Tekken X Street Fighter Looking For The ‘Right Time’ To Release

Tekken X Street Fighter Looking For The ‘Right Time’ To Release
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Street Fighter X Tekken released on March 6, 2012, meaning Namco Bandai has been answering so-where-the-hell-is-it questions about Tekken X Street Fighter since March 7, 2012. Five games under the Tekken brand have appeared since, raising offhand speculation about TxSF‘s priority.

Street Fighter‘s star producer certainly didn’t help things much when he joked that the game wouldn’t get here until 2018. And as far back as 2011, Yoshinori Ono said the two projects were on independent timetables, and that back then, Namco hadn’t started Tekken X Street Fighter yet.

Well, hold on, says Katsuhiro Harada, the public face of Tekken development, they are in fact still working on the game.

“The game is still in development,” he told Siliconera, “so you don’t need to worry about that.” There are several reasons Namco Bandai hasn’t released the game, much less announced a date for it: Street Fighter X Tekken “still had updates until recently,” Harada told Siliconera. Further “One interesting thing we’ve seen with that title when it came out was that it’s not quite what we expected.”

Harada elaborated, saying that it seemed to have created a new community centered around fighting gamers who weren’t playing either Street Fighter or Tekken up to that point. “Rather than throw out our title right away while those people are still interested in [Street Fighter X Tekken] we are looking for the right time because we are still developing [Tekken X Street Fighter].”

Fair enough. Siliconera has more at the link.

Yes, Tekken X Street Fighter Is Still In Development [Siliconera]


    • I’m sure they will make it eventually, they won’t want to throw away the rights for nothing.

      It makes sense not only to avoid running Tekken x Street Fighter against SFXT but also to avoid running it against Tekken Tag Tournament 2. They will probably release it after Tekken 7.

      Whether it will be any good is a complete other kettle of fish.

  • The unspoken reason is likely the fact that SFXT caused a very large split in the fanbase between those that thought it was alright, and those who dread it. Perhaps Namco decided to let the heat die down a little before making any progress announcements.

    • Yeah, it’s rare for a game to so divide the community. Some really love, about the same hate it, and a small percentage are indifferent.

      • I liked the idea but I’m a much bigger fan of Tekken than of Street Fighter, so the first game didn’t really do it for me. From the beginning I was much more interested in playing the Tekken-style game.

        • I’m a much bigger fan of Streetfighter myself, but strangely enough, I want to play the Tekken-style game more with all my beloved SF characters.

        • I’m the same but opposite. I love SF. So much that I just don’t want to play another version of SF that’s more combo heavy but similar mechanics. So I too am more interested in the Tekken Style game. I want to see how Ryu and Ken handle in 3D.

  • SFxT sucked as a streetfighter game and a tekken game. I cant imagine street fighters ranged attacks fitting in a Tekken fighting system.

  • I’ve been out of the fighting game scene for years now so I may need the obvious explained in patronising simplicity but how will Tekken X Street Fighter differ from Street Fighter X Tekken? To the layman it seems like saying “Okay I have Alien vs Predator, when will I get Predator vs Alien?”

    • Biggest difference is the Namco title will play more like a Tekken release. Many characters will be the same, but with different artwork. Check out Capcom VS SNK and SNK VS Capcom on youtube for a general idea.

    • Street Fighter X Tekken is Street Fighter with Tekken characters in the roster and Tekken X Street Fighter is Tekken with Street Fighter characters in the roster. So right now you can do Ryu vs Law in a 2D Street Fighter IV style fight (although SFXT is tag team based so it’s not quite SFIV). Hopefully soon you’ll be able to play Law vs Ryu in a 3D Tekken style fight in TXSF.

    • SFXT is basically a Street FIghter game with Tekken characters added to it. TXSF is a Tekken game with Street Fighter characters added to it. They play completely differently. One plays like SF with some adjustments, while the other will presumably play like Tekken with more fireballs.

      • Ahh okay, that does makes sense then. If I was to pick which I’d prefer it’d definitely be the tekken style

  • I’d say that the next gen consoles are also a defining factor as to why we haven’t seen the game as of yet. Why push for current gen on a game that likely has a couple of years before we see it, especially with other games likely Killer Instinct being Xbox One exclusive and Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- likely getting a next-gen console release in future?

    It also seems to be a bit silly to point out the 5 Tekken releases since the announcement of the games as only one (Tekken Tag Tournament 2) has been a ‘main game’ in the series, and the arcade version was already out before the announcement of the 2 crossover games in Japan. The others were a sloppy 3DS port that was based upon Tekken 6, a card game on phones, an updated port of the original Tag Tournament game in the way of Tekken Hybrid, and the experiment in free-to-play that is Tekken Revolution that uses assets from Tag Tournament 2. I think there’s really not as much to worry about as people seem to think, particularly with Harada’s propensity to take as long as he wants to complete his games.

  • i still think that tekken 7 would release before tekken x street fighter
    and if that is the case then yeh it would be atleast 2 yrs before we see tekken x street fighter

    if we know namco right they will release the game on arcade first for like 6 – 12 months then release the console version

  • Last year at SDComicCon I saw a Tekken panel hosted by Harada. They talked about the new Tekken games coming out on Vita and new DLC costumes and how great everything is. Then one guy got up and asked “so what’s happening with Tekken X Streetfighter?”. Harada’s response was to start laughing, stand up and leave the room. That was the end of the panel. Seriously.

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