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Hi everyone! I'm back! I had a big Scottish holiday, I ate porridge, I didn't eat haggis. I went to castles and stuff. I also went to a zoo. That was awesome.

But what did you guys and girls get up to? I pretty much disconnected from the internet for my whole trip (which was quite cool actually) so I'm so out of the loop.

Oh, and shout out to Beavwa and his fiance who totally joined myself and Ruffleberg at the KFC club. Guys, it was jumpin'. It was the biggest KFC turnout ever! FOUR PEOPLE!


    Dane hosts this week along with Shannon and Ryan to bring you way too much Dota 2 talk as well as The Swapper, Dead Space 3, Mars: War Logs, Just Cause 2 Multiplayer, Trials Evolution Gold, Sleeping Dogs and much more! We also get a chance to chime in our opinions on the Steam Sale and the Phil Fish twitter debacle.

      I just glanced over what you read and thought you said you bring way too much dota 2 and talk strippers and I'm like " you do"

    WHO'S THIS GUY? ^^^^^^
    Edit: the one in the article, not mumbo-jumbo :P

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      I don't know. He mustn't be from around here.

    Needs moar sleep. I blame vidja gaems. Hngh.

    So Need for Speed: Most Wanted is actually fucking rad. Who knew?

    Also, the opening with Butterflies and Hurricanes is just fantastic.

      I played it last night once it updated..I just tried to find all the jack spots to see what cars are in the game

        The only thing I'm not a fan of is the DLC cars that are just out in the open. I mean, I get why they've done it that way, but it's just super disappointing driving up to a new car to discover that it's one of the DLC ones.

          Yeah that's happened to me several times and to unlock them all its something along the lines of $35

            Considering it was a free game I'm almost tempted. Dat DB5.

              I got stumped with vin diesels beast from Fast and Furious

      Holy moley, that opening was amazing.

      Criterion, dawg. They've got chops.

        Also, the sequences before races are super rad. Pure style.

        Also also, those crashes. God damn Criterion know how to make a car crash.

          Have you seen the Ambush video with the cars floating like balloons?


            Have you seen the pursuit one where the cops turn into a massive wheel?

              Not yet- I have seen the one where they spider all over the walls though!

            No, that sounds glorious though. The only ambush I've done was the one where cars fall from the sky and then you drive off a parking garage just before taking control. Super cool.

      Second time I've seen that a game opened with that song.
      The other one was F1 2005 on PS2.

    Hola y bienvenidos a nuestro líder glorioso y hermoso @markserrels. Hope everything got worked out for you.

      Although the implied desperation involved in eating KFC says otherwise. My condolences.

        You do realise that KFC club is about watching grown men punch each other in the face?

          I had no idea people could get so violent over chicken! I mean... it's not bacon or anything.

    rafasdasd my windows be permanently borked, some core files concerning windows update is corrupted and the only way I can fix it is by either getting a clean install of windows or doing a 'in-place upgrade,' which requires the install disc. Which I do not have.

    so, how 'bout that new doctor who doctor.. guy... actor? I'm just happy we get a older dude, because we need more grumpy doctors. I mean, we know nothing about his character, but I'm pretty sure he's grumpy.

      I think Peter Capaldi is a pretty good choice. Also, he's the same age as William Hartnell was when he played the Doctor.

        for real? Considering the circumstances with the 12th doc that seems fitting.

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        You should probably edit that into spoiler tags for the people that don't want to know.

      In the words of River Song "...spoilers!~"

      What version of windows do you need? i can send you the direct microsoft download link for the iso... its all legit provided you have your own serial...

        7, but any physical or mental recollection I have of a serial is long gone by now. I might as well just pirate the thing.

          Not even going into safe mode and poking around the registry can find it?
          Because most versions of Windows, if not all, had the license key as a value in their registry even until XP. Might still be in 7 and 8.

      I don't know who he is, so I googled him, and my first thought was
      Hooray! He's not all young and hip so we can get rid of companions who end up being all "omg doktor is so sexxxxxyyyyy ;););0"

    Apparently my entry into local politics is inevitable. Yay?

      What are you politically politicising?

        I've spent a good amount of time near people that are.

          What's your campaign platform? Why should people vote for you? Go play democracy and then come back to me

            My answer to all of your questions is "HANABI!"

              Board games as an official sport?

              You have my vote.

      I call dibs on first round of nepotism.
      If you could arrange for me a staffer job where I get paid to do nothing, that'd be great!

        I didn't know that there were any other sort of staffer jobs available.

          Well, I assume someone somewhere at some point has to do work.

            That seems unlikely.

            Why get into politics if you want to work for a living?

    So I asked this yesterday but I'm going to ask again, because who's lame enough to go on weekend TAY anyway? :P
    Anyone know of any good cheap/free games that have cross platform multiplayer between PC and Mac? Preferably not overly violent ones. My friend and I have gotten a bit bored of Ticket to Ride (actually I think she's just gotten bored of losing most of the time :P). We're going to try LotRO sometime, and NegZero suggested Portal 2. We might try playing a LotR themed MUD too, however she'll probably become horribly addicted to that and it'll ruin her life :P
    Turns out we both own Civilization IV, so we may give that a try tonight.
    Another option would be for us to try playing a board game we both own over Skype :P
    Anyone have any other suggestions?

      Sorry I can't help but OMG Portal 2 is THE best multiplayer (co-op) experience I have had. Cousin and I played it through and loved every single second of that game. GOTY and just an absolute pleasure to play through. Really will test a relationship though :)

      PS> Also when i started typing this I didnt realise who this was.. WTF is up with your name dude, it has a growth or something?

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        Yeah, I've played a bit of split screen Portal 2 with my brother before. Awesome game that. :D
        As for my name, blaghsy was giving out mutated versions of peoples' names to people that wished him a happy birthday. I just haven't gotten around to changing it back yet :P

      In addition to that you should grab a console port of Rayman Origins as the co-op there is great. I had a lot of fun playing that Lara Croft & The Guardian of Light game years ago with my sister as well. Has a good balance of everything and you can probably get it for 5 bucks or so now.

      Trine 2, Monacco & hoard stand out on that list for me

      Edit: I also recommend sanctum

      Last edited 05/08/13 10:39 am

      Monaco is cross platform I think.

      Some guns, but it's very cartoony and not the focus.

    So I had the wise idea of starting Demon's Souls on the weekend...

    Rookie mistake. Even though I finished Dark Souls.

    I don't know what it is about this game. Again and again I tell myself... "That's it, no more. I'm done with you, you evil game. I'm putting you back in your case and refuse to touch you." And then 30m later I'm back on it, crawling my way through more misery.

    It's like a really bad relationship that you just can't get yourself out of.

      DEMON'S SOULS \o/

      You might dig these.

        Don't you worry Shane, I'm still digesting the great writing you linked me too albeit not replying yet. Going to check it all out tonight!

          Hahaha, I'm not worried, man! I already know that most of the self-promotional links I post go unclicked. Part of what keeps it fun, to be honest :D

          Hope you enjoy the stories. I had fun writing them.

          Last edited 05/08/13 3:43 pm

            I've clicked every link you've posted for me thus far. :D

            And will read all of this too. So your self-promotion works on at least one person. :P


    As my Brother posted on fb: 'Time is a big fucking omnishambles.' - Suggested 12th doctor catchphrase

      As far as people I could never imagine being the Doctor yet somehow are still perfect, they've really nailed this.


    DAMNIT! I had a feeling I might've known the person who added me on PSN and I thought it might've been you ...but I wasn't sure so I declined :/ (just checked TAYnames now though so I know it was you >_>)

    Can you add me again next time? :) sorry buddy! I get a fair few random adds out of nowhere so I thought it was another one of those :P

    All the hat :(



        Hey hey, what's your PSN ID? (Maybe DM me on Twitter if you don't want to publish it here).


          Meanius already posted it below, so it's too bad if I wanted it a secret, huh?

          I presume you know about TAYNames?

            Indeed! I'll check it out. Not sure if I'll post my details there in case they're discovered by my ex 'family associates' or other such unsavory entities. :P

      Just spam add everyone greenius

        I have most people but BDKIAF added me but I didn't recognise his PSN ID so I accidentally declined it :(

      Wait... if you checked TAYnames... why don't you add him?

        But I did!

        I typed that up then realised I'm not doing anything so went to the PS3 and added him :P. I initially asked B-G-S- because he'll probably go on his PS3 before me, I only went on to download a 2GB update :/

          Well if you didn't want that to happen, you shouldn't have booted up your green bar simulator console.

            Dynasty Warriors better not have a massive update or I'll be sad :'(

            I hear the optional Installation takes a while though...

              IIRC, patch isn't that big.
              The installer? I started it expecting it to take 20 minutes, so I wandered off and did something else. Yeah it takes a while, but so long as you're not absolutely busting to play it, it's fine.

    Good morning TAY :]

    Finished watching Death Note and Attack on Titan on the weekend. I've never watched an anime just reading the subs before and was pretty impressed by the japanese voice overs for AoT, they know how to scream alright. Recently aquired Full Metal Alchemist too. Only 2 eps deep but I think i'll enjoy it. Finally getting around to the anime i've never seen but always wanted to watch.

    Played a bit of Hitman Absolution and NFS: Most Wanted with my buddy. We started Hitman on the easiest setting. It was hilarious walking through levels feeling like a complete badass, emptying entire clips into a single enemy while using point shooting. Good fun ^^ NFS was a pleasent treat too. Always fun speeding around with the po-po hot at your heels until an inevitable collision occurs at top speed, usually resulting in a handover of the controller.

    Hope errybody had a good weekend.

      You have NFS on PS? you should add some of us for autolog goodness!

        Yeh definitely, I know there is a site we can put our gamertag on so we can add each other...but I've forgotten the sites name.

        My PSN tag is RileyJones-




            Thank you sir, my details have now been updated!

      I thought Attack on Titan was still ongoing at the moment. Do you mean you caught up? I fell behind in the show ages ago because I was getting frustrated with the uneven pacing, intended to let it finish then watch it all in one go.

      Generally speaking I think most of the time, the original JP dialogue fits stuff a lot better than the usual American Anime dub. I used to watch everything dubbed, but out of necessity I swapped over (stuff I wanted to watch - IIRC it was Rurouni Kenshin at the time - was only available subtitled) and I really haven't looked back.

        Oh I'm not too sure now, the folder my friendo gave me said S1 Eps 1-12. Yeh I agree the pacing was uneven at times, you kinda just want things to hurry up and happen (without giving anything away). Still I enjoyed it.

        I watched Death Note dubbed and was pretty impressed with the voice overs all round, especially Light's crazy mans laugh. It was refreshing after watching Hellsing, which I thought sounded pretty bad with the exception of Alacard.

          Death Note's all about the crazy over-acting though. It's deliberately set up to play out like a greek tragedy, complete with the hubris and everything, so the usual dub style works pretty well (and where it doesn't, the epic music picks up the slack)

          Checked and Attack on Titan is running two cours, so should currently be sitting around ep 17 (anime doesn't really do 'seasons' the same way that US TV does)

            I thought it was a little strange leaving it end they way they did at ep 12. Thank you for the heads up.

    - Good morning, TAY!

    - Finished Pikmin 3
    - Helped renovate (ie. destroy) a bathroom

    Also: Hola Tayberinos!

    I spent a good chunk of my w'end playing NFS: Most Wanted, which is fantastic (once my internet comes back I'll be able to bask in my autolog terribleness). I also had some friends over Sat night for curries and board games (Cluedo, Ticket to Ride).

    Yesterday I went to the pub with some friends, who gave me a late b'day present (ticket to ride expansion) and whom I also borrowed Bioshock Infinite from, which I've played about an hour of. I officially suck at the combat.

    A monday morning question: What should Peter Capaldi's doctor catchphrase be?

      Quit talking about your board games and tell me more about the curry! What kind did you have?

        An Aloo Gobi and a Goan beef curry with Parathas and Lassis.

          Mmm very nice, this has made my day so far..well done

      Which expansion? I'll guess Europe.

      As for the catchphrase something like "ah'm pure scunnered so ah um" should work

      I knew you were holding out on BioShock Infinite (as was I) but you can't be FREE! :D

    Hi Kotaku,

    Didn't know where else to put this, but in your most recent survey, there are several questions in the tick-all-that-apply category that are broken. For example, 'how many consoles do you own? Tick all that apply'. I can only tick one.

    Just giving you the heads up,

      Oi, @markserrels or @benwhite! Come Hither!

        Well @markserrels did it so *ahem* AUTHORS ASSEMBLE!

          I'm assembled! What do you need?

            A short story about this horrible problem plaguing the kotaku competition..with fancy pictures because pictures make everything more real

              I don't tend to do short stories, but I know someone who does.

              Once upon a time, in a land further and farther away, was a friend called Ruby. And she was my friend, who goes to preschool with me. And she was in England. And that’s very, very far away.

              Daddy: I’ve never been to England.

              Well, we can’t go now… but maybe next year. Or next week! But we can’t go, because I think there’s going to be a fire soon.

      Yeah, I saw that too. Some of the questions aren't written well either and some also have different columns for answers ie. "How likely or unlikely are you to ____" and you can't select the same answers under both columns ie. <6 months for Likely AND <6 months for Unlikely :/

    What'd y'all do on Friday night?

    Me? I brought fun, laughter & intelligent discussion into the living rooms, offices & bedrooms of Australia.

    "I'm so fucking glad I didn't bring a date. My mate is blowing out.
    "Wtf" is his constant reaction." tweeted our very own @Rocketman.

    But don't let that glowing review satiate your curiosity.

    LIVEgeist is now available as an audio pod

    And the archived Livestream is still available at

    It's worth it for the final five minutes alone.

    Relive the train wreck.

      The last part of LIVEgeist is the best thing to have ever happened on Zeitgeist. Ever.

    Malcolm Tucker on Sci-fi

    Morning TAY how's every little thing. Just a recap of my weekend. Saturday I hung out all day with my gf and her friend, started Lego LoTR on Vita as well as ninja gaidan sigma on vita (gotta love PS+)

    Sunday I watched Machine Gun Preacher which wasn't bad as well as underbelly episodes. When I got back to my house I finished the Last of Us and started NFS Most wanted 2.0 which was balls of fun. Hope everyone else's weekends were good and y'all didn't party too hard

    Had a pretty good weekend. Standard work stuff Saturday (hi @saturday) morning but then caught up with big brother for lunch. Thought was only going to see him for a hour or 2 but turned out he was staying down for the night. So we stayed down the pub watching the footy and catching up.
    As part of teh conversation Pacific rim came up and we decided to see it the next day. So went and saw that on Sunday which was very enjoyable. I went into it not expecting much of story but awesome battles of giant robots fighting giant monsters. It didn't disappoint. Then briefly saw mum as well before they went off to the footy.
    Then went into work and sorted out a few problems that had been annoying me, before risking the salmonella with a 7/11 egg and bacon roll on the way home.

    My son and I are both unwell today so we're snuggled up under blankets watching Harry Potter movies and eating Shapes. I've had worse days. :D

      The only good thing about when kids get sick is when they get snuggly as part of it

      Chicken Crimpy?


          If you want an inferior flavour, sure.

            Nobody said anything about pizza.

              I think we can come to a compromise agreement on the lack of quality of the Pizza flavour.

              Incidentally I am eating some Chicken Drumstick right now and somehow had never tried this flavour before.

              It's okay but it's no Chicken Crimpy. :(

                I remember trying it once, and thinking the same thing.

                At least they're all miles better than any of the cheese flavours. Especially that one in the light blue box.

    @saturday -

    This program will let you view your product key for windows & Office, its free and safe:

    Ill paste links for the windows 7 iso's below:

      This has a list of the official MS download links for the Windows 7 ISO's

      Im guessing you are probably looking for Home Premium with SP1 x64

    Morning all,

    super fun happy weekend was had. Finally got to see Pacific Rim and man, that's an awesome tale of father-daughter relationships, having a scruffy white character that isn't the lead character and instead the movie focuses on Mako ... also there's some stuff with giant robots which was alright. Dunno how they can make a sequel though.

    Then I got to play some portal 2 and nearly strangled my housemate and then I got to start watching young justice. Good weekend was had. Still getting used to the fact that it's ticking back towards spring

      Not at all to do with you except that your name reminded me, but the other night I had chinese takeaway for dinner and had a vegetarian noodle dish with tofu in it, when I gave the leftovers to my daughter for lunch the next day she commented on how tasty the "chicken" noodle dish was. :P

        You heartless murderer ^_^

        I need to start having a bit more tofu, the first time I'd tried it it was prepared really poorly and it kind of put me off it

    A nearby gym in a mall which I sometimes go to has a card shop right across from it. Seeing as it's pretty much the only hobby shop for some distance around, there's sometimes traffic between the two places. It's quite disconcerting seeing a bro finish bench pressing twice his weight then striding over across the hallway to a empty table to play a TCG based off a magical girl anime.

    Also needless to say the testosterone levels can fluctuate once in awhile. Or maybe cancel each other out, I dunno.


    Last edited 05/08/13 11:14 am

      On the other hand, would you want to mess with someone that has biceps the diameter of a normal man's thigh that plays magical girl card games? Because I sure wouldn't. It's like how venomous animals have bright colors on them.

      P.S. I have been dabbling with some of those card games but don't know anyone locally that plays so haven't been forced off the deep end yet.

      Disconcerting? Naw, that is an amazing thing.

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