That “Wind Waker For IOS” Game? Still Looking Awesome


Call it a rip-off if you want, enough people have already. But whatever. I think Oceanhorn, for iOS, looks fantastic, and its list of inspirations runs a lot deeper than Link’s first cel-shaded adventure.

This new trailer is to commemmorate the game’s impending release. Can’t wait.


  • Like ripping off Wind Waker is a bad thing.

    I wish MORE people would rip off Wind Waker. Besides, isn’t Uematsu doing all the music? If Nobuo is on board, count me on too.

    Edit: Wait, just saw the gameplay footage. That is pretty shameless. Still though, doesn’t mean it’s going to be BAD, just maybe, extremely unoriginal.

  • The majority of FDG Entertainment’s games are unremarkable. That said, they’re responsible for giving us the little gem that is Across Age, so Oceanhorn could turn out to be another little wonder.

  • I would be less irritated by the blatant rip-off it wasn’t just for IOS. Apple user’s can’t appreciate a wind-waker-eque game all to themselves.

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