Terrific Indie Game Trailer Is Your Gateway To 80 Other Trailers

Skip the first 26 seconds of this trailer for the 2103 PAX Prime Indie Mega Booth. Get right to the good stuff... a cascade of picture-in-picture links to trailers for 80 or so cool-looking indie games.

Some of these games are out already.

Some are forthcoming.

All will be at PAX, the massive open-to-the-public gaming convention in Seattle that starts on Friday, August 30.

(We'll be at PAX, too, but we're not in the trailer — not because we're not indie, but because we're not games.)


    Ah yes, PAX 2103, I remember it fondly. Had a great conversation with the AI-net that Gabe Newell's consciousness had migrated to.

      Did he mention if Half Life 3 would be coming out soon?

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