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Welcome to Talk Amongst Yourselves, where Kotaku readers can talk about the things we are not posting about. This is the place where the Kotaku community grows. This is where the magic happens. Come on in and talk about... stuff!

And hey, while I've got you all in the one place, I have a quick question: what are your thoughts on Talk Amongst Yourselves?

Just quietly, I'm thinking about revamping all of Kotaku's regulars. We haven't had a good old fashioned clean out for a while and I'm trying to take a look at what works and what doesn't. Talk Amongst Yourselves is clearly one of the most popular posts, so I won't be changing it...


I'm wondering if you guys and girls think we would benefit from making it a brand new post each day instead of a new post every week?

Any thoughts?


    I feel like I'm missing a day from my weekend. My (home) internet has been out for the last 25 hours so I wasn't online at all, but when I think back... I have no idea what I got up to yesterday. I can remember Saturday vividly, but not Sunday.

    Or so I thought — until I try to go through the things I thought on did on Saturday and it turns out I did them yesterday instead. Huh.

    Okay, that doesn't really make sense but now I can account for all of the week until Friday and the stuff I appear to have done on Sunday... but Saturday is blank.

    I think I'm going crazy. :|

    Also, good morning TAY!

      Missing time, eh.

      *strokes patchy chin stubble*


      Mine's been out for 11 days :(

        D: Didn't you have to wait ages for it to be installed too? *Shakes fist at South Australia.*


          Not particularly happy. INTERNODE! INTERNOOOOOOOOOODE!

    Hi all!

    Over the weekend, I picked up a DVD of Malcolm in the Middle Season 1 for $10. The girl at the counter was disappointed, and said that if she'd known they had a copy, she'd have bought it. So of course, I apologised to her.

    The other girl at the counter said "I really like your scarf."

    I said, "Thanks. My wife made it for me."

    I went home and told my wife that her scarf got a favourable comment and she informed me that I'd totally been flirted with. When I told her my response, she almost fell over from laughing.

    I win at flirting.

      Nice job on what you told your wife. Leave the real events to one of those magazine letter sections hey *wink*

        "Dear Purtanical Monogamy Monthly,

        Today I was at a DVD store and got flirted with by two temptresses sent by the devil. I loudly denounced them as the harlots they were and reported them to the police for public indecency as their skirts were above their knees. I then said 50 Hail Marys as punishment for contact with the hussies.


      The lady probably thought you were playing it cool. Not wanting to embarrass her, but casually working it into the conversation. Ladies man! :P

      All these TAYbies being flirted with lately. :D

      Last edited 12/08/13 9:10 am

        Sounds like a trip to EB is in store, DC.

          No, if a girl ever flirted with me I'd assume she was mocking me and then the water works would start. :P

          Last edited 12/08/13 2:11 pm

            Whether they're flirting OR mocking you, turn it around with something simple, like:
            "Cute. If you keep up the comedy, I might let you buy me a drink."

              Haha! And this is why you're the leader, my friend. Teach us everything you know! :P

                He just did.

                  Kind of: "I've forgotten more than you'll ever know about this subject. ...Unfortunately, that's like... a lot. I have a really bad memory."

    Good morning everybody, hope everyone is well and not suffering from "mondayitis" I know I am I couldn't be bothered getting out of bed this morning and even coffee isn't helping. It's gonna be a long day...

      Also @markserrels I say leave it as it is but maybe in the future look at making a forum perhaps? That way it becomes easier to organise things and start new tropics that everyone can see.

      Mondays are literally the worst things in the world. Except for all the other non- @saturday days.



    I'm also a really terrible customs officer/father/husband, but it's still an incredible game. And man, dat music. So good! (Also holy crap freyjr/frejyr/frayjr/frasier [someone else can tag her {@dc}] played a lot of that game!)

    Been watching 1 episode a day of Season 5 Part 1 last week, and I just watched the mid season finale yesterday. MY BODY IS READY

    Goddamn that last world is hard. But I finished it! Onto Stealth Inc! (And I want Spelnuky on Vita now, dammit!)

    Saints Row! Splinter Cell!

    Sir, you are being Hunted! Gone Home!


      Whoo, Frasier!

      (Sorry, I was watching it yesterday and that's all I took from your post)

      @freya (frasier lol)


      Stupid Uni delaying my viewing time :(

        Stupid work delaying my viewing time :(


          All those "haha sucks to be you Greenius" posts and now I will most likely get home from Uni before you!

          Except my internet speeds gets killed in the evenings/night so it might not finish...


            Apparently Netflix UK is going to get new BB episodes "instantly", so I'm hoping I don't have to download and I can just go home and let it start streaming. They were bit unclear as to when exactly it comes out. If its tomorrow, still gonna download it. But I'm hoping it's available when i get home.

            Also it still sucks to be you because Assignments and Exams.

      Papers, Please was a VERY good gamble. I got a lot of hours unexpected entertainment/tension/paranoia out of that. I didn't have any problems with the family because I relied on the 'easy mode crutch'. But if I hadn't, I'd have been in some pretty serious shit. I'd probably be spending time memorizing all the ISS cities to avoid flicking through my reference book.

        I made a crib sheet of all the issuing cities and districts so I could refer to them more easily.

          Awh hellyeah, that's an idea. You can run the game windowed! I run everything fullscreen, so that hadn't occurred to me.

          ...Unless you were talking about something actually printed. On paper. Physical paper. In the real world. *shudder* Who even does that anymore?

            ...I took out a notepad and pen and wrote everything by hand.

            Running it windowed and having stuff in the background did not even occur to me.

      I'm glad that Spelunky isn't out on Vita yet because I have too much stuff to play and I'd never get to it. As it is I can't see myself getting to Dragon's Crown for ages :(

      You have no idea just how much she's been playing that game this weekend. Steam might tell you about it but that's hardly the same as looking over your shoulder and seeing her stamping passports.

      I didn't play that much! I worked on Saturday and had people over so I only got to play it for like an hour on Saturday, and then on Sunday I applied for jobs so I only played it for like 3 hours then.


    I daily "clean TAY" would be helpful. Not too sure what others think but I don't see any big problems with that. Especially with the account system we have now, which notifies us when we have been tagged / replied too.

      Incase noone knows what I'm on about, read the TAY "article" thingie at the top of the page.

      I'd rather keep TAY for a MONTH.

      Monday mornings are the WORST, waiting for a new TAY when I know that no one will bother with old TAY. Don't want to do that every day :(

        Annual TAY post, you heard it here first!

        I like weekly too. As it is, if I'm not around much during the week I get lost in the old TAYs and start replying to things from 1-2 weeks earlier... if there was a daily TAY, I'd be all over the place.

        I think remembering a page or a post in a weekly TAY so that you can follow things is easier than remembering a page or a post with a new TAY every single day.

        /not a very compelling argument

      I prefer weekly. It means TAY will just die at night every day since people are unlikely to go back to earlier ones so the posts will go unseen.

      Monthly seems too long. Weekly seems fine :)

        How are we ever going to hit a 20,000 comment target unless we go monthly? :P

        It's a bit daunting for people that can't check it every day.

      I'm fine with weekly. I honestly don't think shortening it to a day would make much of a difference at all. It'd be the same amount of comments, just split up into more posts. Could honestly get even more confusing. I already regularly derp and comment on last week's TAY on a Monday morning.

        That's true, I forgot about older TAY confusion, and what about new people who want to join? Every now and then I see them post in older pages/TAYs, completely overlooked :(

      I like to keeping one tab open for TAY every week, but I don't think it's much of a hassle if we have one every day.

      Might kill off night TAY, or early morning TAY (pre-8.30). Weekly seems like a pretty good balance.

      I like weekly, works well with injokes and tone and all that stuff. New posts every day might make it a soap box for disgruntled folks ranting about posts on the main site. (And we've already got that covered! :P)

      The weekly schedule is ok but I agree with Mark that it could use some updating
      Think we always need a new TAY on the 1st of the month, it's a nice figure and it always helps to refresh ones thoughts at the beginning of the month.
      The next new TAY should then be on the 13th, unless it is a Friday in which case we continue with existing TAY
      Then the next new TAY should be the 23rd. This allows for a dedicated schedule even through the December christmas period without forcing somebody to work Christmas day (Or worse ruining taybie christmas by not getting new tay when expected)
      There should also be a new TAY on the new moon, historically a time of rebirth and renewal
      There also needs to be a new TAY on the day of @markserrels' birthday so we can pour adulation upon our glorious leader
      I'm sure all taybies will agree that March 30 needs new TAY in recognition of the importance of that day. I'm sure it goes without saying but obviously we are talking about the signing of the treaty of paris in 1856 which ended the Crimean war.
      The final new tay would be star wars day, May the 4th.

      I think this will greatly simplify the system and allow everybody to be aware of when and why we are getting a new TAY

      There are a few bugs that need to be fixed before we could consider going daily, eg the fact that notification links for replies to the first post of every page redirects you to the previous page.

      Also I kind of like having it for a week. There's continuity.

    So finally finished my Black 2 and White 2 playthroughs, moved all my 'mon to Black 2, and promptly discovered you're not allowed to have White Kyurem and Black Kyurem simultaneously.
    So that forced replay of White was pretty much for nothing.

    Also, somehow managed to get sucked into Torchlight 2, despite putting 20 odd hours in on release and getting distracted - I think I played 15-20 hours this weekend. Got up to Act 2 on NG+ with what's now a lv59 Outlander as well. Started playing a new toon - the Berserker. Now I'm especially destroyed because the Outlander is poo, and the Berserker is not only awesome, but a load of fun to play. WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME.

    Then, there was also more Dragon's Crown had. Only an hour or two, but that game is starting to grow on me.

    Last edited 12/08/13 8:44 am

      Not allowed to what? Please explain.

        It seems the DNA splicers only allow one fusion at a time. So if I fuse Zekrom/Kyurem into Black Kyurem, then try to do the same with Reshiram/Kyurem, it doesn't work. I can unfuse Black Kyurem and make White Kyurem, but can't have both at the same time.

          Seems like a strange (hi @strange !) limitation.
          So you can't trade after fusion i.e. do each fusion on each game then move it over?

            You can't trade White/Black Kyurem, you have to unfuse and transfer them individually. Bit of a silly system, really. I went through all of Black 2 and White 2, pretty much just so I could have White and Black Kyurem - while I still can, I have to fuse/unfuse each time. Stupid.

      I kinda wanna get back into it with some mods, Torchlight 2 that is, mainly just a modified server that can host like 8 of us. That would be rad

        It's a pretty boss game. I've subscribed to Synergies, but not ready yet. Still smashing original content - I usually save mods for after I've got all I can out of the base game. Seriously addictive, it's like Diablo and Diablo 2 all over again. IT'S MORE DIABLO than DIABLO 3!

    Dear Popsugar,

    Please stop putting pictures of Lara Bingle at the bottom of my page. Every. Fucking. Day.
    She's not attractive, she's funny looking. At least today it's not a duckpout-selfie.


    Not a fan of Lara Bingle

    Last edited 12/08/13 8:45 am

      Atleast it won't confuse your co-workers when you happen to be scrolling past shirtless men. :P

        That was awkward.

          But wouldn't you prefer that to them seeing you oggle Lara bingle

            It's a tough call, honestly. People unsure as to my sexual orientation, or looking at Lara Bingle? I'm gonna need some time.

    I like weekly TAY.

    @notoriousr Breaking Bad is the best slow burn drama story arc on television! My friend just started watching on the weekend, he's already addicted. (To the show, not that evil blue meth)

    Anyway, my weekend flew by, was visiting my family in NSW with my girlfriend. Wish i had some more time to play games these days. Any suggestions for bite sized fun? Been playing a bit of LOL. Really wish i could get around to finishing ME3 one of these days.

    Last edited 12/08/13 8:55 am

      Girlfriends - the best way to destroy game time.

        For me, it's her Dark Souls time that takes out PC and all the consoles in one swoop (all on the same TV). But there's still the 3DS.

          It's okay, you are making a sacrifice for the greater good. Anytime spent in Dark Souls is good time!

            I think she learned what the true progress is in the game when she restarted and ran the tutorial including asylum demon in 9 minutes, where it previously took an hour of yelling and swearing.

        I think the problem is that she has only moved to Brisbane and finished studying a month ago. Now she has all this free time and no hobbies to fill it with. Lol

      I thought the same thing on the weekend. Felt like playing a short game I could play in one sitting.


          *Games I don't have to buy. :P

          I played the demo for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and that seems excellent! Think I might wait for the Steam release in September though if I end up getting it.

    My weekend was something, by something i mean i got drunk and did stupid things. Last week at work i did 15 hours overtime, i hat overtime although the money is okay i guess.

    My mum bought my BDO tickets cause i was out of town and she accidentally got tickets to the gold coast event. SO i told her not to bother trying to sell it and i would just go to that one. Im not really to mad, DC and sughles get to see my flailing at arcade fire so its cool i guess.

    Overall i feel quite meh, i need to laugh and smile and restart myself.

      Just picture @dc's manic breakdancing at Arcade Fire.

        I'd probably stand perfectly still at the very back so I don't block the shirtless bogans view of the stage. :P

      Haha! Your hints on the weekend to what that stupid stuff entailed was intriguing. XD

      Don't think Sughly's coming to Big Day Out any more because of unexpected real life reasons. :'(

      If there's a side show in Melbourne I'm still thinking about selling the tickets, but it should be fun either way. :D

      I'm not angry, just disappointed.

      On behalf of Melbourne:


      Or maybe :D, we don't need no Hotross stealing all our women.

    Woo, First Page. Still in Canada. Not much internet time. Back in Australia later this week. Terseness is a virtue?

    Beyond: Two Souls hype! WOOOOOO!

    (Things have been a little silent on the hype front after The Last of Us was released.)

      Says the guy who has been screaming "PIKMIN!" every chance he got for a solid month.

        I don't recall that. :P

        *adds exclamation mark to Freeze's name*

        WONDERFUL 101!

          RAYMAN LEGENDS. I've played Castle Rock about 100 times and the grin still hasn't left my face. :D

    Weekend was pretty good. Saturday I did a whole lot of nothing, tried to play Pikmin but the batteries keep dying so i gave up on that. I'm going to buy a some new batteries today, hopefully. Also played the Wonderful 101. That game is sooooo much fun, pretty difficult too which surprised me.

    Sunday was the @welbot meat which was pretty awesome! HOTPOT WAS SO GOOD! I DONT KNOW WHAT I WAS EATING MOST OF THR TIME BUT IT WAS DELICIOUS! I also got to meat @enduwolf, a knight of the old TAY. It was great meating a legend! =P

      Also, @dc is a meanie! @welbot bought a pack of chip specifically for him but he didn't show up. =(

      Who ended up going to that meat? Transientmind assumed the role of leader, right? RIGHT? :D

      Wonderful 101 demo confused me. Haha. So much information thrown at you straight away. Sure was purdy lookin' though. Just hope the full game eases you into it a little slower. :D

        Umm, it was @beardymcmuttonchops, Mrs Beardy, @Freeze and the Freezette's, @AlephOhMyGodWTFIsHisHandle, @Transientmind, @Welbot, @enduwolf, DAN! and me.

          Freezettes? I thought they were the Freezelings!

            "Freezette's" means Mrs Freeze and the Freezelings

      Also we talked a lot about D&D with @enduwolf who apparently DM's a game. I'm thinking about reading up on the game see if we can get a game going.

        I think Sughly would be keen. He liked the board game version!

        Hit me up on steam (Enduwolf) if you want to chat about it or a dropbox of PDFs. Those podcasts I recommend are Dungeons and Randomness (D&D 4e) and Beer and Battle (D&D 4e and Paizo Pathfinder, which is very similar to D&D 3.5)

    Newsroom day! WOOOO! (Breaking Bad day too, right?)


      (and Dexter too actually, but do people still watch that? I never see it being discussed anymore and I'm losing interest in this season :P, just doesn't compare to the awesomeness that is Breaking Bad!)

      Last edited 12/08/13 9:33 am

        I still watch it. Watch two eps of this season and forgot about the rest. Just got them last night. It doesn't really have the same feel as the rest. It's like they're stretching too much.

          I've seen every ep of the season so far and it feels the same as you described. Nothing really happens but I'm sticking around since it's the last season.

        This season of Dexter is much better than the last 2 but I'm glad it's ending. It seems like they had a few more ideas but they're just chucking everything into this season because there won't be another, so it's getting a bit muddled. Really surprised they brought back Yvonne Strahovski's character, I didn't really think that was a loose end that needed to be resolved.

    Unlockable Dragon's Crown art in game - holy balls that stuff is amazing.

    Oh oh i almost forgot, i started catching up on naruto i was 470 chapters in
    only 300ish to go till im all caught up.

    not as awesome as shikamaru and choji though. Those guys are amazeballs

      The problem with Sasuke is that he will never ever be as cool as his older brother.

      He nearly managed it when he broke Sakura's heart, then stomped it into the ground, then set fire to the remnants of heart that were on the ground, but he still wasn't quite there.

        It hurts reading that, its like COLD BLOODED
        and yeah itachi is pretty badass

        Not nearly as badass as lady from Attack on titan

        She is amazing.

          I feel like she's overpowered. She's Superman. Her only weaknesses come from 1 character trait, and they seem to have explored all the elements of that already. So... now she just kicks arse for the rest of the show?

          Okay. I'm okay with that.

            You leave her alone she's awesome and my favourite character! Possible exception of Jean.

              We talking the manga or the anime?

                The anime! Manga doesn't exist to me. :)

                  Yeah I don't know why I just don't get the same feel reading the manga as I do watching the anime, I guess I just prefer the effects to happen and be in colour.

                  @coldcamv Yeah, same. Which absolutely means we miss out on a lot by not reading the manga. Many anime runs are only a distilled portion of a long-running manga, or rely heavily on events or character-building covered only in the manga.

                  Also, apparently Attack on Titan is better in the manga due to the drawn-out internal monologue freak-outs only really taking as long as it takes for you to read them, but in the anime they can force you to sit through it for several minutes.

                  (Which, to my mind, is normally an advantage that animation/film has over print - you can force a long scene to actually be long, whereas say... a desolate plateau, with a solitary figure in it is meant to be reflective and really reinforce a sense of isolation or whatever, a reader can just skip the image and consider it to be a framing shot, and nothing more. Example: scene in Ghost in the Shell movie where the Major comes up for air after diving, viewing the reflection of the giant plane in the skyscraper.)

                  @transientmind agreed I did that quite abit when reading The Walking Dead comics, I'd see these pictures of just a solitary figure and be like "ok where's the talking"
                  That was such a good scene in ghost in the shell.

      I haven't read the manga in so long I can't even remember where I was up to.

      Something that kind of annoys me about it is that they keep powering up Naruto but he never does anything. It's like, they push him aside to do magic super saiyan training or something then the story moves forward without him, so she shows up and everyone is like "Soz Naruto, these dudes are totes still too powerful even though we haven't seen you in action for the past year. Go train some more, here is instructions for super mega power move supreme #1."

      One day I'm going to sit down and really get caught up.

    Good Morning TAY. My weekend was full of excitement, first I did my Tax Return followed by appliance shopping and on Sunday I took part in the City 2 Surf footrace.
    Parts of me hurt.

    Also, I'm getting older - one year older to be exact - this coming Saturday, and birthday food + drinks are in order. If you're in Sydney this weekend then please attend:

    Saturday 17th,
    6:00pm Angry Chicken for foods
    ~7:30pm Mojo's for drinks

      Congrats on the race dealy! And the birthday dealy!

      You get a whole year older in one day? I feel like you should be checking into a hopsital rather than a restaurant...

        Also, my body is getting older but I'm fairly certain my mental age hasn't progressed too much past 16.

          I think all men stop maturing at 16, at least as far as breasts and fart jokes are concerned.

      I am doubling up on birthdays that day, I will try and make it for drinks, but can't promise things, This other bday person has been known to hogtie people to go party after dinner...

    So I've started having some pains in my right hand. I'd been trying to figure out why and I just realised that it is the mouse I am using. I'm going to have to change it.
    Any suggestions?

    For anyone who is interested, I've finished the eye patch for the Misaki Mei cosplay. I might just finish it in time!

      What kind if mouse do you have now?

        I'm using a small mouse, one designed for a netbook.

          Using a small mouse is probably the entire problem. Switching to any full-size mouse would probably help.

            Yeah I figured out it was the tiny mouse.

      Logitech MX518/G400. Looks weird, but I find is super comfortable, it's cheap, and it has a lot of useful (if basic) features.

        Sounds good but it looks like none of the retail stores sell it. -_-

      I bought some shitty Microsoft mouse and it's fine.

      I think it was, like, $15? Maybe less?

      If you're not mental about lasers and dpi (is that right? dpi?) & extra buttons, just go el cheapo.

        For many, many years I was served very well by a basic, corded, microsoft 'intellimouse'. It had a mousewheel. And LASERS FOR EYES.

      If you get the chance, go for a trackball.
      I've been using a Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball, and I've noticed that the wrist pain I would usually feel is no longer there.

      I have like... four cheap, wireless mouses from Big W — they were $10 or $12 or something like that, and I really didn't expect them to last long or be very good so I bought a couple to throw-and-replace if anything went wrong... but more than a year on, pleasantly surprised. None have broken and they're not by any professional standards, but so comfortable.

      Only annoying thing is that they are glossy and pick up fingerprints and dust and gunge and I have to clean the one I'm using once a week or so.

    Hey Mark. I can see why you might want want to do a new post each day. It would probably make it easier and less intimidating for people to jump in. Then again, it might make it harder to go back and catch up on stuff they missed. So, I'm 50/50, but the fact I'm 50/50 on something new and weird instead of entirely opposed is a positive sign.

    I think this is the first time in a long time that I have fulfilled my gaming predictions after posting in "What are you playing this weekend?". As predicted, I played a little Lost and Damned as well as some Papers, Please.

    Man that game is... really something. I don't even know what to say about it, I wouldn't want to possibly spoil anything. But it's ten bucks and totally worth it.

      @cakesmith gifted it to me while simultaneously being horrible (ding! Email.) haven't delved too deep into it but I'm liking what I see.

      As for weekly or daily TAY, I've had years to get used to how it is now and my inner curmudgeon is ranting and shaking his fist at things at the thought of change. I can see why it would have pros though. Also cons. That said I'm entirely opposed to any notion of actual forums. I prefer the way everything is open and there Gor all to see without clicking on separate topics. I've found plenty of stuff from you lot I would have otherwise never looked at if it was hidden behind a topic link.

      Playing Papers, Please all in a single straight run is crazy intense. The escalation really gets to you, and I'm worried about all these citations. I'm almost tempted to go and do another run through, now that I actually know how to do the job and have learned things and won't get a damn citation every day.

        I thought that, but you start to overlook stupid stuff like gender. Plus there's the people you might let through regardless of citations. On my second playthrough I apparently still managed to score 12 citations by day 10.

        Also on like day 9 I caught 4 Arstotzkans smugging weapons and contraband in a row, before I'd even gotten to the point where people have to start showing description slips. They just kept lining up and being 3kg overweight compared to their ID cards. CRAZY.

          I NEVER catch the overweight thing.

            The thing I miss most frequently is gender. Not only do I seem to have a blind spot for the little F or M while i'm busy checking the dates and serial numbers are in order, sometimes it says M and I'm like "yeah, that's a dude". Then the little printer noise goes off and I'm like GOD DAMNIT ARSTOTZKA WHY YOU GOTTA QUESTION GENDER IDENTITY LIKE THAT ANYWAY.

    Forgot to say: I have a copy of Crusader Kings 2 on Steam, free to good home (got it with my EUIV preorder)

    Any takers?

    I have this powerful urge to go home and play Torchlight 2.
    I THINK I'VE GOT THE BLACK LUNG, POP. *cough* *cough*

      MERMAN! *cough* *cough* MERMAN!


          I have a coworker that keeps quoting Zoolander, so while I've never seen it I assume that's where this is from because she says it all the goddamn time.

          I tried to watch it recently and couldn't get past the first 10 minutes. I felt like the absurdist humour was something you had to enjoy in the 90s and if you're too late, it will never click with you.

          It's like how I really dislike Ben Stiller, but I can still watch stuff like Something About Mary, Mystery Men, Meet the Parents etc. As long as I saw them when they were new, they don't piss me off.

      I finished it with my Outlander recently, now I'm doing a Veteran run with my Engineer.

      Also, spider mines are OP, but so satisfying to use :)

        I found spider mines didn't scale well. Early on they are useful but start to drop off quickly. Found that cannon based engie are great for survivability, so using one for my hardcore run.

        @ynefel Onslaught to engage followed by frost breath then Eviscerate works really well when you have shatter storm leveleld up.
        The other cool combo to use if you are not playing hardcore is a dex based life steal build. Blood hunger, with shadowburst and as much as possible to get your attack speed and charge up asap.
        I found that once I maxed charge and went into frenzy I could toe to toe any boss in the game and regain more health than they could do damage.

          It's the only thing that gets to me a little about Torchlight 2, and Diablo 2 was the same. There needs to be a respec option. I heard there was a program you can download that will let you do it, but I hate fucking with characters using third party stuff. Feels like I've tainted it or something.

          'Serker is only level 15, so it's early days yet. I'll look into your suggestions! Although I'll confess I've looked at the berserker's passives and I want them ALL (well, not all - but about 80-90% of them). So damn good.

          After playing the Outlander, who just seems squishy as fuck - the berserker is great. Will focus on this toon for now, I think. Not sure I did too well with my Outlander's build either.

            Yeah, there have been a few mods that let you respec but most of them mark that character as a 'cheater'
            The respec in game is rather expensive and only lets you roll back your last choice. Can be helpful it you try something and find it totally incompatible with your build

    3 hours of assignmenting ahead of me! Only problem is my shift key is fucked and learning to use the left shift key is quite a challenge :S

    Man, this weekend was great. I've probably said enough about it not to go into it again, but best weekend in ages!

      I only use the left shift key!

      What bizzaro world do you live in?! :O

        That's what I've been told by everyone! The only thing I can think of is that I'm left handed and everyone else is right handed :P

    I spent too much of the weekend playing Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.

    And, like most free things on the internet, I only got feedback on my defences in the form of insults from people that couldn't get past them. Until I mentioned this on Twitter and FatShady invaded and said nice things.

    I also played a little bit of Pikmin 3, the wiimote controls work pretty well, might see if the off