Test Your Powers Of Observation With NBA 2K14's First Big Trailer

There's always a little bit of a Where's Waldo game when NBA 2K releases its first big trailer in the summer. New inclusions are featured without being highlighted or called out with text. So what can you spot in this reel?

Well, there appear to be customisable wristbands (as has been hinted at before); probably some new shoe varieties; bench celebrations and blocked dunks; some new facial expressions and reactions, and just about every Cleveland Cavalier but Kyrie Irving (the NBA Live 14 cover star. I am sure he will still be in this game).

What'd you spot? NBA 2K14 arrives Oct. 1.

Update: Chris Sanner at Operation Sports has this annotated breakdown.


    Why do graphics never look all that good in sporting games? I know the main focus is on skills and moves you can do, but you'd think the game would look a bit better. Still looks like its from 2011.

    But that just my opinion. I'm a graphics junky.

    Hrmmm, yeah the graphics they showcased at E3 (was it E3 or somewhere else??) looked a lot more crisp than this.

    Maybe this is a current gen platform?

    "Test Your Powers Of Observation With NBA 2K14's First Big Trailer"
    Challenge accepted!... Did you see the moonwalking bear?

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