The Best-Selling PSN Game In July Was... A PS2 Classic

The Best-Selling PSN Game In July Was... A PS2 Classic

Bet you'll never guess what July's best-selling PSN game was. Spoilers: Shadow of the Colossus.

Team Ico's classic adventure edged out The Last of Us for spot #1 on Sony's official charts, mostly thanks to a summer sale that saw the giant-monster-stomping game sell for $US10 digitally.

We don't spend a ton of time talking about sales data here on Kotaku — because, honestly, sales are kind of boring — but this is particularly interesting because Shadow of the Colossus is a PS2 game. It came out in 2005. Almost two console generations ago! Yet it outsold everything else on the PlayStation Network last month.

Potential hypotheses we can draw up here:

1) Shadow of the Colossus is a good game.

2) People like buying games that are on sale.

3) Classic games > Modern games?

We'll take these to the lab and get back to you.


    Understandable, as the HD release of this game is fairly f*cking stunning!

    As long as people are buying this masterpiece, I don't really care why they do it. One of those games that everybody should play.

    Although I'm surprised it did so well now if only because it was free on PS+ a couple of months back. I guess either (a) there aren't that many PS+ subscribers or (b) maybe it wasn't on the US PS+. PS+ is one of the rare instances where we actually seem to get more/better content than the US.

    one of those game's i've never played but probably should...
    maybe when i get a PS4 i'll pick it up on PS+

    I wouldn't jump to the 'Classic > Modern' suggestion too quickly. This is considered by many as one of, if not THE, finest game in the entirety of the PS2s library. Still have my limited edition PS2 copy, and the HD SOTC+ICO bundle for the PS3.

    I don't really know what's happening with 'The Last Guardian', but I would love to see a return to this world on the PS4. Especially with the awareness this is now generating with the younger generation, who perhaps never played the original on PS2. A new next gen. SOTC game would have me completely buzzed!

      I'd say it's more like : Classic > Regular . You can have modern classics, after all.

      The HD version of SotC makes it a spectacular game to play on current gen hardware. I'd say that it's just plain word of mouth, combined with price drop. All those people who have it in the back of their mind, and the reduced price tips them over the line.

      Yep, I have the PS2 slip cover, as well as the PS3 bundle. They're part of my permanent collection.

      Sony are being tight-lipped over The Last Guardian. Understandable, considering that they suffered a bit from premature hype for the game. It'll be ready when it's ready, basically. It's looking good for a PS4 release title. Wouldn't surprise me if Sony used the title to spruik their next-gen console. It'd make me buy the console sooner than I was planning.

    1 & 2 are applicable, mainly 2 though... it was really cheap.

    Re : Braaains - Only PAL has received the games on PS+, this is the best option the US have had for the game.

    These are the US charts, the EU charts were also posted today and no surprise that The Last Of Us was number 1

      To be honest, I do find it surprising that TLOU was number 1 given that you could probably get it for the same price or cheaper from a physical retailer rather than downloading. Unless they had a sale on it somewhere?

    more like: good games > shit games.

    This coming from a guy who prefers classic games. If, as in this instance, classic means older games.

    Also if you are subscribed to Playstation Plus (much like myself) the game so free to download

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