn't beat it this time, I would have a go. While he was playing the same level (the one where you need to get to 40cm in 6 minutes), he discovered a hole in the fence that he'd passed over the last three times which opened up a whole new area that would allow him to reach his goal.
    After a while he passed the controller over to Mum who had forgotten how to play. She started the tutorial as I complained to Gorzy about how Mum had painted over the hinges of the kitchen door I had to remove. We began to find a way to remove this. Half way through, Mum got stuck and required help. Gorzy went to her aid as I continued to unscrew the door. The door came half off before Gorzy came, ripped it off and carried it outside for me. Mum and I said goodbye to him as he headed back tot he cabin he was staying in.

    PAX Friday
    I woke up to Mums dalek alarm clock shrieking at me. I had a back up on my phone as I have slept through that alarm before. I dragged myself out of bed, got some coco pops and then decided I didn't want to eat them. The coco pops were given tot he dog as I got ready. A half hour of showering, dressing and adjusting later, I was almost ready. Gorzy knocked on the door as I had just started on the make up. I did it as quickly as I could and put the false eyelashes on badly. I don't know how many of you have had experience with false eyelashes, but they are a huge pain in the arse. HUGE!
    At 8:30 we headed off. I got several odd looks from public transport users. Even on the Pax train as I was the only cosplayer that boarded. Embarrassing much?
    One we arrived, we received lanyards for our tickets and wristbands to confirm our age. Then we waited in line. It was about 9:10 once we'd arrived. Little did we know this was going to be kind of a theme over the weekend. Our position in the queue was fourth row along near the front. None of the queues moved until 10am started. Even then the audience of eager game fans was warned to walk calmly and not to run. It took a while to filter through the doors for each of the queues. Even so I had a plan of attack.
    Due to my experience with eGames, Armageddon and Manifest conventions, the first place I was headed was the expo hall. I was well aware that vendors at conventions only had limited supplies and that it was first in first serve. What I wasn't expecting though was a severe lack of game merchandise vendors.
    Gorzy and I decided to just go down each of the isles. I saw several things that interested me, but I didn't stop. There was a skull candy van at the end of the first lane. I decided to have a look but I was unimpressed with the design or the prices. I dislike headphones that can be folded as they tend to pull hairs out and it hurts.
    We continued along and were stopped a few times by people wanting photos. During this time, Gorzy became a pack horse. We continued along until we came to the ubisoft booth. I got two posters. Gorzy got one. We then went and looked at the games, some of which were interesting, others not so much.
    We went to the Lol booth because I promised @Steve-o_the_deve-o I would get him some Lol codes. We didn't stay there long as the crowd was insane and it consistently stayed that way for the rest of the convention.
    Somehow we ended up in the indie games section. This was probably the part that impressed me the most. The games were well set up. I had a lot of fun just looking at them. Although I did play Hero days. I found the movement controls hard to use and I told the people so. I also suggested making it an option to be able to use a virtual d-pad on the bottom of the screen giving the person playing more options to play how they felt comfortable. They thanked me for my input as Gorzy and I were moving on to the next indie display.
    While in the indie display area, I met a few people I had known from when I went to the IDGA. Finn created colourbind, and showed me and Gorzy how it worked. It looked complicated, but fun. I asked about tablet possiblities, maybe dumbing it down a little. We talked for a little while before moving on.
    We stayed a while at the Walk Thru Walls studiuos booth. The game we were watching was Metal dead encore. We weren't able to play it as it was occupied, but it had a great sense of humour and I personally liked the art direction. Gorzy and I picked up cards after talking to the creators as we were very interested in getting this game for ourselves. Especially since we found out when you buy Metal dead: Encore, you get the first Metal dead game free.
    We ended up at the bitrave studios and looked at their two games, Jelly run and Dogo gogo. They seemed interesting. I didn't play them as I wanted to get an idea of what was around. I picked up a card so I could look them up afterwards as I definitely wanted to check them out further.
    Moving along, we came to the Infinity Ward booth. We were told about the game, which was an online trading card game. I used to play Yu-gi-oh and I liked it, so I wanted to try it out, or read into it more. We found out there was exclusive Beta access on the cards, so Gorzy and I grabbed one each, as well as one for Pyrean, Gorzy's (jerk) friend that he left in Sydney.
    Last Indie booth we ended up at was the Grow booth, however, their computers had decided to stop working. As one guy was trying to fix them, we spoke to the other one about the game. I found Grow was available on Windows 8 which I own. I picked up a card and told him I intended to download it later. (maybe today!)
    We moved along and found the Sanshee booth. I bought the female Junes shirt and a Triforce necklace. Gorzy contemplated buying but didn't.
    As we were heading to the big top, Gorzy and I met up with @blaghman, @f4ction and @sernobulus. As we were making some for of introduction, I couldn't figure out who Blaghs was. He asked me who teased me most and I responded that everyone did. At which point he responded “Darn I was hoping she'd say Rocketman.” At which point I assumed that he was rocketman.
    In the board games section, we all met up with @bevwa, @tigerion, Mrs. tigs, @rocketman, @trjn and @freyr.
    Blaghs, Nob, F4ction, Gorzy and I decided to go get some lunch. We decided on the taco truck before standing in line. While the others were in the taco line, I went to the Churro truck to buy drinks as the taco van only had coke and I don't like it.
    After I got the drinks, Blaghs and Faction got their Tacos but Gorzy and I were still waiting for ours. We didn't get them until Blaghs and F4ction had long finished theirs. We decided to sit outside as there were no seats inside. It was quite windy and I managed to put my cuff into the guacamole.
    It was about then that @chuloopa showed up.
    After we finished eating, we said so long to Loops and his friends before heading back to the expo hall. As I was wearing tall boots, I wanted to sit down. The only place to do that was the Nintendo booth.
    While sitting down I pulled out the Junes shirt and put it over my corset so I could take the corset off. Unfortunately, the corset had been hurting my back and I could no longer stand it. The wig was also driving me mental, so that also came off.
    As we were sitting there, a lady from Nintendo came over with posters. They were meant to be moved elsewhere but she allowed people to take some. I grabbed a few Zelda ones, but for the others sitting. I also got a Mario one. When I turned around a lady was trying to get close. I asked her what she wanted before getting a Zelda one for her. She was getting it for her son. After I got that one, the people moved the posters away.
    Once again, we ended up at the Sanshee booth. Gorzy decided to buy 2 FLCL shirts, but didn't have the cash on hand. As he went to line up in the Atm queue, I asked the guy how much they were.
    This is the conversation from my point of view. (So what I heard)
    “I want to pay for those shirts. How much?”
    “Are you sure it's not 2 for $50? I swear I saw a sign somewhere.”
    “We don't have any signs on display.”
    “I swear I saw a sign.”
    “Look, if he[the boss] said it was okay. $50.”
    I paid the man and went over to Gorzy who promised to pay me back.
    The five of us headed back to the big top to meet up with other Taybies. We found a spare table and started to play a card game named Smash up. F4ction had robot ghosts. Rocketman had ninja dinosuars, Gorzy had Steampunk aliens and I had Zombie Pirates. At first our goal seemed to be to make Rocketman lose but then it changed to stalling Factions win. Faction ended up winning, Gorzy came second and Rockets and I drew third.
    After that, Gorzy and I had to leave. During this time Mum called and told me about Sid's hyjinks. During that time someone came and stood next to us. I had no idea who it was until I ended the call and he introduced himself as @novacascade, He gave me a hug and then we were free to leave. We went out to the station and met up with dire wolf. Then a train pulled up. I read that the train wasn't taking passengers while others crowded around it, waiting for the doors to open. After about a minute or two Metro announced that the train was not taking passengers and to step away. A moment later I began to rain.
    It was cold enough without the rain, but with the rain it was even worse. I put my posters under my skirt so they wouldn't get wet. The train sat there for about 10 minutes, while all the waiting pax attendees got soaked to the bone. Eventually they moved the train so we could catch the one that was taking passengers. Gorzy and I decided to get a taxi from the station because of the rain. Gorzy and I sorted out the loot once we got to my house before Gorzy left for his cabin.

    The indie games set up was awesome. There were taybie encounters everywhere. Also Queues. But it was fun and corsets hurt. Also, Smash up is a great game.

    Pax Saturday
    I woke up at 6am without an alarm. I started getting ready, and was even finished with make up before Gorzy showed up. Mum demanded a scratchie so we caught a taxi to the shopping centre so that we could. While we were there we tried to find snacks due to the over priced food. We weren't successful, but I did manage to get some Nippy's iced coffees which I love. Gorzy bought some hot chocolate while I went looking for a hair net as my wig was annoying me again. After the hot chocolate wait (it was a while), we began to head to Pax.
    When we left the coles, someone dressed up as the 5th doctor stopped me, thinking I was someone else. Upon finding out that I wasn't that person he asked me to come by the board games area so he could take photos of my outfit anyway. Gorzy and I said we'd show up at some point so that he could.
    We headed to the queue hall and lined up. Being earlier, we managed to get into the third line about 5/8's of the way up. My feet were hurting me already so I sat down, whereas Gorzy decided to clean out his street passes again. I was drinking my Iced coffee while Gorzy hit one of the beach balls which then smacked someone in the back of the head.
    After 40 minutes, people began trying to hit the beach balls over the map that was hanging from the ceiling. I commented that if you get enough gamers in a place for a long time, they will make a game out of anything. Gorzy agreed before clearing out his 3DS streetpasses again. He helped me to my feet, as I thought we would be able to go soon, but instead everyone was still playing the hit-the-ball-over-the-map game. For a while it kept everyone amused until the announcement that pax would open in a few minutes. We slowly filtered out.
    As Gorzy had missed out on seeing Rome II on the Friday, so we went to Rome II booth straight away. Because I wasn't interested in Rome II, I told Gorzy that I would meant him in the Tecmo Koei area.
    The first game I played in there was Ninja Gaiden Z. I really loved the srt sytle. It was cel shaded and featured a brand new protagonist who had been defeated by Ryu and wanted revenge. During that fight he had lost an arm and was now part of a cyborg. His enemies were cyborg zombies and while it was Ninja Gaiden, it wasn't stressful. It's no longer ridiculously hard, but rather enjoyable. I could see it as the kind of game I could come home to and play to relax. However, as I was playing, something went wrong and the screen kind of split. I immediately informed the lady that it had happened. The guy with her said “daijobu, daijobu.” The lady said it would be alright, and I responded that I knew as I understood a little Japanese. I started the game again and it was fine.
    The second game I played was Castlevania Lords of shadow 2. I got a little mixed up with the controls and my play time was kind of ruined by the fact that my back was beginning to hurt. I played to the boss before having to leave. Someone at the booth asked my opinions of Ninja gaiden Z. I told him that I really liked it and that I was looking forward to it. After that I went to the Rome II booth and asked how long the presentation would continue for. The Attendee told me 11 minutes so I wondered off to do something for another 10 minutes. While I was looking for Gorzy, I ended up going to the ubisoft booth and getting a rayman legends poster that I didn't get the day before as I was accidentally given two Just Dance posters.
    I ended up at the MSI booth and was watching people play a maze game that buzzes if you touch the edges. I decided to try but I think I hit the side about 20 times. The corset did not help. I was given a showbag for my troubles.
    I went back to the rome booth and they were letting other people in. I immediately though “uh oh.” Gorzy had my phone as it was hard to get it out of my bag constantly. I wandered around the rome booth and was accosted by someone in cosplay. She was trying to promote a game. I apologised because I couldn't play it at the moment. She wished me luck with finding Gorzy and I went off again. I finally found him near the Staints Row IV Australian version line.
    While I had been seperated by my phone he had received a message from Nob asking where I was. At which Gorzy responded that he didn't know, he just had my phone. It was at about this time we decided to head to the Big top and meet up with the others.
    Many, many Taybies were there. I took a photo with Nova in his cosplay and then fussed over the cosplay. I still wasn't completely happy with it. I am such a perfectionist. There were so many people I can't even remember who else we met, but it was great meeting you all.
    Gorzy and I told Nova that we needed to get to The doctor as he wanted photos of cosplayers. As I was getting my photo taken for the 5th doctor, someone cosplaying as Booker came over and a small photoshoot ensued. After getting several photos taken, Nova came over and he was able to get a photo of use together.
    We then moved along to others who were playing board games. There we saw Cakesmith, Freeze and Mrs. Freeze and Beavwa and @princesspip. I tried to find the two green rupee cushions Freeze had ordered and found one was missing. I panicked but it turned out I had accidentally given it to Nob instead of Freeze. So nob got his Red rupee Cushion and I eventually gathered the courage to ask Freeze if he was Freeze and that the cushions were for him. He was a bit confused at first, but I told him there was no other reason that the 2 green rupee cushions would be sitting on the table. He paid for the rupee cushions and one was immediately stolen by his wife, to be used as a head rest. Pip then told me that the cushions are really comfy and are just the right size for a head and neck rest.
    During the queue, the QR codes had been discussed. For some reason we had decided to complete them. For this reason, Nob, Gorzy and I were wandering around the big top. We started at the miniatures section, moved around the console handheld freeplay section and even checked the Merchandise section. We only found 2 QR codes in the big top, so we decided to move into the queue room.
    While there, we grabbed a show bag as you can't get them in the morning when you queue up. Near there I found an animal crossing QR code. I was in the process of starting up animal crossing when someone cosplayinf wolverine asked for a photo. Gorzy got the bags (as per usual) and Nob got the DS to try and get the QR code. We managed to get the QR code after the photo and then found the Pax QR code! And then we found another one! Oh wait, same one.
    Unable to find any more, we moved onto the Expo hall. Earlier I was told there were 2 QR codes in the hall. Nob, Gorzy and I looked for them, and managed to find one at the end of the hall near the laser tag.
    We wandered the hall and were unable to find another QR code. As we got close to the Sanshee booth, Nob decided to go and get some shirts while I spied seats. They were beanbag chairs and it was one of the first times we actually barged into a booth. We sat down and started playing The Legacy of Barubash by Kactus games.
    It was your typical rpg for a tablet. It was a pretty good game despite all the bugs. I had an issue where the portraits covered the text. I alerted one of the creators so they would know the bug existed. The creator, kamil, told me that several other people had played the game but hadn't told them of bugs they had encountered and so he was grateful that I hadn't hesitated to tell him. I explained that I do QA in my spare time and that's why I knew I had to tell him. It was now that nob had returned. I was only sitting on half a seat and without any other free seats available, I offered to share mine. The guys at Kactus games offered us lollies. I am fairly certain they were aware that we were just there for the seats. Nob started playing the game and I found a spelling error pretty much instantly. I asked for paper and pen to jot it down. Kamil responded, “be careful what you wish for.” He couldn't find any so I found a note pad I had found earlier and wrote down who said the erroneous message and what was said. Several other Taybies found us and another member of Kactus games introduced himself to them. We stayed there a while longer before getting up, ready to head off. Not before shaking the Kactus Games creators hands and accepting business cards. The one who shook my hand, that I almost introduced myself to as Scree, then tentatively asked if he could have a photo. Turns out that he had wanted to ask for a while and wasn't sure whether he would. I said it was fine and that we had come over because of the seats. They told us to come back and sit down on their chairs anytime. I had talked to them for a while and was able to find out that they had been working on the game for 3 years and still weren't too close to completion. Many problems had arose during that time, including changing the engine three times. The first change made their 2D art obsolete so they had to re-do the art. Not only that, they had a lot of issues arise once they got to Pax and with the debug back in Perth it made things difficult. The booth cost 3.5k and along with air fares it ended up costing them a lot of money to be at Pax.
    Nob, Gorzy and I headed back to the big top to try and find some more QR codes. While we were there, we found a seat and decided to get something to eat. We had crepes which were pretty average. While we were there I was cosplay spotting. I saw a faith and another man who I instantly knew was Frank West. There were others that I recognised and was pointing out to Nob and Gorzy. I commented on their outfits, whether they were well made and such. After eating we decided to brave the rain and cold to get to the PC room as it was the only area that didn't have have shelter between the two buildings. While we were out there, we ran into Fat shady who encouraged me to have a look in the Trial Caravan because it was warm. Getting into the caravan was easy enough, but getting out in the skirt and boots was a bit harder. Unfortunately because the petticoat was a bit long I had to lift the skirt whenever going up and down stairs.
    When we arrived at the PC room, we took a moment to warm up. While we were doing that, we found another QR code. However, we also found out that it didn't give us any new letters. Dejected, we went to the look at the PC freeplay, but as per usual, there was a bit of a queue. Nob went upstairs to see if there was a QR code so that I didn't have to struggle up the steps.
    While Gorzy and I waited downstairs, I ran into someone that I recognised but I didn't know where from. I found out he'd was wondering where he knew me from too. Turns out we both went to RMIT and did the same gaming course, but different years. I also told him about the QR code hunt we were on and he told us that we only needed the phrase which we'd already guessed. Nob returned and with the new information and facebook deets exchanged, Gorzy, Nob and I headed to the big top. We got to the merchandise booth and upon finding it packed, decided to go to the queue room where the merchandise booth lite was. Once we got there, we were told to move along to the information booth which is where we actually had to be.
    The person serving us told us because we were in a group we would either have to sing with interpretative dance or we would have to say a line of the phrase each. I was under the impression they were making it harder then it should have been. After saying a word each, we got a sheet of stickers which was a consolation prize because they'd run out of the XP boxes on the Friday. I jokingly said it wasn't good enough. The man serving told us to come back tomorrow to see if we could get a consolation,consolation prize. We said alright and moved along, trying to decide what to do next.
    It was about 3:30pm when I thought, let's go to the animal crossing panel! It was the first panel I'd really shown any interest in, and was kind of looking forward to it as I do love animal crossing. We went out into the cold and asked where the drop bear theatre line was, at which point the enforcer told us it was back in the queue hall. It quickly dawned on the three of us that he was talking about the huge queue in the queue room where someone was holding a sign that said “Anyone behind me is unlikely to get in.” We were on the way there when we decided that it wasn't worth the wait.
    At this point we headed back to the expo hall and discovered Beatbuddy which I had shown some interest in the day before. Asking to two guys if it was okay for me to try it and getting the okay, I began to play. It was an interesting take on a musical game. The contruction on the song was also the puzzle pieces of the platformer. The closest thing I can think of is Rayman but at the same time it was nothing like it. I really enjoyed the game and ended up with a little beatbuddy plush keyring to remind me to buy the game, something I will definitely be doing. At some point CJ got into contact with Nob and was a little lost. We agreed to meet up at the queue hall.
    After adding CJ to our merry band of warriors we decided that it was best to head off to the big top as there were seats there. At least I think that's why we went there. Once we got there, we met up with f4ction, Loops and Lambomann. We grabbed a table and rested for around an hour, some people eating, while I contacted Techie about meeting up and becoming a large group.
    The large group converged to the train station and following the person's instructions went to the back carriage which apparently had a lot of room in it. Around a dozen of us squeezed in our group consisting of the previously mentioned taybies as well as Techie, princess pip, Beavwa, Trjn, Freyr, Blaghs and Greenius to the group.
    Blaghs suggesting lifting me up, at which point I said “No” because I had a skirt on and I didn't want to flash anyone. I suggested Greenius instead. When we compared weights, I was 5 kilos lighter. I wasn't too pleased about that.
    When the train started moving, being so short I couldn't reach any of the hand rails. This was when Blaghs suggested that he would grab my wig, thus saving the wig and leaving me to fall. This discussion went on for a while. Then when I nearly lost my footing, Blaghs steadied me and not the wig, thankfully.
    Skipping the rest of the train ride, when we left the platform, all these people were heading to the footy. First some backstory for anyone who is not on teamspeak.
    When I'm busy using my hands for drawing or using a controller, I have my microphone on voice activation. Sometimes when the football is on, well, when Essendon Bombers is playing, Mum starts getting a little frustrated at the game. She starts yelling at the TV and my mic starts picking her up. So most people on teamspeak are used to hearing my Mother yelling at the footy.
    So as we walked past the footy supporters, someone was saying that we should get my Mum on teamspeak at Karaoke so that we could hear her yelling at the footy. I later found out the Essendon game wasn't televised so that was lucky.

    It was around this time that I was starting to feel bad about what had happened on the Friday. The others had been teasing me about it earlier, but it was starting to eat away at me.

    I played some games, lost Gorzy, found Gorzy, Found Nob, looked at shit, gave up on panels, took photos and head to karaoke meat.

    The Karaoke meat
    When we arrived at Rainbow karaoke, I was feeling very crappy and didn't even bother looking after the outfit I was wearing when I got on the escalator. I felt incredibly horrible. I had accidentally ripped the Sanshee counter off $10 and I couldn't get over the fact that it meant I was a bad person.
    Techie tried to ask me what was wrong but I said I was okay, because I didn't want to have the attack in front of everyone else. The last thing I wanted to do was make things awkward for everyone, so I was holding everything back.
    We met up with others who were waiting there and did a few introductions before heading off tot eh reception.
    When we got to the reception, I went to the toilets, as did Pip. This made things even more awkward for me, as Pip would be able to hear that I was having a panic attack. So I held it in until Pip had left.
    So I spent roughly a half hour fighting a battle with my mind. I ended up deciding that I didn't want to feel this way any more and texted Gorzy to send Pip into the women's toilets. I was tempted to leave before it had even started. Sometimes with anxiety and especially intrusive thoughts caused by obsessive compulsive disorder, you will know something is true but something in your head overrides what you know you should believe is true. However, another person telling you that same truth can convince your mind. So having Pip there really helped. She encouraged me to go to the karaoke.
    I went inside, and grabbed my change of clothes so I could be a little more comfortable. I took a while to get changed before heading back into the room and which point some strange was like
    “Scree! Why did you change?!” Blaghs tacked on “I'm so disappointed.” while dropping to his knees. With my anxiety already heightened, loud noises, or being called out to unexpectedly can cause relapse. Which it did. I was well aware that unknown person and Blaghs were just joking but I also felt the anxiety relapse. I ran out of the room, back into the sanctuary of the women's toilets. I could hear the two guys apologise (though it was muffled) and then Freyr entered. I came out and said that I was just a bit shocked. I explained that I would be okay, I just needed a little time.
    After emerging from the women's toilets I apologised to Rize(who just introduced himself) and Blaghs who also apologised back. (it's infectious apparently). We spoke there for a little while and I couldn't bring myself to enter the room so I stayed outside for a while, chatting to Blaghs, Rize, Freeze, Nob and I believe it was either Pip or Freyr.
    I could hear the people singing in the room and I was glad that the others were having fun. Around this time I believe Number 35 and Batguy showed up. I ordered my food and went into the room.
    It's fuzzy what happened next but I know I introduced myself to anyone I didn't think I knew and may have introduced myself to people I had already met. I asked ShiggyNinty if he still wanted the purple cushion and nearly ripped him off because I was so frazzled, but I got there in the end. I sang “you're gonna go far, kid” by the offspring with Gorzy. Nob lined up “livin' on a prayer” for us to sing. When it came time to sing that, @greenius, @negative0 and @miketarno were leaving. We had a large group shot taken before they left. After that I had to restart “living on a prayer” but the button highlighted, meaning it wouldn't stop restarting. @[email protected] Had to press it a few times to stop it from constantly restarting. We didn't really get to sing together as everyone sang it =P
    After that food arrived and I was disappointed to find the fried rice was a little too spicy for me. Others sang their hearts out and it was nice meeting everyone. I spoke to Masha for a while as I hadn't had a chance to introduce myself yet and apologised for anything I might say that sounded racist as I'm constantly being called racist on Teamspeak. The last thing I wanted to do is offend Masha.
    It was getting late so Nob and I put on total eclipse of the heart. We still didn't get to sing together properly, but I couldn't stay any longer. Gorzy and I gathered our stuff and caught a taxi.
    On the way back I began to feel really sick, and I knew it was the anxiety coming back even stronger then before. I managed to hold out in the taxi and even told Gorzy he wouldn't be able to hang around when we got to my house, which normally wouldn't have been a problem.
    The moment Gorzy left, I dry retched. Knowing this was a severe attack, I rang up nurse-on-call who transferred me to doctor-on-call. I had a terrible nights sleep and even sent Gorzy a message at 3am that I wasn't going to go to Pax, I was feeling that shit.
    However, I did manage to get a little sleep, about 4 hours all up. When I woke up I was feeling okay and decided that I would go to Pax after all because I knew at some people may still have some concerns about me from the previous night.

    I was ill, recovered, meet people, sang and eat before I went home and was sick again. Oh and it was Rocketman's birthday!

    Sunday Pax.
    I was feeling surprisingly chipper the next morning despite not getting much sleep. I'd eventually decided that I would still go to Pax. It wouldn't be fair on Nova who paid for my ticket and it wouldn't be fair on Gorzy who I was showing around.
    It was casual day for me on the Sunday, so I just went in normalish clothes and kept myself warm. Hurrah for being warm! Gorzy and I caught a taxi again and met up with Nob. We headed straight to the expo hall to check out all the things that we had missed the previous days.
    First booth we went to was Sanshee so I could pay the booth back the $10 I owed them. I explained the situation and the guy couldn't believe that I'd come back to give him the money. He tried to tell me not to worry about it, but I wouldn't hear of it.
    Next we headed to beatbuddy because Gorzy hadn't played it on the Saturday and he wanted to try it. Nob and I were going to look at the intel computers but were chased out by a rude intel guy. Not doing your company any favours buddy.
    Once Gorzy finished up the game we headed over to the Muse booth. It had been impossible to get to in the previous days. Nob started playing it while I listened. Loops showed up and was talking to Gorzy. I handed the head phones to Gorzy and then Gorzy handed them to Loops so we all got to hear it. When Nob finished he tried to hand the controller to one of us when we told him that we all heard him playing so it was fine.
    We checked out the alienware caravan thingy, looked at stuff that was way out of our price range before heading over to the Kings comic booth. I was trying to find something for my Mum but the only thing they had was a walking dead money bank and it wasn't worth the $35 they were charging for it.
    We then headed over to the epiphany games booth and watched the demos on the big screen. I was definitely interested in checking them out further so I asked for details so I could find them later. (When I remember to put money on my card I'm going to buy the spell one for my android phone. I really loved the mechanic which required you draw the spell.)
    We then headed over to the indie showcase again. Nob tried crabitron while Gorzy and I had something to drink. We then showed Nob infinity wars. It was still hard to get close to some of the games. We avoided the Occulus rift because just looking at the screen sometimes made me feel ill. Gorzy checked out Burden. Nob tried out grand theft auto tablet edition or something and I tried the World of Watchcraft. It was fun and made me want my octopus game and watch my Mother threw out. We also tried MacGuffin's curse and freedom fall. I certainly kind of want freedom fall but I've never used desura before.
    We headed to the big top as it was almost time for Gorzy and I to go. We met Freyr, Rize and Rize's fiancée. Blaghs ran for his life when he joked about the 3DS' being like women. Freyr was trying to get the XP cube and we explained that we knew the phrase. So we headed to the Queue hall, leaving Rize and fiancée to their own devices.
    When we reached the queue hall we were quickly told by information that they'd run out of consolation, consolation prizes. In fact the organisers couldn't believe that so many people were playing the stupid game. We discussed things that we didn't like with Pax and how we thought they could improve it. The information lady told us to post this on the website. Then it was time to go. Freyr's 3DS picked up Cakesmith and we saw he was about 20 metres away.
    Gorzy and I said goodbye to everyone and then headed to the front of the Coles. I called a taxi but after about 10 minutes, one hadn't come. I called back and apparently the taxi driver couldn't find us. We called another and in 10 minutes,a gain no taxi. Called back and the taxi driver said he'd picked us up. I was starting to get annoyed now. Called again and after 10 minutes, the taxi driver still couldn't find us. I saw the taxi and it hadn't even turned down into the Coles. We moved to a new location and called again. 10 minutes later, and again the taxi had picked me up. Which is hadn't. I called again and the lady couldn't believe that not one taxi driver had been able to find me. I gave very detailed instructions of where I was, what I looked like, what gender Gorzy and I was. 10 minutes later a taxi pulled up. It wasn't ours but by this time I didn't care. It had almost been an hour. While we were waiting for the girl to pay, our taxi rolled up. As I told the driver we'd catch the other one, 2 guys were suddenly behind us, after the taxi. I was slightly freaked out and headed to the other taxi. I was still fuming about it and the taxi driver sympathised with me. Mum called me to find out what the hell I was and I explained I was on the way home.
    When we got home, Mum and I had to go to Highpoint so we dragged Gorzy along. We didn't have much time before they closed so we showed him a few select stores, got some food and headed home.
    I made Gorzy play Okami on Wii. He was enjoying it although he had a bit of problems with the slash ability. We stopped for dinner (pizza) before continuing the game. The only real thing of note was that when he had to stop playing he put down the wii remote and headbutted Mr. Orange, pissing him off. Gorzy stayed for a while, watching some of the same TV shows before heading back to his cabin.
    I slept a lot better that night.

    Gorzy played Okami, Nob played other games and I paid Sanshee back.

    @steve-o_the_deve-o! And, whoever else is watching Attack on titan. Eps 15 AND 16? Wait what? Whats even happening? I think I got a bit confused with whats eps had come out. Whatever, I got to see 2 eps I'm not complaining! These last few have been soooo good. Love this show so much. The way it handles all these interesting characters, and weaves in all these different ideas surrounding the titans and the people rather than just letting the setup of the story carry it through, and the humour, argh! Love.

    I really like how downtrodden all the new cadets are after the trost battle, just mentally wrecked, and just putting down the whole gungho lets go fight attitude. The way it does those flashbacks to characters that have died, really chilling, so well done. Like how Armin is being handled too, that hes just got his head down now and is almost toughened by all the events. Or at least more accepting of the reality of it all. Was good to see some little banter with him and the other newbies during the inquisition with finding who killed the trapped titans too. Arrrrgh so much love! Also, lady titan in the intro? What what??

      Lady titan in the intro


        Yessssss. Obviously youve read the manga then? I LOVE THIS SHOW SATURDAY, SO MUCH, not sure if its showing. These last few eps have been some of my favourite, which is saying something since I loved all the beginning with the training and the battle and argh!

          I admire your candor for the series thus far so I'm not gonna let you down with spoilers.

          *thumbs up*

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    Lost myself playing Shadowrun returns, and the full game of race for the galaxy (all expansions finally woo!)

      Shadowrun Returns sucked me in too! Awesome strategy, great story!

    I watched Robot and Frank this morning. Really interesting movie. I went into it not knowing what to expect but I'm glad I watched it.

      I liked that movie. Nothing flashy, just a simple tale.

      Although the dynamic between Frank and the Librarian was kind of creepy.

      Got that waiting on my DVR!

        Definitely worth watching. The cast is great and the story is very interesting.

      I really liked that movie.



          You have to put Kenyan before friend :-(
          I think I have something in my eyes :'-(

            That's better though! You're not my worst friend, just my worst Kenyan friend :-)

            Best Kenyan friend too.

            Only Kenyan friend :P

    So Pikmin 3. Pretty damn great guy right! I was playing way too much of it on the weekend, taking a breather today. Who knows, might even get some work done! ....nahhh. But yeah, really really amazing. Really feels like theyve taken what was good about the first two and just built on it a hundred times over. Level design, animations, the light and textures and scale of all the environments, argh! And those ugly ugly bosses. So ugly... my poor pikmins T_T

      400 Pikmin lost as of half an hour ago. We'll remember them with every resource we steal. XD

      Such a good game though, I agree.

      No horrible randomly generated caves too. WOOOOOOOO!

      Last edited 29/07/13 9:43 am

        I'm finding that building pikmins is somehow easier, and losing them a little less painful. Well, it still sucks, but I used to restart days if I was losing more than I thought necessary... now I'm accidentally leaving them idle all over the place and moving on. Having hundreds of each helps that haha! Oh man, not sure how to ask this without spoiling, but did you get the pink ones? I'm only a day or two into the pink pikmin place...

        Oh man so cute! SO CUTE! Their little wings, I make them pick up everything now just to watch them flutter about ^^

          Yeah, I'm a little bit ahead of you, I think. Got the Pikmin type after that as well. I love the flying animations as they carry stuff away. I have this stupid grin on my face the entire time as I watch them do stuff. Even the red Pikmin left on his own is awesome to watch. His idle animation is amazing. :D Oh man, how pretty is the level you're at now with the lilly pads floating down stream. So beautiful.

          I've been the same, though. I haven't replayed days as often as I did in the previous ones and have 'acceptable losses' before restarting. I'm a monster. XD

          Last edited 29/07/13 9:49 am

            Haha, I thought you would be further. One of the earlier days I mustve redone like 6 times, was so aggravating. I think I had to get used to the idea of leaving things half finished and coming back to them another day. I like to feel like each day is complete in what I'm doing, and kept ending up with pikmin all over the place at the end of the day XD being more smart about it now though.

              Yeah, when you don't return with a piece of fruit you feel like you're wasting resources. Haha! But then the days you do the prep work like bridges, walls and the like aren't wasted when you bring back multiple pieces the next day. I'm going to miss this game when I finish it. Getting closer too. :'(

      Pikmin! I haven't played any Pikmin before so I went into this one blind. I've just got the pink Pikmin and I'm about to go into the big tree. I'm really enjoying the game so far, but god I hate spiders!

        Euuuuuurgh, spiiiderrrs T_T And stupid leaf creatures hiding in all the leaves and eating my precious pink pikmin, LEAVE THEM ALOOOONE you ugly ugly things

          Hey! We're losing Pikmin somewhere!

            Oh man and that moment of panic sets in that there's no way you can get to them before the damage is done. Such a good game. I'd honestly say this is my favourite Nintendo IP. I like it better than Mario and Donkey Kong which is saying something!

            Edit: Also, if you like Pikmin 3 you should track down the New Play Control versions of the first two. I think 3 is my favourite in the series, followed by 1 and then 2...

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    Years after it finished and Scrus is still the best show to ever have existed on tv. I adore Breaking Bad but theres something uplifting about Scrubs. Sitting here at Uni and two songs in a row come on. First is the one by Coldplay "Fix you" from s05e12 "My Cabbage" and the next was from s05e20 "My Lunch" The Frays "How to save a life". What happens in that episode gets me teary every time damn it... girl sitting next to me recognised it too and called it "that scrubs song"

    Wonder if in ten years people will remember it fondly like MASH?

      My guess is probably not. It didn't change the landscape of TV in the way that MASH did. And it hung on for one season too long. That said, despite some faltering steps, it's quality TV and has a proud spot on my shelf :)

      Last edited 29/07/13 9:34 am

      Look, I love Scrubs, it's one of my favourite shows ever. But there ain't no way it compares to Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is some of the best television ever made.



          I have the first season, will be watching it very soon.



          But I love The Wire too, BB just wins for me :D

            Yeaaaaah... I mean, very different shows, its like comparing I dunno, Pulp Fiction and Drive. You just cant. But at the end of the day, I'd have to put BB above The Wire personally. The Wire is an important show to see, but BB is just unbeatable entertainment.

              Well.. You can.. And Pulp Fiction is better without a doubt :P

                Ahaha! Yeah... probably, but... SHUTUP

        Yeah, but Breaking Bad feels kinda one-shot. It's better as a work of art, but it's not the kind of curl-up-on-couch-with-consolatory-ice-cream TV that's just about guaranteed to make you feel better. Over and over and over again, no matter the month. You can leave a full run of Scrubs on in the background and the enjoyment of almost anything else you're doing will be lifted.

          That's not really the point of Breaking Bad though. It's not supposed to make you feel good. You're supposed to get frustrated, you're supposed to get angry, you're supposed to get upset. Everything that show does is extremely deliberate. As a show, it's crafted perfectly, Scrubs just isn't. I love Scrubs, and I have very fond memories of it, but perfect television it ain't.

            The last few seasons of Scrubs *shudder* :P

            It's also pretty hard to compare different genres of TV shows.

            Last edited 29/07/13 10:25 am

              Truth. I was going to say that, but then I wouldn't have been able to say what I said above. I just love talking about great TV. I miss weekly Game of Thrones discussions :(

                Saaaaame. I'm enjoying the books, but goddamn if Im not excited to catch up to the end of season 3 and see whats going to happennnnn

      I'd call How to Save a Life that Grey's Anatomy song but I wouldn't tell you that, because then you'd know I watch. XD

        Mate, we know you watch Grey's Anatomy. We've come to terms with that :P

          It's good to feel accepted. :D

        You'd be amazed how many songs those two shows shared.

        And how much better they all are in Scrubs.

          Haha! The first few seasons of Grey's basically was a drama version of Scrubs. Scrubs even made a joke about it. (It's like they copied our lives! XD)

      Scrubs was a show that I loved at the time but now I look back on it it just isn't as good as I remembered. Still some excellent episodes there, but now there are entire seasons that I shudder to look at.

        The last couple were not great. And that period where they neutered Cox.

          I didn't mind season eight, but I hated the interns spin-off dealy. I also thought a lot of the characters become parodies of their original personalities too, unfortunately. :'(

            I think they ran out of places to go that they hadn't already been. The first couple seasons of Scrubs were all about showing the ugly side of working in a hospital, and the things the glamour shows don't tell you. I have a couple friends and relatives in the health system and that was what they loved about it most - how it managed to capture the terror of the unknown and the disillusionment.

              I really liked the premise of the Interns show too, being about medical school and the college experience but they never even explored that stuff. They basically just retread story lines from the first few seasons instead of focusing on what could've made it special...

    Wondering if anyone can help me. My PC seems to be running okay, loads up program's no problem and runs games without a hitch. But when it comes to movie files it freezes every few seconds making literally everything unwatchable. Also takes 30mins-1hr to transfer a 700Mb file to a USB stick.


      I'd guess an issue with the hard drive the files are on that you're transferring from, or something wrong the files themselves. That or some sort of other bottleneck, like trying to transfer/playback a huge file over USB 2.0, but I'm sure you're not that dumb. That being said, a 700mb movie should play/transfer fine even over USB 2.0. If it was a BD or some HD rip over USB 2.0 it might have issues.

      I'm shooting for a hard disk or file issue.

        Just FYI, I tested streaming from USB 2.0 to PC to PS3 on a 1080p rip of Inception to see how it would fair and had no issues at all.

      How long does it take to transfer the file between drives.
      Also are you watching the video from the USB? It could be an issue with either you USB drivers or ports.

    I spent the whole weekend watching Anime my friend told me to watch. Has anyone here watched Oreimo?

      No idea what the shows like, but looking at the trailer, that animation is dang purdy!

        Ah it's really good, in the beginning you might find it slightly weird but it's probably the funniest thing I've watched in a while.

      Was oreimo suggested to you? It's certainly a good time-waster.

        Yeah it was, and yeah it is, my whole weekend was gone in an instant.

      I really enjoyed both seasons of that. Helps to have an actually likeable main character, for starters, who somehow manages to defy that most pervasive of anime tropes.
      (Specifically: the nose-bleeding young Japanese guy with access to skirt, but who is fucking terrified of it, passing up every invitation he gets. I've had a lot of anime recommended to me, and it's terrible how much of it features spineless/dickless guys with harems. Not sure if it's just a really overplayed writing device to avoid sinking fan-ships, or signs of a disturbing national pathology.)

      When I first started watching it I found it hard to watch, as I think it was one of the first ones I watched coming back into the anime scene. After 4-5 episodes I started to realise it's story and the charm that comes with it. Haven't given the 2nd season a chance yet though. How have you found it if you're up to it?

    Hola Tay

    Shadowrun Returned! I played a chunk of it on Friday and Saturday and really liked it- I reckon it's one of the best tabletop RPG -to-video game RPGs we've seen for a while. Also went to some friends house on Sat night for board games, then caught up with the relatives on Sunday... and played more board games.

    Games played: Pandemic, Magic, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Bohnanza (which was new to me and is pretty good)

    A monday morning question: Now that Shadowrun has returned, what thing from the late 80s/early 90s also needs to return? I reckon Darkwing Duck.

      Old school Battletech. Good old FASA.

        If you can get it to run, BattleTech: The Crescent Hawk's Inception is still a VERY solid game.

        (Although for my money, the very best game in that universe was Mechwarrior: Mercenaries. Travelling between planets at will, picking up contracts of your choice, for funds which affected your ability to field mechs, along with a really excellent story told through the personal diary. And getting the Kodiak? Best. Upgrade. Ever.)

        Last edited 29/07/13 11:04 am

          I shall investimagate!

      MASK was always awesome. I reckon that it would make a pretty good game.

      I played the Game of Thrones board game on the weekend. Jesus fucking christ that's a tough game to get into. Once we got into the last few rounds it got pretty hectic though. Fun game, keen to play again.

      As for your question, unashamedly terrible action movies. The Expendables makes me so happy because it knows exactly what it is and plays to it.

      I've bean meaning to try out Bohnanza. BGG seems to think it's pretty neat.


    Happy Monday, TAY.

    Got DAN!'d over the weekend. Twice.

    Having been infused with creativity and positivity during PAX, I've started creating my own card game. Turns out balance is hard, who would have thought? I've actually completed my first prototype of the game - two "half-decks" of 30 cards - which is a great feeling. Then realising that I probably need to rewrite or replace some fairly core mechanics is both disheartening and inspiring all at once.

      Ooh, sounds cool- any comparisons you could make to other games that would let us speculate wildly?

        Magic: The Gathering
        + World of Warcraft TCG (the original; i haven't played it once Cryptozoic took over, but I understand that they made some changes to the gameplay)
        + a tiny pinch of the first Star Trek: Trading Card Game.

        Essentially, the game's theme is you recruit units to your "guild" and resolve "quests" that are played to a shared play area.

          Have you ever played any deck building games? You should take a look at Legendary. It's a co-operative game where you all start out with the same card deck, then there are cards available to purchase using the cards in your hand (in this case various Marvel superheroes). Every round there's a new villain card played that you can fight with the heroes in your hand, else they move up the track. Game ends when the boss villain has been defeated and the winner is the player with the most points (gathered by killing villains or rescuing innocent bystanders). Each of the superheroes has different mechanics, eg Wolverine can get rid of wound cards, Black Widow powers up for every bystander you rescue from a villain etc.

          Another one I tried at PAX was Sentinels of the Multiverse. Similar idea, but everyone plays with a fixed deck themed around a certain hero and fighting a boss monster that summons minions etc. A bit more like playing the a Raid in the WoW TCG, but the whole game's built around it and it uses fixed decks. It was a bit easy but it was a demo game we played so might be harder with different hero / villain combos.

          You should have a look into both of them because it sounds like what you're describing might work similarly. :)

            I kinda glanced at Sentinels a few times at PAX, but didn't actually get to play it. I think I will be trying out a bunch of different card games in the foreseeable future.

            I kinda wanted something that was more directly competitive, hence the inspiration of MtG and WoW - but it could definitely take on a more co-operative type of play. I'm currently toying with the idea of each player having two decks - an offensive and a defensive deck, for lack of better terms.

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