Tell Us Dammit: Returning To Old Worlds

The interesting thing about The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is that we are returning to a gaming space that many of us know absolutely by heart. Despite any reservations I may have about the game and its art style, I can't wait to go back to the Hyrule I explored endlessly when I was young. So my question to you is this: if you could return to any gaming world, recreated by a modern development team, what would it be?

I've been feeling nostalgic for Secret of Mana recently, so maybe that would be my other choice. Or Maybe the three islands in Monkey Island 2. There are just so many game worlds I'm fond of. I don't even know where to begin.

How about you?


    The Land of the Dead, maybe. Though not certain Grim Fandango needs a sequel.

    Would love to play another Gabriel Knight game too, though that's technically set in our world.

    golden axe warrior on Sega Master System fo sho!

    Not quite answering the question, but returning to Zebes in Metroid Zero Mission was incredible. It's still the absolute pinnacle of remakes for me.

    Not sure I can really think of any places that I'd actually want to revisit though. As in I can't really even think of any particular game worlds that were so amazing to me, let alone ones that I'd want to see again. I guess I don't really think of games in that way, I'm more pining after mechanics and gameplay that I haven't seen in a while.

    Moar Star Fox and F-Zero plz. Although I guess for the sake of throwing something out there, revisiting the world of Battletoads again would tug some nostalgic heartstrings.

    +1 for Gabriel Knight
    Secret of Mana

    Zebes or SR388 done Metroid Prime FPS style. That shit would be off the hook!

    Syndicate as created by Leapfrog. Either that or Marathon by Bungie

    Morrowind. We sort of got it with the Dragonborn DLC, but I want all of Morrowind.

    I loved returning to Vice City on the PSP in Vice City Stories- enough was different that I had to readjust some of my memories, but there were still heaps of the familiar jumps and easter eggs

    Would cream my pants if they did a reboot of Secret of Mana, probably the world from Sieken Densetsu 3 though

    3D version of Kanto.

    Also Terranigma, that was a bag of fun and would look amazing with today's graphics.

    I loved returning to Shadow Moses Island in Metal Gear Solid 4. Absolutely brilliant.

      Act 4: Twin Suns is what makes MGS4 incredible. The whole game is pretty much fan service, each act a love letter to a previous game in the series.

    One of the best things about Zelda games, for me, is the exploration and while I'm sure there will be heaps new in ALBW, I'm nowhere near as excited as I was for just about every other Zelda game. Nintendo always used to have the most fresh-feeling games, but now just about ALL their games are re-using old assets and it feels stale and lazy. I'm sure it's got alot to do with economic climate, etc but it's just not enticing.

    I think that re-treading ALttP's world would have been better as a sort of after-game, much like how in Pokemon Gold/Silver you could go back to Kanto. To that point, my pick would be Pokemon Red/Blue - in the 3D, third person setting that everyone has been wanting since the dawn of time.

    Full Throttle's biker desert! Not sure what it would be about... rival gangs? I dunno... dont care, just love that setting ^^

    Oni. holy crap i loved that game. So underrated too

    Britannia (I know Shroud of the Avatar is coming, but I've got a bad feeling about that one).

    London, 1969. GTA6 should be done Guy Ritchie style, with Jason Statham as the lead character.

    In MGS4 when they started talking about going back to shadow moses I was thinking 'Surely not...?' but then lo and and behold... you get to return to a fully re-done shadow moses! It blew my mind, i was just walking around in disbelief. The hair even started to stand up on the back of my neck as the music started playing when you emerge from the snow field to the helipad. Good stuff.

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      Also it's worth a mention that they are sort of doing it with the new GTA games, Liberty City in GTA4 and now San Andreas with GTA5.

      That was the only worthwhile part of the entire game. It was the only section where I didn't feel like Hideo was hogging the controller. If the whole game had been like that section, I'd have given MGS4 an 11/10.

    If ALBW is supposedly set hundreds of years after ALTTP then it's a bit disappointing that apparently nobody did any sort of land development during that time!

    I think it was a little bit of a missed opportunity with GTAIV how they completely redesigned Liberty City. I would have liked it if some of the GTA3 version was at least in there and recognisable with the rest of the city expanded way beyond the original map, but I guess a fresh start is easier.

    Shadowman's live side and dead side in HD would be sweet places to revisit.

    I would really love to visit the world of Little Big Adventure again. In my opinion, you wouldn't even need to make too many changes to its design and writing as they more or less got it right the first (and second) time. Now I want to play it again. I know what I'm playing this weekend.

      I recently got that running on my iPad with a dos emulator and a Bluetooth keyboard. Probably would have been easier to just use a laptop, but something about the challenge appealed to me. I've still never actually finished the game though.

    Super Mario 64's worlds

    Either secret of mana or- and this just tipping in favor- illusion of Gaia. That-would-rock!

    I don't understand, are we talking going back as in remaking, or going back as in a sequel with modern tech?

    Sonic Generations redid Sonic 1 to 3 so that was a blast!

    Also plus 100 for redoing mgs1 in modern day mgs4 graphics.

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