That's Not How You Play Disney Infinity, Good Morning America

"A brand-new game where all the Disney characters are available to everyone who plays it anytime." Good Morning America is slightly off in its description of Disney Infinity, but not as off as they are when they start hopping on a giant replica of the game's interface module, pretending to play.

Lara Spencer's enthusiasm for playing the game — or more accurately the pre-recorded footage she has absolutely no control over — is infectious, so much so that co-host George Stephanopoulos even gives it a little hop.

It's kind of cute, really. Also incredibly misleading, as the show's entire audience now thinks Disney Infinity involves hopping (it does not) and The Little Mermaid's Ariel is a playable character (she is not).

"It looks like you're winning." Not really.


    "One of the top gaming magazines, GameTrailers"
    Pretty sure that's a website, not a magazine.
    It was like they did 1 minute of research, just before they were on.

    Last edited 20/08/13 11:21 pm

    Doesn't Disney own the network that show is on? That might explain the enthusiasm.

    It may be filled with inaccuracies and slightly embarrassing to watch, but hey, at least it's a positive story about video games.

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