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    Hi all!

    FREE McDonald's regret for breakfast. Wooot!

      No one else has upvoted Shanes McDonalds regret comment yet.

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        I refuse to upvote it because I still don't understand this "food regret" thing.

          Potentially NSFW...

          I upvoted it, but I also struggle with this concept of "McDonalds regret" or "KFC regret" and so on.

          I rarely eat it so it always tastes fatty and greasy and oily when I do, not the most enjoyable, but never any regret. :|

            Eat large servings multiple times a week. Then you'll get regret :D

      I did the week 1 bacon and egg muffin regret and haven't been back.

        It's because the other offerings weren't as good and not all the regret, right?

          It's the first time I've regretted free food and didn't want to repeat that experience.

      I'd do it, but in my opinion the thing isn't worth the price of a coffee. Also, their coffee does one hell of a number on my gut.

        You don't have to buy a coffee. It's free. It's worth free. Not worth much more than free, but it's worth free! :)

          Huh. The sign I saw in the window of the Fortitude Valley maccas said Monday breakfast was a free roll with a purchase of an espresso or other coffee. :/

            Roll? You live in weird place.

            They're running a free promotion over *most* of Australia. Every Monday morning (this is the final Monday in the scheme), a different item.

            Week 1: B&E muffin. Week 2: hashbrown. Week 3: OJ. Week 4: Sausage muffin.

              Fortitude Valley IS a weird place.

                Now that I think about it, if the valley one was no-strings-attached free, they'd have been cleaned out pretty fast.

                Only a couple blocks away is a men's shelter so large it's basically a major apartment complex, and a very large portion of the city homeless typically sleep in the parks and streets in the Valley.

              QLD didn't get the free free offer, so they came up with their own free with coffee offer.

    Hi guys, Went paintballing on Sunday, my legs now feel like jelly.

    And now, Uni today.

    Mornin' all.

    I had a decent weekend. Got to see one of my cousins for the first time in a while. I made an FMA reference and he got it (though my mother was very confused), so that was rad.

    Oh, and I got told the story of how he got robbed and maced by a hooker in Vegas, on his birthday.

    Anyone else do anything fun? Or do we all hat fun now? I can never keep up with these trends.

      I played Payday 2 last night with some jerks, but then the power went out and I couldn't play anymore :(

        Man, those guys you were playing with were massive jerks. The jerkiest of the jerks.

        Randoms are pretty hit and miss. Sometimes you get total morons, other times you get a really solid crew and you chain together a dozen runs. It's always nice when you recognize a name you've run with before on the heist search, and you jump in and everyone's all, "Heeeeey! My man!"
        And then you murder hundreds of hard-working, brave police officers with wives and girlfriends, and children who are going to receive the earth-shattering news that their beloved, a key part of their lives is dead. Dead at the hands of selfish, thoughtless men who ended an irreplaceable part of their lives over mere money. You monster.

      Please tell me there was blackjack involved?

      The perfect birthday.

        So far as I'm aware, no. :(

        Just large amounts of alcohol, and a hilarious misunderstanding (Warwick boys, they're a special breed).


      When I get home I'm putting the soundtrack on my ipod so I can listen to it at work. Maybe pretend like my office duties are all part of an elaborate heist.

    For those who are interested, the Sons of Anarchy Season 6 trailer has got me eleven kinds of hype.

    Daily grind of Monday morning labor \o/
    Followed by blood tests /o\
    Followed by payday 2 \o/
    Followed by sleep \o/
    Most likely ruined by man flu /o\
    3 out of 5 \o/'s the \o/'s have it

      Monday morning should be /o\

      So the /o\'s have it.

        It's a draw so the -o- has it which means..-o-

        Mondays are pretty horrible, but for me the worst part of the week is Sunday evening, when you realize that it is all coming to an end, and nothing you undertake now can go too long or you'll be tired for Monday. It is bleak.

        Monday you can greet with stern resolve, that 'one foot in front of the other' determination to just let's do this, but Sunday evening? Sunday evening is the quiet before the shelling, the dread of what's to come.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend.

    I downloaded the latest in XBL's freebies over the weekend (Dead Rising 2) and played it all Sunday. What an enjoyable game it is! It's actually (apart from House of the Dead on original Xbox & CoD Zombies) the first Zombie game I've ever spent much time on. I know there are some great ones out there, but they've never lured me away from my usual games. The Terror is Reality Online mode is awesome too.

    Also got round to playing a decent chunk of Sonic Adventure which I downloaded a while ago (for the Dreamcast nostalgia.) It's clunky at times, but it's a damn fine game! Sonic Adventure 2's gameplay was definitely more polished, but the free roam mode in SA is a joy.

    Also, 29 DAYS LEFT.

    Mmm. BF3 on Ultra setting is pwetty.

    In other news, last night I was reading some reviews of Kick Ass 2 (hype!). It is almost unanimously being reviewed as a good but slightly flawed movie that is fun and well written.

    Then I hit this one. Is it possible to sound any more bitter?

      They say in that review that they didn't like the first, so I don't know what they were expecting.

      I use this guy for film reviews -

      I find his views usually match my own.

      Side note: advanced screening tomorrow night. Awww yeah!

      I started playing Witcher 2 on the weekend. Soooo pretty!

      My big problem with the first was that I'd pretty much seen the whole thing from previews / trailers.

      Saw World's End on Sunday, Kick Ass 2 preview came on, so I closed my eyes and blocked my ear.

        A couple of weeks ago I thought I'd check out a trailer for Kick-Ass 2 since I haven't seen anything on it since it was announced. I recall one of the YouTube comments being something like "I feel like I've seen the whole movie" and it did feel like that :/

      I need to get around to installing BF3... Multiplayer sometime?

      Also, I'm keen for Kickass 2. But I've been to the movies with alarming regularity recently. I need to take a break for a bit.

      I remember reading a newspaper article about a Newfarm couple who were upset and were demanding their money back for a movie ticket because they’d been traumatised and disgusted by the film they were watching. (Book of Eli.)

      I say couple, but from the really unfortunate picture it was clearly a 'trendy' young woman and by proxy her tag-along, long-suffering, beta male 'partner'. She was complaining that they (she) had never seen anything so disgusting and unnecessarily violent and crass, and they (she) wanted their money back and some sort of better ratings system in place to warn people about this sort of vile filth. They (she) had been made physically ill by the grotesque depictions, and expected to be compensated for it.

      They then went to go and watch Kick-Ass.

        Haha! This made me laugh. You're alright, Transientmind!

    Gah, weekends should be 3 days long. I'm not ready for Monday.

      If it were up to me, weekends would be 7 days long, and there would definitely be no adverse side effects.

    Bought a full set of tyres (a back tyre blew out sat morning as well :( )

    My back is still crap, trying to organise my Remedial Masseur to let me see him. The massage last week has left my back somewhat ordinary

    Played and almost won Star Trek: Fleet captains, SNEAKY KLINGON SCUM!!!

    How was everyone elses weekend?

    I have had such a ridiculous lucky streak on World of Warcraft over the past four days... On Thursday I ran Karazhan on the off-chance that Attuman the Huntsman might drop his Reins of the Fiery Warhorse mount. A mount that has between 0.5% and 1% chance of dropping. I almost shat myself when the mount dropped.

    This put me up to 149 mounts, total. One more, and I would get the meta-achievement "We're Going To Need More Saddles" for collecting 150 mounts. So I bought a Ruby Panther off the auction house for 22,500 gold to get it. Boom. Achievement get.

    Then I thought to myself, "Hm, that was really lucky... Maybe I should try for some more. See if my lucky streak holds out."

    I ran Heroic Sethekk Halls next. On the Thursday, no luck. On the Friday, no luck. On Saturday, the rare mount Reins of the Raven Lord dropped. It's also between 0.5% and 1% drop rate. It's one of the most sought-after mounts in the entire game. It's a giant flightless raven that only shares its model with one other mount in the game. When the Raven Lord dropped, my pulse quicked and I shouted with triumph so loudly that Mrs Beardy thought I'd hurt myself.

    On Sunday I tried my hand at a bunch of other dungeons that have mounts. I ran Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle, the Stonecore, Vortex Pinnacle, but no dice on any of them.

    This morning before work I thought to myself, "Stuff it, I'm going to try for my old nemesis, Rivendare's Deathcharger". Rivendare's Deathcharger is a mount I've been coveting since I started playing the game back during The Burning Crusade. Back then, rare mounts were a bigger deal than they are now. Rivendare's Deathcharger is a Skeletal Warhorse, covered in purple war garb, that leaves a trail of fire behind it when you run about the place. I've always played Alliance, and it's the only way the Alliance can get something that resembles the Undead racial mount, but it's so much cooler, because it's so rare.

    I've run Stratholme, the dungeon that the mount drops from, over 150 times. On my Rogue, before the Achievements & Statistics page was introduced, I actually measured how many times I'd run the dungeon on a piece of paper. It was at 120 when I quickly. I've run the dungeon 40 more times on my Rogue since the Achievements & Statistics page was introduced, and 24 times on my Death Knight.

    This morning, it dropped. Another mount with a 0.5% - 1% drop rate.

    I think I need to go and buy a lottery ticket.

      Damn! I love that Raven Lord Mount, so badass!

      That's insane. I tried to get Attumen's mount and the Raven Lord many, many times. Never got it though. Although I did get the ZG Raptor many years ago, and I also scored the Ashes of Al'ar.

      Last edited 19/08/13 9:17 am

        You got the Ashes!? Damn, dude. Why would you ever need another mount? It's the best mount in the game! I've got the ZG raptor, too. My mate and I ran it obsessively when we heard that ZA/ZG were being scrapped and brought back as 5 mans. The week before it was removed, the raptor dropped for me, and the Tiger dropped for him.

          Funny part about the Ashes was my two friends farmed TK every week for months and months - I decided to start going with them and it dropped on the second week I started going. I rolled for it and won. I'm pretty sure I pooed a little.

          The ZG Tiger or ZA Amani War Bear (the original one before they made it unavailable) are the two best land mounts, imo. Ashes wins flying mounts.

            RNG is RNG. Your two friends must have been super choked :(

            The Tiger and the War Bear were awesome. I think Rivendare's Deathcharger is my favourite at this stage, just because of how much effort I've put into getting it over the years.

              Rivendare's Deathcharger is definitely the original must-have mount. Pretty disgusting luck either way. It's like grinding for Windseeker Bindings in MC. I never had any luck with that stuff, so pretty much gave up when I got the Ashes.

              Frickin' RNG. I had done the halloween event every day of every year since its inception, and I have never even SEEN the horseman's mount. Two of my friends got it on their first attempts.

      The only remotely low drop rate mount I got while I was playing was the Green Proto-drake that drops from eggs.

    Oh good. Someone took a screwdriver to the side of my car. Excellent.

      =/ Seriously? That's shit man.

      What's more chickenshit than fucking with a man's automobile? I mean, don't fuck with another man's vehicle.

      Situations like those are where I suddenly, desperately, believe in karma.

      This happened to me about two weeks after I got my car (brand new). Still haven't fixed it :(

      Last edited 19/08/13 9:45 am

      Aw man. :(

      Sorry to hear that, my friend!

    Brisbane peeps, prepare yourselves. Flights have cheapened for November! Am crunching some numbers.

    Okay, I just booked it. Now feeling guilt - should have talked it over with wife first, but couldn't get her on the phone.

    Last edited 19/08/13 9:33 am


      Good to hear, my friend!

        Start warming up those fists.

          No. Meating. Shane.


            Don't say that, man. I just booked the tickets :(


              I mean, uh, play it cool D.C.

              I'll hang out with you... I guess... *sigh*


      How cheap are we talking here..? Just out of curiosity..

        $119 each way. Qantas Red Sale.

          Interesting.. @dc did want to crush my face. We'll see.

          That is cheap but I ain't got the cash for that, I'm flying to Thailand in feb so saving money for that

      Don't forget you can stay here! The spare/sewing room has my Bonfire and Dark Souls banner in it so you'll feel right at home.

        Thanks! Much appreciated.
        I might take you up on that!

        Unlike my trips to Adelaide and Melbourne, I've had about eight people offer me a place to stay in QLD so far. Now I'm stressed that because I have to say no to seven of them, I'm going to be annoying people. I know that @dc in particular will be crushed if I say I can no longer stay on his couch.

          I'll somehow get over it. XD

          Don't be stressed...nobody else has a Cowboy thrown in to sweeten the deal. :P

    All you folks who downvoted Weresmurfs comment? He changed his post to make you guys look bad!

    What a fucking jerk.

      Not cool. That initial comment was straight up ignorant.

      Yeah that's pretty lame.

      He does that.

        Never noticed it before. Will keep an eye out for it.

      I was wondering about that. Didn't know what to make of it because I thought most of the names involved were respectable.

      Wasn't he just gearing up to come to his first Brisbane meat? Why the hell would he troll the community he seemingly wants to be a part of?

      Upvote for informing us. I missed the original comment but editing to take the opposite stance and making others look bad.


        I feel like maybe I shouldn't have mentioned any thing and let it slide, but it just riled me up a lot. Haha!

      And now he's all 'lol! Joke's on you guys! I was just trolling!'

    So I started playing Witcher 2 again on the weekend (I started a save at the start of this year). I was having trouble with the game so I shifted the difficulty down to easy. I know I shouldn't have felt bad but I did, for a little while. I then felt even worse because I had missed such a freaking amazing because of my stupid pride. Gah, I'm such an idiot.

    Anyway, Witcher 2 is awesome. So very much awesome!

      Also, it's really pretty. So very pretty!

        And you got a strange soundtrack to go with it. =P

          Haha, it helped with the atmosphere! =P

        Yeah, the very first thirty seconds of the game, with Geralt locked up in the cell - the lighting and textures and stuff blew me away.

        @freezespreston This is one of those games you run on Ultra.

      The Witcher 2 is the best western RPG in a long time. I'd change almost nothing about it. Maybe the combat a little because it starts stupidly hard and gets progressively easier as you level up. I also dropped the difficulty to easy. It felt a little... well, easy. But Normal was too hard and time-consuming and it's a huge game anyway.

      Super hyped for TW3.

        I really want to play it, but it runs terribly on my computer.

        Gives me an incentive to upgrade

        Yeah, that's the thing. I feel easy is too easy but while normal would still be doable it would be way too time consuming.

        I'd want to change its UI. As much as, for instance, Skyrim's UI is super "consolified" I always knew exactly what I was doing in it. In my hours of The Witcher 2 I was never really sure what was going on with the menus.

          I saw some Dragon Age: Inquisition UI stuff on GameInformer on the weekend. Has a very Skyrim-like interface too now.

    Hola Tay

    I had a busy weekend, went and saw a friend's new baby, which did baby things, then went and saw The World's End, which I enjoyed.

    Played a bit of Borderlands 2 last night. I still love that game

    A Monday Morning Questions: best sf/fantasy/videogam cocktail? I've always wanted a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

      Sorry, completely off topic but did you say that you do professional photography?

        No, sorry. I have a camera, that's about it :)

          Can you take decent photos? I think I remember you expressing interest in taking photos of cosplayers?

            I'm a rank amateur, sorry. I did take a couple pictures of cool cosplayers at PAX, (actually got @mrtaco as Manny) but I wouldn't be comfortable claiming any expertise- I only really bought one for my trip.

            Last edited 19/08/13 10:36 am

              I think you should try by helping @scree out, and discover your untapped well of potential. :)

                I'm only asking because I didn't really take many photos. I was pretty put off by the person who called me fat. Kind of ruined the whole cosplay for me.
                I was going to fix it up a bit and try to get some photos done with it done up better

                  Someone called you fat? How rude.

                  Also, now I've played the game: Did you have the thimble?

                  @redartifice I was dressed as a character from Another the anime. I didn't have enough time to change my Elizabeth costume from E3 2011 footage to Bioshock infinite game 2013

                  @scree there's a certain hipster cred in being Elizabeth from the trailer :) Are you going to look at being Rapture Elizabeth?

                  @redartifice I would like to try different Elizabeths but I have to work on a lot of cosplays

    Mrs Beardy is getting involved in the organisation of a Tumblr convention called Dashcon at the moment, which is super exciting. What's even more super exciting is that the organisers are going to be flying her over to Chicago in July next year to be there for it. Which means that we'll be heading overseas for the first time in ages! Whoo! And there's talk of a Metro 7 booth being a possibility there too...

      Oh cool! Amber was talking about this when we got KFC at the Sushi/Aleph meat thingy. It's actually happening for real now? Awesome! :D

        I like how @mythamphetamine gets second-place in the official Meat title after sushi.

          Haha! I went to four meats with the guy, so they can't all be Aleph meats. XD

          Last edited 19/08/13 9:57 am

        Yep! I wonder how much of my ticket I can claim on tax if I tie it into book promotion...

    Really can't my mind up with PAYDAY 2.

    I've enjoyed playing it but I don't think I actually like the game. The unlock system is terrible (it's random at the end of a successful mission with a few level based unlocks thrown in), missions that go wrong turn into a rather boring horde mode (especially if you're specced out for stealth) and the sound design is terrible.

    Seriously, the female hostages get on my nerves because there is one scream that they do that sounds exactly like one from a Dream Theater song. It must be a stock sound file or something. Fucking hate that noise.

      I know the scream, and I've heard it lord-knows-how-many movies and ads.

      I'm loving the game, but agree the unlock system is absolutely terrible. I want to get the mods I need to go and start doing proper full stealth/ninja heists, but after 40 hours, do you think I can get more than one suppressor for a gun I don't use?

      At the moment I'm just grinding guns blazing quick runs to get cards. It's pretty tiring. But I'm looking at the goal of having full choice on how I want to equip myself weapon wise in the end. Will have a lot more flexibility.

        Knocking over a jewellery store in under 2 minutes is about the only consistent way to get a lot of unlocks. Unfortunately, one misplaced guard and it goes loud and the whole thing gets dragged out.

          The quickest way is to have shaped charges and do a Very Hard/Overkill Pro Ukrainian job. Charge through the front door, masks on, blow the safes, grab the tiara and scoot. If there's more than one person, they grab a bag or two of jewelry while someone's doing the tiara.

          Me and a mate can do it in about 45 seconds on average. He usually gets two bags of loot while I do the safe and we get $70k odd and over 15k XP - on overkill, that is. The only trick is, you have to get back to the van before it leaves after the siren is tripped.

          Four Stores on Overkill isn't too bad either. Nowhere near as much XP or cash, but quick cards. Someone blows safes while the other person saws open ATMs, can be done in around 2 minutes.

          EDIT: Since the last update though, there's almost always a metal detector on the jewelry store, so we've taken to busting through the front windows. Can buy valuable seconds before the alarm goes off.

          Last edited 19/08/13 10:16 am

            Why not just run down the alley to the back and dive through the windows?

              Takes longer. We mask up as soon as the level loads so you can start sprinting immediately across the street to the front windows. Going down the side can buy you time with out the alarm going off, but just makes the whole heist take longer. We find that most of the time there's only ever 2-3 bags of jewelry worth in the store, so no need to go quiet. Two bags total is nice, but risking anything for a third isn't really worth it.

              Usually goes: both of us through front window, we pop cameras on the run, me down to safes, get tiara, and grab a bag on the way out to the van. Me grabbing a bag depends if the tiara is in the first safe or not. If it isn't in the first safe I usually skip a bag on the way out and run straight to the van. My friend gets two bags while I do all that, as well as yelling at customers.

              We actually got the achievement for doing the Ukrainian job in less than 35 seconds too.

              Last edited 19/08/13 10:37 am

                Looks like I need to start doing Ukrainian Jobs then. Just need to do it with someone with shaped charges.

                  You can solo it if you have shaped charges. Charge in, blow safes, grab tiara and go. Easy. Also helps if you just wear the two piece suit as well. You don't even need armor.

                  @ynefel I'm not far away from getting the ghost ability to crack safes by hand. That might still be a little slow.

                  Hell, I could respec my mastermind tree so that I have that already.

                  I initially had half my points in Ghost and half in Tech, but wanted some high level stuff, so ditched Ghost entirely just to hit top end Tech. I've since been putting points back into Mastermind. Safe cracking by hand works, but takes longer. The bonus is it's quiet. Blowing doors off safes gets people's attention. It's weird.

                  Just depends how you want to hit it really.

                  Last edited 19/08/13 10:52 am

    Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Wonderful 101 and The Bureau are all out this week. Rayman Legends next week. It begins. :D

      Saints Row isn't.

      I'll just be over here. There's something in my eye.


        It is on Steam!

          Isn't it pushed to September 20 on Steam?

            Last night my Steam said "Unlocks in 1 day, xx hours"

              Interesting. I wonder if it'll be on PSN. Wish Deep Silver would get back to Kotaku with some details.

              Steam are NOTORIOUS for not updating adjustments to release dates for non-US releases. Steam might say, "Unlocks in 1 day, XX hours," but I've lost count of the number of times that didn't mean shit because they either didn't factor in Aussie/International delays at all, or the international releases got postponed and the site wasn't updated.

            Is that just on Aust Steam? There must be ways around that.

              There are ways to beat activation dates on Steam by using VPNs and whatnot. But it's expressly forbidden, and if you get sprung doing it, you can lose your account. It's pretty risky.

                In this case the less risky thing to do is buy a foreign CD key!

                Which is more than a little sad. And also doesn't help anyone who pre-ordered.

                  I still wouldn't chance it, even with a foreign CD key. My Steam account has far too much on it to risk anything just to play a game a little early.

      Wonderful 101!

        I think I'm most excited for Rayman. I've been playing the Challenges App every day for a week in anticipation. XD Bureau? I think I need to see atleast one good review...

          Or any review. There's a very strange quiet around this game.

      What kind of game is this new XCom, they keep changing it so I have no idea what the gameplay is like...

        It's a third person game with squad management now I think. More story based than the other XCOM.

        It's a strategic 3rd Person Shooter. Think Mass Effect, but with some sort of Permadeath system. Also, potentially not very good (it's had its own little development hell).

        It look sgood but not sure how it plays and as blaghs said it went through so much dev hell (FPS, 3rd ps, to tactical combat.
        Seems like they too a chunk of the new xcom, blended it with a lot of Mass effect team management. Seems like it might play similar to brothers in arms if you ever played that.

      still very weary of the bureau,
      That's not how you X-Com! *folds arms* (seriously why they gotta make everything fps like that unclassified in australia Syndicate game, would have done better if they made it more like i dunno maybe like Sydicate)
      :P old man Gutsoup is afraid of change

      Edit: sorry if someone already corrected me before the edit. In regards to The Bureau, ok it seems i have no idea what kind of game it is, last i saw it looked like an average fps, still, that's not how you x-com :P

      Last edited 19/08/13 10:29 am

        Haha! Atleast you got the traditional XCOM game too. I really, really like the weird '50s government conspiracy tone of this game though. I hope it's actually good though. XD

          yeah i like the time period, I haven't actually looked into this game since the initial trailers that looked pretty average. I'd like it to be good but don't really have that much hope.

            There's squad commands and the like now too. Not FPS any more either!

              not FPS made me interested again, I don't mind a good FPS but for a while it was like developers were scared to make anything not FPS, and games that had no business being FPS kept popping up, also FPS (i don't think i mentioned FPS enough in that paragraph.)
              I think I'll wait and see what folks think of it, been burned too many times by games that looked like they'd be good but just weren't.
              Finally the Wii U is getting some games I'm interested in, gotta sort out this car crap so i can get me one.

                Atleast you've got a PS4 on the horizon too! :D

                  good point, just kinda frustrating, I currently have more money in my account than I've ever had but cause i don't know how much everything is going to cost i can't spend it. D:
                  But you raise a good point, PS4 indeed :D

    Hello friendly people!

    Monday morning hilarity. If you have any musical inclination (particularly bass guitar) you will enjoy this little scene - ASLAPPA DA BIASSA -

      I need to watch this movie :O

        You do! It's actually a decently funny rom-com. I had never even heard about it until I just happened to come across it in Video Ezy on Friday night. All weekend my wife was catching me quietly chuckling to myself - "What are you giggling at?" Slappin da bass!".....

        PS. Re-hire John Carpenter's 1982 The Thing and don't waste your time with the 2011 prequel.

          Wait a Video Ezy! Those exist still?

            I know! I'm old school - I like to look at covers and read the backs of things, look them up on Rotten Tomatoes and then purchase a weekly rental for $3 from a shop assistant. Old school. :-)

    Five months to the day until Arcade Fire. (BDO too, I suppose.) Maybe I should start a Facebook style daily countdown. That's not annoying at all. :P,R23ApyO

    So many tears. What the fuck is wrong with people?

      That's so dog. There are no words. And absolutely nothing you can do - which makes it all the more frustrating. I hope the perpetrator falls over and breaks a limb or someone decides to take a shit in their coffee or somesuch.

      Happened to our new car the other month. It's like, " Thanks. I'm sorry you don't like it that we have a nice car and you don't. Please feel free to key it at your leisure."

    Morning all! I'd say GOOD morning but we all know that's a lie considering its Monday. Anyway, didn't do a whole lot over the weekend, started assassins creed 3 so I'm ready when black flag drops. Also saved my moolah for this weekend. Why you ask?

    Well I'll tell you! Got a mate's bucks weekend down at the Gold Coast and well, I'm gonna need all the money I can get. If anyone will be out and about around Surfers Friday and Saturday let us know!

    I'm making an achievements list for us all to complete while we're down there for a bit of fun. Any ideas that I can add? Dares? Can be easy as or pretty difficult but keep in mind we're a relatively tame bunch so no beating up bouncers or anything.

      Not The Face! (for buck)

      Groom completes weekend with eyebrows intact

      Gold Coast? That's where I live!


      Ew. Surfers. Achievements there?
      1. The Ninja - Avoid the inevitable glassing.
      2. Did ya just touch me bro? - Get bashed by an angry Lebanese man and his crew for brushing past him in a busy nightclub.
      3. Ew gross - get shot down by a plastic looking pile of makeup in a too small dress even though you didn't speak or even look at her.

      Last edited 19/08/13 10:21 am

        Maybe he should just have a wholesome Hard Rock Cafe/Timezone/Bowling bucks night. XD

          Timezone and bowling were already on the cards, completely forgot about Hard Rock! That'll definitely be our first stop once we've awoken from our slumber Saturday

        Well to be fair we'll most likely be spending a majority of our time at broadbeach but there's some fun things around surfers minus the shirtless-roided douchebags and the usual nightlife crowd cavill attracts

    Hi TAY!
    So that Pikmin is a pretty cool guy! Eh rescues plants and astronauts and doesn't afraid of anything.

        Oh. My. Goodness.

        That just made me feel invincible on a Monday morning.

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