The Best Matches Of The StarCraft II World Championship Finals

As this dramatic recap footage shows above, StarCraft II and the Season 2 finals of the World Championship series took over Gamescom 2013 for the weekend. A new world champion was crowned and incredible games were played. We selected the best ones below.

The Two Best Terran Players In The World Face Each Other

Possibly the two best terran players in the world, the three games between Taeja and Innovation are just totally intense, especially game #3 (it starts around the 54 spot). This would be the match to amaze someone who’s completely new to StarCraft and eSports.

This Is How You Beat Someone Who Played 4-0 Against The World’s Best

It was surprising to see the 16-year-old kid Maru, who previously flawlessly beat the world’s best, lose it completely against Canadian zerg player Scarlett.

The Next Episode Of One Of The Most Entertaining StarCraft Rivalries

Swedish protoss player Naniwa and the Brood War legend Jaedong met again, and they had a score to settle. This time — finally — it wasn’t about bad manners (well, except that “lol fuck” in the last match).

The Long-Awaited Chance For The Brood War Legend To Win His First Big StarCraft II Tournament

Bomber, a Korean terran player who’s been around in the StarCraft II scene now for a while, and zerg legend Jaedong, who only switched to StarCraft II last year, advanced to the grand finals showing some amazing Mutalisk-Baneling play. It wasn’t enough to beat Bomber though, who was ready for Jaedong’s strategies and played perfectly during the 4 games, becoming the StarCraft II Season 2 World Champion.

StarCraft II WCS Season 2 [esltv, YouTube]


  • Poor Naniwa, he was probably last in line to get the new EG/Alliance jackets. It would have looked funny to see Naniwa face off against Jaedong while wearing the same outfit.

    For those that don’t know Alliance is a new team that is totally and definitely completely unrelated to Evil Geniuses. Except that they share the same sponsors, the same person handles their social media, their websites are registered under the .gg domain with identical whois information, they wear the same jackets and Alex Garfield (head of EG) was hanging out with Alliance when they were at The International.

    Completely unrelated.

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