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      Placeholder for big PC question repost?

        See, that would've been a good idea :P... (too late now)

          So edit the other one to generic greeting... I'll edit these to say something totally relevant about PC parts.

            Just saw the reply on the other page and reading the email now, thanks!

              Looks like the video card is getting bumped up on that list.

    Morning all! I started listening to the latest Potaku, but then they started talking about Ducktales, and I got distracted for some reason...

    Eighth listen so far. Send help.

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      Might have to go listen to it. Or maybe go solve a mystery instead. Or rewrite history.

    Hi guys.

    Cricket, huh? What a stupid game.*

    *I don't think it's stupid, it's actually pretty awesome.

      Remember when we were good?

        In some ways I kind of prefer the situation now.
        Cricket was getting boring when we were winning all the time.
        Now it's more interesting.
        Although I would like it if we were a bit better.
        There is some hope but I don't think we will be the team we were for a long time if ever.

      It's silly to see the British press acting like Australia were on the verge of losing and it's a travesty that England weren't given a chance to win — the light was already significantly worse than when play was stopped at Manchester.

      Australia did everything they could to get themselves a shot at winning, after dominating but losing four sessions to rain, by dangling a carrot in front of England and neither side could quite pull it off. It was exciting, isn't that good enough for people?

      That said, I liked the Clarke/Dar spat ("Don't touch me! If I touched you, I'm banned for three weeks, so don't f*ing touch me!") 'cause... well, as an isolated incident it's not great... but taking into account Dar's umpiring for the series, I think it's fair enough. :P

        Apart from his century at Old Trafford, Clarke's batting has been fairly ordinary this series. He's struggled against Broad, although he's not alone there. I will admit I couldn't be bothered watching the last day, but it sounds like I missed some good cricket. I think the pitches for this series have not been that great, and I'm looking forward to see the series in Australia.

          Yeah, I think with Clarke being the only consistent batsman over the ~12 months leading into the series I definitely expected more as well. Looked like he was losing concentration at times so maybe he was feeling too much pressure, but his overall captaincy was solid (better than Cook) so I'm not really sure.

          Haddin (although not quite scoring runs to his potential) and Harris were both good across the entire series, though. Good debut by Faulkner, but probably needed to score runs more than he needed to take wickets.

          I'm cautiously optimistic for this summer. :P

            Yeah, I'm thinking if we pick a team and stick with it we might stand a chance of winning. I think the top five are pretty much set, and an attack of Harris, Starc, Siddle and Lyon with Watson, Smith and Warner bowling some overs is a pretty decent one. The only spot I'm not sure of is the number 6 batsman. On Foxtel's coverage last night, Brendon Julian said that that spot is pretty much up for grabs and if a batsman has a good start to the Sheffield Shield, it could be his. I agree with him. But before the Ashes, we've got two one day series in England and India, which will be interesting.

              Or just put Matthew Wade in as a batsmen. Has a decent average of 36, and has made 2 100's and 3 50's in just 12 matches. Better than most of our other batsmen. Plus his one over he bowled early this year wasn't actually bad (just for use for the over before lunch or something), and he is a good fielder.

        I hadn't actually read any of the Dar stuff when I wrote this. I went to bed just before tea, and was surprised/disappointed to hear that I missed out on what was actually an exciting finish. Though I'm kinda glad, I didn't really need to go to sleep at 4:30am.

        I'm disappointed that anybody out there is complaining about Clarke's behaviour as the light was failing. Those photos look like they were taken with overwhelming artificial light. The third game was called off when conditions were much better and we actually had a chance of winning. It would have been called off much earlier in far more boring circumstances if he hadn't declared. etc.

        Man, I just hope we actually stick it to them over Summer. I don't think I can handle any more of my cocky English friends.

    So, uh, just watched the trailer for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It has Ben Stiller as the leading man. It's fairly whimsical in it's humour, if the source material is anything to go by.

    It actually looks good.

    Here's hoping he pulls off a performance akin to Robin Williams and Jim Carrey at their best serious/comedic roles.

      It has Ben Stiller as the leading man

      I'm out.


          Why? The guys been the antithesis of humour since 2001. He could have gracefully bowed out at the top of his game but he decided to follow Sandler down the Slide of Painful Unfunnies.

            I think he's pretty good.

            And he can direct pretty well.

            If you disregard movies based on actors, you could miss out on gems.

            I hate Will Ferrel but I saw Stranger Than Fiction because it looked great, and it was.

              Man, I forgot about Stranger Than Fiction. It's odd how staggeringly convincing that comedians can play mild-mannered nobodies.

              .. then again, I suppose it's not hard for anybody in a office job, right?

            Well, I think this is more the sort of movie that shows off the best of Stiller — I fully expect it to be a commercial flop but praised by critics (Christmas release also lends something towards an award run).

        It's a hard hurdle to jump over, it's really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really,

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      I have a couple of friends/family members who live in a fantasy world and always talk themselves up, so I (playfully) call them Walter Mitty — can't wait for this movie so that I can actually show them who I'm talking about. :P

      (And, it does look good!)

    Yarg. Monday.


      Did your copy of Wonderful 101 arrive last week?

        It shipped from OGS on Thursday night. Hopefully it'll arrive during this week.

          I had something ship from OGS on thursday too,
          IT's a race :P

            I'm still waiting for a Zavvi order that shipped on Thursday the 15th or so, RACE WAR!

            I have a game being shipped by OGS on the 17th September. The race is ON. :P


    I'm not too sure about the parts and technical mumbo jumbo but I've got a list of things that I've seen mentioned in a lot of places for decent gaming builds around my budget (1700ish) so any advice/suggestions etc. would be much appreciated, thanks!

    - i5 4670 (don't think I'll need the "k" one since I'm not going to overclock and it seems like an i7 isn't really needed for gaming)
    - Z87 something (there seems to be a lot of "Z87" ones, but I'm not sure which one, or which brand specifically. Maybe MSI Gaming? I've seen Asrock Extreme4 mentioned as a cheap one as well but I'm willing to spend a bit more if it's going tot make a difference)
    - WD Blue/Seagate Barracuda (seems sufficient enough)
    - Samsung 840 or a Sandisk Extreme (probably 120ish or 250GB, is it worth getting the 250 one? What do people put on their SSDs? I'm definitely thinking the OS at least but not sure what else)
    - GTX770 4GB (not sure which manufacturer though but I'll probably stick with one of the usual ones)
    - 16GB RAM (not sure which manufacturer though, Corsair and G.Skill seem to pop up a lot. I think 8GB is fine for just gaming but I guess it doesn't hurt to have more... :P)

    I'll most likely just use my current case, CD drive and power supply as well as other general things (monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers). I think my current power supply is 600W, would that be enough? Currently I'm only using one monitor but I plan to use two in the future. I'd probably only ever game on one at a time (no two screen dealio).

    This is a re-post from weekend TAY and BenJ and Aleph suggested not getting a Z87. I'm not sure what else to get instead but I've seen the Z87 pop up on pretty much every gaming build list, so it seems good enough for me :P


    @welbot @ynefel @negativezero @cakesmith other peoples


      Ser Helpulus!

      I'll just say I have 8GB of RAM and a 2GB GTX770 and it runs everything on Ultra settings at high res without even the slightest stutter. And I mean everything.

      The power supply is an 800watt (750 maybe?) though.

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        Hmmm... Is it worth the jump from a GTX 760 to 770? Might have to rethink the current build plan.

          No idea. I can confirm it's definitely worth the jump from an 8800GTX.

            Man, 8800GTX was a fucking monster. That card stayed relevant for many years after the fact. I had a 640mb 8800GTS, and it performed admirably for years. They outdid the 9 series in most ways too. Fond memories.

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              Maaaaaaan, I also had a 640MB Overclocked 8800GTS for years, sadly it was the last time XFX did Nvidia cards :( it was an amazing card. I remember playing current new games in 2011 on high and not having an issue, it was stupid.

                My 8800 was an old EVGA. I used to buy XFX, but they kind of stopped being a thing. They were expensive, but I found they had good warranty.

                EDIT: Incidentally, said EVGA OC 8800GTS only died earlier this year. Thing belted along for 5 or 6 years.

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                  Haha yeah, I got mine off a mate, I kinda wish he was still upgrading annually damn it. He was good to buy all sorts of things off lol.

            That's what my 2007 build had. The 'jump' here will be her going to her own computer from mine.

          The GTX760 and GTX770 are pretty much just rebadged GTX660s and GTX670s - go the 770. It's your best choice for performance short of a 780 which is where you start to get a little pricey.

          EDIT: To elaborate - the 660, 670, 760 and 770 all use the same GK104 Kepler architecture - the 7 series really isn't anything new. The 780 shares the GK110 architecture with the Titan - they're essentially the same card, the 780 is just a gimped Titan.

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            Cool, ok. Will look at switching the 760 to 770. This thing will be a beast. Pity it's not my computer.

      Look pretty solid to me, man. Z87 boards are your best bet for Haswell CPUs. If you're not overclocking, you don't need the 'K' version of the CPU. GTX770 should fair thump along, and 16GB of RAM is plenty.

      As for SSD's, you just use it as your primary OS drive, and nothing else. Install your programs to it, like Office, or any general application you use - then use your other drive for games, movies, music, etc.

      System like that should handle just about anything you throw at it within reason. Good choice.

      EDIT: Get a better PSU. 600W will do, but... doesn't have to be huge, but for that system I'd say 750W plus. Although wattage shouldn't be your biggest concern as much as the quality. Good-quality PSU's are highly underrated. It's supplying juice to your whole system - so don't cheap out on it.

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        Any recommended PSUs?

          I love Silverstone, personally. Corsair have some nice ones too.

      For 1700 you could have everything and not need have to reuse power supply, case & ODD honestly.

      SSD's OS, some apps that you require to load fast, but wouldn't really recommend whacking the entire Abode Creative Suite on there, since that takes up a fair chunk of space, and some people put games on them too. The Samsung 250 is a good price atm at 180 at PCCG.

      For the GPU my personal preference is EVGA in brands, I like their style with stuff, but the 4GB would be a bit useless if you're not planning on a tri-monitor gaming set up. You'd be much better with the overclocked 2GB version instead for 100 dollars less.

      PSU is more than fine, i'd be guessing Nvidia has made them less power hungry again, Considering my mate runs his i5 GTX 670 build on a 500W Corsair PSU and here I am using my old 800w psu to run a GTX 560 & a core i5 2500 build heh.

      RAM is so cheap these days that putting 16 in is a no brainier really.
      If you are reusing case etc I assume that you plan on putting it together yourself. I would look at upgrading the PSU, 600 is pushing it if you start putting another couple of drives in there. Al;so how old is your current one? I would go for a 750 or 1000 if you plan to add more stuff to the system.
      The other thing I would highly recommend is getting a better heatsink. Something like a coolermaster or similar. Although you will probably end up with funky blue LEDs if you do.

        Hello! I was at Uni so couldn't reply earlier.

        I'm not putting it together myself, but my dad is. He built my current one about 4 years ago and it's not that bad but not that excellent either.

        Not really, RAM has almost doubled in price in the last year :(

        I paid 55 bucks for 8GB of Kingston RAM back in March last year and now the same stuff is 90 bucks, when back then for 95 bucks you could get the 16GB kit which is now upwards of 140 dollars =/ So really it's kind of expensive now in comparison.

      I responded in Old TAY as well, but:
      - Splurge $20 extra for the K-series CPU for more headroom later
      - H87 boards are shithouse features-wise and build quality so you should go with a Z87
      - 600W is fine, you don't need more than that unless you're running multiple GPUs
      - 250gb SSD is better if you can afford, 120 is very limiting
      - 16gb RAM is a good idea. It's hard to buy bad RAM - Corsair, Kingston, Gskill, all good.

      Since I just upgraded this weekend, here's what I got that's relevant:
      - MSI Z87-G45 Motherboard
      - Intel Core i5 4670K
      - Samsung 840 EVO 250gb SSD

      This set me back about $700 I think. I grabbed some other stuff with it. I already had 16gb RAM (4x4gb) and a 2gb 670 OC and my old 500gb WD Black system drive from my old build, and I'm using a 650W PSU.

      IMO the list you've got there is pretty good. With the 770 I strongly recommend getting a 770 OC version (factory overclocked). With the 600-series card, a 670 OC was within 5-10% of the performance of a 680, and I imagine that the 700-series is quite similar as the architecture didn't change significantly.

    ok normally dont participate in TAY, but i'm in need of info, from anyone thats been to Japan.
    Im learning the language and im brushing up on customs, but as an ignorant tourist im hoping to avoid any real misunderstandings/issues.

    Any useful info, links, tips, experiences, idioms, sort of anything that will help, being my first time out of Australia, i have the travel part covered, insurance, accomodations, flights, JR cards.
    its more anything from experienced travelers that i might miss being new to the whole idea.

    I'll be there for 4 weeks, starting in tokyo, then to Kinosaki, then Osaka and Kyoto, then up to Sapporo.

    Would appriciate any and all info,

    thanks in advance

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      I've only really been to Tokyo but it's very tourist friendly. Lots of English signs everywhere and most people have a very basic understanding of English. Everyone was super friendly and helpful too.

      Have fun, Japan is awesome :D

      Japan is awesome, been a couple of times myself. All I usually advise people is be poilte and respectful when in any foreign country - particularly somewhere like Japan. People are generally hugely polite and will help where they can. Just make sure you give someone a simple 'Ari gato' when they help you out. It's a simple touch most will appreciate.

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      The biggest thing I would say is work out with your bank before you leave how you can get cash out. We had a one night stop over there and almost got in all sorts of trouble as our bank cards wouldn't work in any ATM. Using credit cards and the like was fine but trying to get some cash out to buy a drink or something wasn't something we could work out how to do (Besides at the airport so just in case I would recommend loading up on some cash when you land)

      This was a few years ago now so things may have changed but investigate before you go.
      Other than that enjoy using a vending machine to ordering food, check out the crazy stores and generally have fun.
      The Tokyo Imperial Palace is a nice place to go to get away from to much hustle and bustle if you need a break.

      I went there at the start of the year, it was pretty cool. Regarding money stuff, I followed the advice of getting one of the Commonwealth Bank travel card things, loading it up with Yen before I left. The idea behind them is supposed to be that you lock it in at the rate when you charge up your card, so then don't lose out on conversions while you're over there or something like that. But in the end it turned out to be pretty much useless, because half of the places I used it at charged me in US dollars instead so I got hit with a conversion fee every time anyway. Honestly would have been better off just taking the majority of my money as cash and leaving some on the card in case I needed to get out more.

      And depending on how much you like your gaming, be sure to leave plenty of time to explore Akihabara. I think I ended up going back there nearly every second day, there's just so much stuff to look through there. Especially if you're looking to buy things. I think I brought home nearly $800 worth of stuff >_>

      Assuming you're not Asian as that makes it harder to get away with: you can basically get away with anything. Gaijin Smash. Just be rude. They'll secretly hate you but are far too polite to say anything and will usually just write it off as the foreigner not understanding how things are meant to work. Most of them will be too terrified to say anything anyway as they can't speak English.

      Make sure you know how the ticketing systems work if you want to take the train in Tokyo. There are multiple different train lines which are run by different companies and use different ticket systems.

      Sounds like an awesome trip planned, I'm envious.

      @greenius I've heard nothing but good things from others about how helpful the people are.

      @ynefel (Cody) I've learnt enough Japanese so far to know the greetings, thank you's, numbers, and how to be generally polite and the basic customs and etiquette.

      @mrtaco @tigerion Thanks, i think atm this is my biggest concern, im worried about taking to much cash, or if its best to convert the cash here or once i land in Japan?
      If i should use a traveller’s card, get myself a credit card?
      Don’t suppose you would know how much cash in either AUD or YEN that im allowed to take over with me?
      I'm currently scheduled for a couple days in Akihabara :D that will be costly but i will love it, and so will my missus.
      I have a list of shops, cafe's and food districts mapped out already :D
      And a day at the imperial palace.

      @negativezero nope not Asian, im going to try be as polite as possible, im 6,1/6,3" in boots, so already imposing enough :P.
      The train systems seem to have plenty of info available online, im taking my tablet loaded with websites for travel guides and train info/maps.

      Looking forward to this trip so much, I’ve had to schedule a couple days to do nothing between busy days of doing everything, just to make sure i actually take a rest.

      appreciate all the replies so far, anyone else please feel free to drop some more knowledge, it will all help me.

        If you are making any expensive purchases just put them on the card, I had no issues using a credit card when I was there. Although notify your bank before you leave as they can cancel cards if they think their are dodgy transactions happening (and from another country can trigger it) No idea on how much you can take, like I said we got stuck without enough yen to buy a drink.

        As Neg says checking the ticketing system is a good idea. From what I worked out if you don't know how much a ticket is going to cost you you can buy the cheapest ticket available. Then when you get to your destination you can go to a ticket upgrade machine that will then take the difference between the ticket you bought and what you needed. Not sure if they have a smart card style ticket that will be faster but wasn't their long enough to bother looking into it.

        Hmm... I think the most cash you can take is something crazy like $10000, but I'm not entirely certain on the exact figure. I think I took over something like $500 in cash and $1500 on my card. The dollar was a lot better then than now though, last I checked. Pretty much could just read prices in yen as prices in cents, it was handy :P

        You're bigger than most of them and also foreign. You can get away with anything.

        Minor tips:
        - You know that thing about disposable chopsticks and rubbing them together to remove the splinters? Don't do that. You're basically saying that you don't trust the establishment to provide you with eating utensils that are good enough. It's a minor thing but a lot of westerners do it.

        - Minor food things you may already know: never dig your chopsticks straight down into rice and leave them there (wishing death on whoever made the rice!) and don't pass food from your chopsticks directly to someone else's, instead place it on their plate or bowl. Also ideally it's bad manners to pour tea etc for yourself. Proper etiquette is to ask to fill someone else's cup and then they will offer the same to you. Most stuff in Japanese is like that - it's impolite to be direct and so everything is very round-about.

        - One tip from a friend of my Dad's that worked there for years: don't jaywalk. You might be used to safely crossing the street without using a crossing, but that's not normal for Japan. They'll apparently sometimes blindly follow you assuming it's safe or that there's a reason to cross over there, like a hazard or something.

        Oh yeah, I can't remember the details exactly but a good thing to look into might be the Suica Card and/or JR Rail Pass. The Suica card is this little NFC dealie that you can charge up with money and then you just tap on and tap off at the train stations, makes travel super easy. But then you can also use it in convenience stores and stuff too, lots of places seemed to accept it. But I can't remember the details on where it's good for, and how far out of Tokyo it'll still work. Same goes for the JR pass, we ended up with a couple of stations where it didn't work and we had to buy a separate ticket or something. Our trip was for two weeks, with the first week mostly hanging around Tokyo and going to Disneyland, so we had our JR passes only for the second week when we were going other places beyond Tokyo. Again, wish I better knew the details of how it all worked and everything, but others might be able to help on that.

          yeah already got a JRail card sorted, so that's taken care of.
          And a map of what trains/stations use the JR card

    More than two weeks without any internet at home — Internode sent a text at 11am yesterday saying that Telstra technicians couldn't identify the fault, so they'll do further investigation by 7pm on 4 September.


    Are Telstra always that slow, or is it just because my internet isn't through them directly 'n so they don't care?

      Yeah, Telstra is that slow. Difference is, it's easier to start bugging them for compensation as an unhappy customer when you're directly with them. No passing the buck. I got a month free out of them when they took ages to get ours up and running.

      It took that long for mine to get fixed.

      if you can, try to get internode to see if it's a Voice fault rather than an ADSL fault, as then it'll get fixed quicker

    WEEKENDS!!! How good are weekends!

    Saturday (Hi @Saturday!) morning I was awoken (well, forced to get out of bed), by @alexpants knocking at the door. for it was time to go buy a BBQ, because manly. Not a real BBQ, but one of those Webber BBQs. They're awesome. Not that I've used mine yet, but I used to use my folks one all the time.

    This was followed by an adventure into the city for lunch with a few people. Japanese was eaten and then ny descent into Disney Infinity began.

    On Saturday, I bought the starter pack from EB. Then I looked in the cabinet (why wasn't I warned about the cabinet?) and ended up buying Syndrome, Randall and Mike figures. I wasn't going to get Randall but Pants talked me into it.

    Then we went to JB and they had even more. So I grabbed the Violet figure as well as a couple of disc packs, because why not?

    I almost bought more, but the wisdom of people more financially responsible than I persuaded me to maybe wait and see if I actually like the game first.

    So, after slurpees, we ventured back home and checked it out. It's a hell of a lot of fun. Controls take a little getting used to as they aren't exactly the most responsive. But we played a bit of co-op in The Incredibles playset.

    Food was consumed and then Jurassic Park was watched as Pants had never seen it. After a comment about how he didn't like child actors, I made him watch Let Me In because he was all too happy and needed some depression (plus we were talking about it over lunch and it's a damn good movie. Am I right @dc?). It was late, so sleep was required.

    On Sunday, after waking up a bit later than usual and sitting around the house for a bit (I made Pants play Shadow of the Colossus because he'd never played it before and he hated it. I'm pretty sure we can no longer be friends), another venture was done to the shops for more Disney Infinity stuff. I figured I may as well complete The Incredibles set, so I got the Dash and Mrs. Incredible figures. And 4 more disc packs.

    To offset the amount I spent on Infinity, a quick shop for some household items that I'd been meaning to buy for months (I'm lazy) and a new gas bottle for the BBQ because we were too lazy to do multiple trips the previous day. We then returned home and played more Disney Infinity.

    After Pants left to go home to comfort his parents as by this stage I'm pretty sure they just assumed he was dead, I made food and had dinner. I then proceeded to look up Disney Infinity stuff online. This rapidly turned into watching Disney songs on YouTube for a few hours. (This is the greatest of all Disney songs).

    Then that jerk Rize (Hi @rize!) started talking to me and I stayed up way later than I should have.

    Weekends need to be longer!

    Monday morning wall of text is proudly brought to you by 'Procrastination'. "Procrastination: Why do it now when you can do it later?"

    Last edited 26/08/13 9:07 am

    I'd forgotten how useless Playasia were at shipping things on time.

    On Saturday (hi @saturday) I went out to the shops to buy Wonderful 101. It was supposed to be quick. go in, buy, flee back to my hermit cave. Simple right? NOPE!

    I went to all the stores that stock games, non of them have any signs that the game exists. Did I just dream up this whole game? Had my days of taking heavy drugs and binge drinking finally caught up with me? I went to EBGames for a second check. Nope, nothing. Then an add for Wonderful 101 comes on. I felt like yelling out "EVERYONE CAN SEE THIS TRAILER RIGHT!?".

    I went to the counter and asked if they have any instock. The girl serving me just stated back at me with the most confused look. "Is it on Xbox or Playstation". At this point I mentally face palmed but managed to say "it's on WiiU". The manager happened to overhear and said "oh yeah, we got them out the back".


    Out the back? It's a fucking new game! How about your advertise the damn thing!

    Anyway, moral of the story is, retail stores are weird and I want nothing to do with this world. I'm perfectly safe from the idiots in my hermit cave.

      That sounds like EB to me. Don't know how many times I've gone in to buy a new game, and no one knows what the fuck I'm talking about. 'Oh yeah, they're out the back.' You know it came out 2 days ago, right? I don't think anyone who goes to EB normally buys anything but Calladoody and Mario, honestly.

        Heh, doody, heh.

        I've lost count (okay, not really — it's six times) that I've gone into EB or GAME or Big W and they have missing stock/games they advertise but no-one's ever heard of, etc.

        Considering I only go into stores and actually ask about something 1-2 times per year at most, it's a staggering strike rate.

        I have never had this happen to me at EB and I've shopped at many of them and bought some obscure stuff as well. Maybe I just manage to luck out and get the ones managed by nerds?

      Funny, the EB and JB I stopped by yesterday had several copies of it on display. And then when I took one up to the counter at EB, the guy just pulled a fresh copy (sticker-free!) out from under the desk instead of filling the shelf case I'd brought up.

      A++++++ seller, would buy from again



          Tbh I don't really understand the sticker thing. EB and GAME both have the best stickers in the universe. They peel off easily and never rip at all. Even some of the ones that I had on some preowned GameCube games that had been sitting on the shelf for years came off with zero trouble whatsoever. And some of those had stickers on the manuals.

          Now the likes of Kmart/Target/Big W on the other hand, especially with some of their god damn security stickers...

            And also:

            - Sticker for original price
            - Sticker for a discounted price
            - Sticker for an even cheaper price
            - Sticker for a clearance price


            EB ones are kinda annoying too but I think those big retailers (Kmart, Target etc.) are the worst.

            But... just gimme a sealed one without stickers and s'all good!

    Interesting to see a GTAV article with a big "Brought to you by Rayman Legends" banner. Couldn't have 2 more disparate games together there.

      You're assuming it's impossible to do a fists-only playthrough of GTAV :P

      Much like the "Mobile Brought to you by Kogan Mobile Limps On With New Partnership" post on Gizmodo AU with the "Brought to you by *TELSTRA LOGO*"

    Happy try-to-avoid-internet-until-Breaking-Bad-has-been-seen day!


      They break all the bads!

      THE END

      Bryan Cranston is Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2.

    So I finished Saints Row 4 last night. It's bigger and better than 3 in every way imaginable. Easily my favourite game this year.

      How the hell do you finish a Saints Row game? I keep trying, but every time I do I end up spending my entire play session like a jam sandwhich dropped on an ant mound, except the ants are gangsters and the jam sandwhich is equipped with a grenade launcher.

        SR2: Load game. Equip sniper rifle. Jump in back of some civilian's ute. Shoot random passerby. 2 hours later, do something else.

      How much completion did you get? I'm at about 25% so far but this game seems like something I may even attempt to platinum which is unusual for me.

        Not sure. I may even attempt to platinum it too. It'll be my first if I do.

    So, i know this is super late, but i finished Hotline Miami last night, and i gotta say, it was awesome, from what i had seen i didn't think i'd like it, especially it's story, which was strangely gripping.

    when's the sequel coming out? :P

      I know they're working on it. Not sure when it's due though.

      I was kind of interested in a sequel just because the original was pretty fun, but then I watched some gameplay videos and it looks like it's absolutely brutal and senseless. Also there was some controversy recently about there being 'implied' rape in there as well, and I'm not sure I want to play it.

    One of my friends asked me if he should get Witcher series (He hasn't really heard if it before) I said yes, 30 mins later I get a message on Steam. "There are a lot of boobs / sex in this game!".

      Well, in his defence, there is.

      At least that's what I've heard. I haven't played it.

        Ofcourse you haven't played it. You don't play games. =P

        Nah, not that many. You only get to shag one girl in the prologue, and three in the fist chapter, and only four chicks in chapter 2. Things get a little better in chapter 3 with seven ladies open to boffing, but then as you race towards the conclusion, your options diminish.

      There's a bit I guess, but most of it is only if you go deliberately looking for it. The first one had more.

    Had to get up early to go to Uni/back home but Oliver's all like we're going to Maccas bitch and I'm all like hells yea so what I'm getting at is I had Maccas for breakfast for the first time in ages :D

    And now I'm in a programming lecture on software design and analysis looking at what we're told that we'll have other people doing for us in info systems. This is definitely the kind of thing I never want to do with my life.

      I majored in software design. In the third year, I got to do some hands-one real world experience stuff. I learned that I hated programming with a passion. :)

      So I went out on the road to pick fruit and fights with bogans, while my mate who went on to do Systems Analysis ended up contracting, flying around places in Europe and Asia. Preeeeetty confident that he made the better call.

        The management side of it appeals to me, just not the actual low-level programming side of it.

        If Uni has taught me one thing it's that I was right 3 years ago when I thought that whilst I'm fairly good at it the last thing I ever want to become is a programmer. I'd rather pick fruit than sit in front of a computer coding/testing/implementing/whatever. In a perfect world I'd have a job that didn't involve sitting in front of a computer at all, but that's probably going to be hard to avoid :P

      /o\ awww it's ok, I'll just be over here *tear* doing some software *sniffle* design

        Aww, I'm sorry :( I'll mail you one of those "hang in there kitty" posters to cheer you up :)

        (I'm sorry, that's such a backhanded thing to say but I couldn't help myself :P)

      Hm. I'm a software developer and I don't have anyone else designing what I write beyond occasional spec documents, and with those I've usually co-written them.

    Cloudy brain this morning.
    Any Excel buffs know a more efficient way of doing this:

    In other words:
    =IF(Column Name=TYPE,Column Inventory*QUANTITY,If false go to next column and so on...)

    Look up array? I dunno.

      Yeah, use the VLOOKUP command.

        Yeah... Should have thought of that.
        Guess I'm feeling a bit iffy this morning.

      There's a button on the case. It's like a circle with a little vertical line at the top. I find that solves most of my frustrating problems.

    Housemate got a Skylanders Giants starter pack on the weekend cos theyre pretty cheap at BigW atm. The concept is pretty cool even if the game is simple.

    Also, the compulsive collector inside me is screaming with jealousy. Clever marketing for people like me.... and kids. :S - There is a Penny Arcade strip for every occasion.

    i have had a doozy of a last 7 days...

    so exactly seven days ago, i parked my car near a lunch shop at work, returned to find my front passenger side indicator busted, and paint all scraped on the bumper... no cameras around...

    fast forward to yesterday (Sunday). i went to the shops in the morning to grab a few things as the in-laws were coming for dinner. drove home, went inside, cooked lunch, realized my phone was flat... go to my car to grab the charger, i noticed something odd on the front passenger corner... someone had run into me, panels dented inwards, remnants of red paint all over it.

    it couldn't have happened whilst parked at home, so it had to have happened at the shops. approaching my car from the rear means there's no way i would have seen the damage as i got back to my car....

    i phone Woolworths, who tell me that i had to ring centre management "tomorrow", being Monday, today.

    Driving into work this morning, stopped at an intersection waiting for a car to pass. car stops behind me. actually stops. safely. i get ready to move, .......BANG! right in the rear....

    I get to work and ring centre management. No cameras in parking....

    screwed does not even begin to describe the current state of my car at the moment. Though i did have one major win; i was that upset when i stopped this morning to exchange details, that i left my wallet sitting on top of the boot of the car... drove to work the remaining two kilometers and went to get my laptop out of the boot to find my wallet was STILL SITTING ON TOP.



      That sucks. Insurance?

        That reminds me of the time I got my car bogged for like 6 hours out of a camping spot (rain hit unexpected and poured down overnight). Got home, washed the car all shiny, park it out the front of my house and within 30mins of being home from a week away my next door neighbour reversed into me. Only possible place it could of come from was there drive way and so we go knock on the door, and it was straight up no it wasn't us. We believe it was one of there friends. But damn. Its the most annoying thing in the world. I hope something good happens to you.

          I bumped the neighbour's car over the road one morning, couldn't find them and was running late for work. Felt so guilty I went over there immediately after work.

        yeah but 2 of them are hit and runs, so im technically liable :(

      It sounds like you just need to go home and not leave the house for like a week. Wait until this run of shitful luck runs it's course.

      Bad luck man, hope it's offset by a stretch of insanely good luck.

      Awww, that sucks.

      Whenever I've had to deal with insurance companies they laugh and joke about things always happening in three's — at the very least, hopefully that's the end of it. D:

      I think you may have encountered the situation where the term 'clusterfuck' was invented. That really sucks. Hope things start to improve from here :(

    Hola Tay

    Had a quiet weekend. Bought the first book in the Witcher series (Blood of Elves- the Last Wish is more like a short story collection) and am really enjoying it. Also went and sorted out a Father's Day present (so that's done) and then went to the pub and played magic with some mates.

    A Monday Morning Question: Which book series needs a Witcher-like game? I'd love to see The Name of The Wind adapted across

      I quite liked The Last Wish, although i read it a while ago. Didn't know there was more and am gonna have to check it out now.

        Blood of Elves is the first one translated into English, the second one (times of contempt) has come out recently

          Ooh, I didn't know the next one was out. Personally, I liked The Last Wish more than Blood of Elves, but then again my favourite book of all time is Tales of a Dying Earth - Jack Vance, and that's a collection of short stories.

      I was going to say Mieville's Bas-Lag "trilogy", but I don't think they have the sort of conflict that translates to video games.

      I'd probably play a game based off Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash though.

        Bas-Lag is a great world, but it's kind of hard to set up a fight against a slake-moth.

        You could do a pretty cool game set on Armada though.

          I'd play a game that was just the non-combat part of the Persona games set in New Crobuzon. You need to help bring down the Mayor, and do so by building a network of people, but you need to make sure you can differentiate between the undercover militia and the prospective DoubleR's.

            Build the vodyanoi factions
            Engage in golemancy
            Be Socialist


      Maybe not Witcher-like, but I'm still saddened at the lack of a decent game in the Wheel of Time setting. Just that shitty old FPS which twisted the canon terribly in order to map everything to generic shooter gameplay.

      The setting screams for a good RPG. Doesn't even have to be concurrent with the book timeline, there's some very obvious points in the world's backstory and everything that it would be possible to 'pull a KotOR'. Areas and events which are mentioned in passing in the books but lacking a lot of depth and expansion, where it would be very easy to flesh everything out and work a whole Epic Personal Quest in and stuff without being confined by the existing story of the book series. It practically would write itself.

      The game rights are held by some shitty company who have just sat on it. Apparently they were going to work with Obsidian to produce something and they had written up some kind of pitch but it still hasn't gotten off the ground, and I guess those guys are pretty busy with South Park (when is that coming out?) and Project Eternity.

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