The Best Way To Play Final Fantasy XIV Is With The Sounds Off

That's right. Turn down the sound effects volume. Mute the ambient noise. Silence the interface clicks and beeps and just lose yourself in a soundtrack as lush and varied as the world of Eorzea itself. Here are some of my favourites so far.

Music director Masayoshi Soken has brought together a dazzling array of talent to weave a fantastic musical tapestry that covers the entire game like a warm blanket. Iconic Final Fantasy music has been rejuvenated, original compositions joining them as if they've always been there. It's magical.

The music in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is wonderful complex and satisfying that I've found myself stopping to listen multiple times over the past few days. Keeping me from playing is a pretty big deal, considering how hard the launch server congestion has made it to connect.

At least the menu music is lovely.


    No Ul'dah city night theme? I find it hard to think of a more whimsical piece ^^. I really miss Twilight over Thanalan from v1 though.

    @ 3:02 - Matter of fact, I've got it now

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