Tell Us Dammit: Mobile Games We Should Be Playing

A year ago I always felt like I was totally up on the mobile gaming scene. At that point I was doing a lot of gaming on my iPhone, playing the latest games. Nowadays? It's gotten to the stage where I just rely on a handful of games. I haven't downloaded a new game for my phone in months. So I'm here to ask you guys and girls: what did I miss? What should I be looking out for?

So what's good? What have you all been playing on your phones/tablets?


    Last game I bought on my phone was Rymdkapsel. I highly recommend it.

    Does listening to my girlfriend play Kingdom Rush count? Because I do a lot of that.

      Me too. She never got 3 stars on the final stage, there was a lot of swearing.


        Now, now, don't bring that reddit circlejerk shit around ere' son.

    Fieldrunners 2 - great game, spent a lot of time in that.

    If you run Android (you have a Nexus 7 don't you Mark?) then I would recommend giving Ingress a go. Lots of fun, especially when you play with friends. (Recruit a few friends to join the same faction (Resistance). You need data, so tether your phone. I spent 4 hours in the city last night with this and a friend.
    Really gets you discovering places you have never been.

    I mostly just stick to the Carmageddon and Osu! Android ports.
    They both work well, are fun, and don't gouge you money-wise.

    All Kairosoft games. They're all pretty much the same but all equally addictive.

      I can't really get into their new free to play ones though.

        I haven't tried any of those. Due to the nature of their games, that doesn't sound like a good time at all.

    I want to know if the FF ports are worth the $17 on the Play Store. FFIV is tempting, but Square-Enix seem to be completely stubborn when it comes to their prices


      I've almost bitten the bullet a bunch of times and (almost) just grabbed it.. and then I'll go off and watch a gameplay trailer or review of it and realise that there is some niggling little thing that I don't like and I end up not buying it.

      I really want a good length, JRPG to play though.. but the ones I've looked at most recently (Chaos Rings) seem to be more about long-winded story exposition than about actual gameplay... and the voice acting is all in Japanese... I just can't justify $18 for what is essentially a bad port of a Japanese game.. they've added English subtitles of course and changed menus to English.. but that seems to be about all they've done.. and then I just move along without buying it.

      If you were a genuine JRPG fan, which I am not, then you wouldn't mind... but yeh.. I just want that style of game.. not necessarily a true JRPG.

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        Not a big fan of Chaos rings... not bad graphics, but boring repetitive combat and story doesn't progress very fast. As for FF games, I would go 4, due to the better graphics and the gameplay is much more up to date.

    For Android:

    Rayman Jungle Run
    The Bard's Tale (straight port of the Xbox original - you need to play this)
    World of Goo (oldy but a goody)
    Robot Unicorn Attack 2
    Dead Trigger (awesome with a gamepad)
    Dark Meadow: The Pact (this does get a bit boring and tedious after a while though)
    Broken Sword: Director's Cut
    Plants vs Zombies
    Lara Croft: Guardian of Light (again, a straight port of the PSN/XBL original)
    Super KO Boxing 2 (another old one, but if you are a fan of Punch-Out then you should dig this)
    Riptide GP and Riptide GP2
    Beach Buggy Blitz

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    Pixel dungeon, been playing for a couple days now, sorta rougelike dungeon explorer, very simple and cool.

    I only play "mobile" games on my iPad.. but the most I've played lately is:

    Sid Meier's Pirates
    Zen Pinball
    Pirates Bounty TD
    The Sims - Free

    Addicted to Dots at the moment. Trying to crack the leader board

    I only play solitaire on my phone & only if there is absolutely nothing else available.

    I did however buy Chaos Rings from the mobile store on my Vita. Been hanging to play that since it first debuted however many years ago.

    Had heaps of fun, really solid, little repetitive, but that's to be expected.

      Oh yeah, Imaginary Range was cool & free too!

    I'm loving: clash of clans, pixel people, pvz2, blockheads, zombies ate my friends, dead ahead, hey day, carcassone, middle manager of justice, bee leader, and wiki game hd. All on iOS.

    Favourites I'm running with on my iPhone:

    Civilization Revolution
    Hero Academy
    Plague Inc
    Tilt to Live
    Plants vs Zombies 2

    XCOM: Enemy Unknown on the iPad. Huge time sink of a game. One... more... turn...

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